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Restaurant WP Theme

  1. 1. RESTAURANT WP THEME Build Great Restaurant WebsitesI have already written about many Templatic themes and now I’m showing you another onewhich is a perfect looking WordPress restaurant theme having all the function you need topresent dishes, menu and give information about a restaurant. Beside the great functions forpromoting and giving informations about the restaurant, it comes with a really nice lookinglayout. In my point of view, nowadays a restaurant website is must have thing to give infos andeven get reservations .The great advantage of this WordPress restaurant theme is that it comes with a special dashboardwhere everything can be managed simply from the basic settings to the layouts. So if you are arestaurant owner and know a little bit about using WordPress you can set your build yoursite easily and without spending on website building.In case you are a website builder you can sell great looking and easy to use restaurant websitesfor you costumers without spending time on developing.You can check out some sites built by using this theme hereFunctions of Gourmet WordPress Restaurant ThemeAs I have mentioned this restaurant theme has many options that helps you to run a beautiful andeasy-to-use restaurant website. As it was mentioned beside the great looking it has many veryuseful features.What I really like about this theme that the front page is really customizable. We can use a bigslider to display specialties, photos of the restaurant, but it can be switched off, too. Moreover, itoffers many sections to give information about the services.Important features of this WordPress restaurant theme  Multilingual – You can simple translate it to your native language in the admin panel.  All in one admin panel – Easy to use built-in admin panel to manage everything from content to style via SEO. You do not have to spend time with modifying codes. (Optimal for novice users)  You can choose from 3 color themes.  Drop-down navigation and a fully customizable breadcrumbs navigation.  Custom widget supporting.You can find specially built ones that even make the site more functional.WPBAY.NET
  2. 2.  Auto-resizing thumbnails – Simple add your chosen image and it will be shown perfectly site wide.  Google Maps integration – So the customers can find the restaurant easily.  Perfect support and life time updates.  Many ways for monetization.  It is compatible with all the browsers and mobile devices.Overall, if you are searching for a nice and highly functional solution to build a restaurant or cafewebsite you should check out this WordPress restaurant theme. TEST & DOWNLOAD HEREWPBAY.NET