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Emotional intelligence [Redefined]


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Out of the Box Synopsis of The Two Principles of EI. Brief overview of Drivers and Processes behind understanding why EI Framework is successful in transforming any area of your life.

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Emotional intelligence [Redefined]

  1. 1. Emotional Intelligence [Re-defined] By Bernadette Charlescar
  2. 2. Agenda  Principles driving EI  The first Principle  Drivers  Process Overview  The second Principle  Drivers  Framework for Thinking  Success in a Nutshell  Conclusion
  3. 3. The First Principle Relationship between Heart, Mind, Soul
  4. 4. The Heart  Source of Emotions & Feelings  Source of gut wrenching Desires  Love and Hate  Dictates how we align ourselves to people and circumstances  Mysterious and Organic in origins
  5. 5. The Mind  Intelligent, Calculative and     Unemotional goal setting Strategies and Planning originate to meet needs of the Heart Supports the practical execution of next steps What do I want to do today? Dictates Tasks and Activities Self Motivated based on end goals
  6. 6. The Soul  The intangible something that governs our perception of the future.  The long term goals that we hold that validates our worth, adds value and meaning to our world.  Validates everything we create around us based on our identity
  7. 7. The Process How do these work together?  The Heart & Mind are always in Sync governed unconsciously by the Soul.  Heart Desires, Mind starts Planning & Takes steps to Execute  All done within context of Long Term goals governed by The Soul
  8. 8. Process Summary  So when you desire something  Then your mind cranks up a plan to make it work  Then you start planning tasks in your mind and conceptualizing end results  Then you self motivate yourself to complete these tasks either on daily or short term goal setting basis  Soul is the unconscious future that you long for that keeps things in perspective for long term goals.
  9. 9. In a Nutshell Desire that originated from the heart takes shape in your mind and plans your future.
  10. 10. The Second Principle Love Others as you Love Yourself
  11. 11. Love Others like Yourself The Case for this Driver Emotional Intelligence also involves Empathizing with people. Empathy revives and hones your skills to relate to people and their needs. This Skill in turn creates activities and tasks that are directly concerned with meeting these needs in big and small ways. Supports others to reach their full potential
  12. 12. Love Others like Yourself The Case for this Driver Creates an platform that is non judgmental to Feel their Pain, Sorry, Guilt and Shame. Likewise Creates an platform to channel their Joy, Satisfaction, Happiness and rejoice in their Achievements and Victories.
  13. 13. Results  Transformation within interactions, between individuals, positive support based on Empathy and less on Material Exchange  Caring Environment that is non threatening conducive to effective and productive meaningful work.  Results are geared towards meeting needs, so there is fine tuning of Emotional Intelligence to identify and document “Real” rather than “Perceived” needs.  Long term Employee Retention based on common good.
  14. 14. Results  Influence ANY environment surely but steadily using these principles over and over again and understanding how they work in tandem.  Emotional Intelligence is at work!!!  You are now Empowered to  Get People  Get their needs  Connect with them at a deeper level to form lasting relationships  Enjoy the Freedom that comes with this power!!!
  15. 15. The End Connect with me @