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How To Build Membership Site Easily With Wordpress


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How To Build Membership Site Easily With Wordpress

  1. 1. WORDPRESS MEMBERSHIP PLUGIN The Simplest Solution to Build Membership WebsitesMagicMembers is a premium WordPress membership plugin which gives you all the necessaryoptions to start your own membership site. This plugin has a lot of features to change your blogto a closed site that is only available for payed members. It enables you to have the ability tooffer different membership access levels to different areas for example a download, video,premium articles area.On top of that, it is really simple to use giving the possibility to novice users to build amembership website. This WordPress membership plugin really takes care of everythingregarding a website depending on paid members. That is why it is used so widely. But beforetalking more about this membership software let me explain why a membership site is a goodbusiness.Why Build Membership SiteIf you are expert at something – no matter what type of niche you are good at – it is a really greatidea to build a membership site. Mainly it is true if you are good at something which is untappedyet, since there might be fewer sites that are built upon that topic, so the competition is lower.This way you do not have to pay so much on advertising and you can get members easier as youoffer something that is rare.The beauty of a membership site is that you can create great amount of money form home easily.However, you should continuously offer useful content and sources for your members, but if youdo the things right your existing members will keep on subscribing and more and more ones willjoin. If you have let’s say 500 members averagely and the the monthly subscription is only $5,you can earn about $2500 working from home.This WordPress membership plugin has been developed for those who want to build amembership site fast and easy. Check out why it is the best solution for you.Why This WordPress Membership PluginThis premium plugin comes with a lot of features that help the owner to tweak his membershipwebsite. You cannot find another WordPress membership plugin like this that comes with somuch options and tweaking. On top of that, if you are new with building a site like this, you willget a big pack of useful tutorials and great community to get the most from your online business. CHECK OUT THE DEMOS AND TUTORIAL HEREWPBAY.NET
  2. 2. Features of This WordPress Membership Plugin  Simple integration with any WordPress themes  Multiply Membership levels – This enables you to be as flexible as you want to be in how you make your content available on different levels  Flexible Membership Options – This enables to set different membership billing options with an unlimited amount of subscriptions. Moreover, it enables to set up the time interval.  Magic Members allows your members to pay with PayPal,, ClickBank, WorldPay and Epoch  This is the only WordPress membership plugin that enables to create unlimited coupons.  Controlled Content Access – If you have different levels of membership you can simply control what the different levels of memberships can see.  Autoresponders  Protected RSS feeds – Very useful feature to protect the content.  Download managementProfessional Multiply Login ProtectionAs you can see it has all the necessary functions that a well-working membership website needs.Personally, I like this WordPress membership plugin because of its high flexibility. Visit theofficial website to see the demos and the training videos to find out more about this powerfulmembership software. CLICK FOR DEMOS & DETAILSWPBAY.NET