How To Build Ebay Affiliate Store That Makes You Money


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How To Build Ebay Affiliate Store That Makes You Money

  1. 1. EBAY AFFILIATE STORE BUILDER SYSTEM Why do you need to use this eBay affiliate store builder? In my point of view eBay affiliate marketing is usually neglected by affiliate marketers, most of them concentrate on selling Clickbank and Amazon products – which is a great business -, but there are much less niche eBay affiliate stores. This way we have less competition, which is a crucial point for internet marketing. Though, the success and how much money we can earn with eBay affiliate program greatly depends on the niche and the product group we want to sell. We should find a niche that us rather untapped and the competition is low, plus products that are worth to promote. The higher the price of the product, the more commissions you will have. Building a, eBay affiliate store is nearly the same as if we build and Amazon one. However, there are much more Amazon affiliate store builder tools so it might be easier. Fortunately, a great eBay affiliate store builder has been on the market – called BAN – that offers great possibilities for promoting eBay products. With the help of it you will be able to set up stores with hundreds of products easily. This is an all in one solution since it not only grabs the products based on the keywords or categories you add, but also comes with great niche templates and detailed tutorials in how to be successful with eBay affiliate marketing. You can check out some sites that are built by using this software here Automatic eBay Affiliate Store Builder This system has two parts. It comes with a tutorial pack with all the necessary information you need to know to be successful with eBay marketing. This is a step by step package that covers everything, containing “secret” infos and perfect for novice and expert internet marketers. The other part is a niche eBay affiliate store builder software and templates that allows us to build optimized and high converting stores fast and easily. So it as an automatic website generator software. After installing the software we will have an easy to use admin panel where everything can be managed comfortably. Building Your eBay Affiliate Store The store can be build based on categories or sub-categories. You can use only one, but more can be combined, too, though for better SEO I suggest you to use one to get highly relevant results. But, you can also set it to get products based on the IDs of the sellers or using a geographical
  2. 2. Then you add you affiliate ID and the software will automatically add it to all the products. You can even chose to have your links cloaked or not. There are many ways you can customize the product listings you can switch on or off the following options: images, title, bids, price, time, Paypal. However, I suggest to use all of them to offer the most info for the site visitors. Some more features of displaying products  Number of products to be displayed per page (1-100).  Display or not (Buy It Now) BIN items in your eBay affiliate store.  Display or not “view more items on eBay” link.  Display or not “sort by menu” on each of your store pages which will enable visitors to change the way in which the products on a particular store page are displayed.  Setting up how to order – like highest price first / lowest price first / ending soonest / newly listed.  Setting the minimum and maximum bid amount and price to limit the products displayed inside your store. You can check out all the features here A great thing about this system is that we can choose from many optimized templates that offers great click through rates and SEO friendly, but if you need more customization that can be easily done , too. Once you set everything – products types, layout etc. – your affiliate store is ready. it automatically gets the products, generates the pages with useful info and with your affiliate link. Everything will be done automatically, so within minutes you will have a niche eBay affiliate store with even hundreds of products. Another great thing is that it can be used on unlimited sites, so in short time you can set up hundreds of stores. Overall, if you need a powerful system to sell products and make good online income, you should give try for this eBay Affiliate store builder. CLICK HERE TO TEST &