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Shift to Riches Goal Setting


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Set goals that will provide you clarity, focus and motivation and you will achieve the RICHES in life!

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Shift to Riches Goal Setting

  1. 1. Shift to Richesby Planning to Success Bernadette Boas
  2. 2. Learn Today and Teach TomorrowCommit to teach it to 1 person in the next 7 days Email me at Subject Line – Teaching Shift to Riches
  3. 3. Who is Bernadette Boas? 25 year corporate executive, consultant and global VP Entrepreneur – CEO, Founder The Boas Group Ball of Fire, Inc. Coach, Consultant, Mentor Soon to be author –Contact me anytime: ‘Shedding the Corporate Bitch’
  4. 4. “The world stands aside for the man who knows where he’s going.” Tom Peters
  5. 5. “Most people fail because they fail to understand what they are trying to do.” Lou Holtz
  6. 6. Outcomes • Teach you an easy process for defining, executing and planning your goals• Motivate you to complete your goals for 2011 by January 31 at 11:59 p.m. pacific time • Invite you to participate in a mentoring program with me to apply what you have learned and execute on it!! SHIFT TO RICHES!!!! • Bonus Tips
  7. 7. My own goal for YOU: Complete defining your goals by January 31 by 11:59 p.m. pacific timeFor added accountability, email me your completed Goal Plan: SUBJECT LINE – 2011 Goal Plan I will email you back a letter grade of A for completing it.
  8. 8. WOW Factors…20% of what you do = 80% of the results3 major To Do’s done completely = 90% of your businessWrite daily goals and to do’s and increase your productivity by 25%Savings – 2 hours per day of unproductive time
  9. 9. Value and ResultsClarityAccomplishmentMotivationSelf ConfidenceOrganization $Prioritization FOCUS
  10. 10. Reasons For Not Planning• Do not understand importance• Fear of rejection• Fear of success• Fear of failure• Do not know how!!!
  11. 11. Goal Setting Process Remember....learn and teach 1 person Proprietary to The Boas Group 2010
  12. 12. Mastering Goal Setting–Brainstorm and prioritize Goals: Business/Career Dials, Contacts, Raises, Promotions, Financial Freedom Revenue, Income, Profit, Savings Family Relationships Spouse Dates, Time, Listening Body/Mind/Personal Fulfillment Fitness, Diet, Spirituality, Affirmations
  13. 13. Mastering Goal Setting–What is your big WHY? Why did I define the goals that I did? Why are those goals so important to me? Why am I willing to work hard to accomplish those goals?• What is my big WHY?
  14. 14. Mastering Goal Setting -Time Frames You Can Set Year Quarter Month Week Day
  15. 15. Mastering Goal Setting - SMARTDefine criteria of each goal (in present tense): Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-bound
  16. 16. Mastering Goal Setting - Bruce’s Story
  17. 17. Mastering Goal Setting Shift to Riches with ExecutionPrioritize Goals (# 1,2,3…)Assign a Due Date for each Define activities/tasks for each goalRank activities/tasks: A, B, C, DTake Action on all of A’s, then B’sReview, assess, and update goals DAILY! Proprietary to The Boas Group 2010
  18. 18. Mastering Goal Setting -Mike and Robert’s Story
  19. 19. Mastering Goal Setting - Don’s Story
  20. 20. Mastering Goal Setting -If you fall off the horse, you get right back on.... My big failure!
  21. 21. Mastering Goal Setting - Celebrate
  22. 22. Commit Yourself.....Take 1 hour this week to THINK, WRITE,PRIORITIZE and PLAN your 2011 Goals!EMAIL me your goals by 11:59 pm January 31to RECEIVE A GRADE OF ‘A’Schedule 15 minutes Saturday’s or Sunday toplan out your weekExecute on them until completed Proprietary to The Boas Group 2010
  23. 23. Your InvitationOnly 18 Shiftees accepted**Join me for 6 weekly calls beginning Thursday,January 20th, through February at 4:00 p.m. est : Receive a Shift to Riches Goal Plan Workbook Get detailed help on defining your goals Ask questions, voice concerns, ask advice to me and other participants Get the motivation, support and accountability you need to execute on the plan Have a completed 2011 Goal Plan by January 31 Proprietary to The Boas Group 2010
  24. 24. Webinar Program OfferTotal price for: 6 Shift Calls with me and fellow Shiftees - $1200.00 Shift to Rich Goal Plan Workbook - $ 129.00 Your completed plan and ‘A’ grade - Priceless to YOU Only $159.00 Go to OR NOWOnly 18 Shiftees will be accepted!!!! Proprietary to The Boas Group 2010
  25. 25. BONUS Tips and Techniques to use TODAY!Goal Setting Year Record Journal Month Track PDA Week Scratch Outlook Day Account YEAH!! 21 Days to Success Proprietary to The Boas Group 2010
  26. 26. Bernadette BoasContact me Facebook - Bernadette Boas and Shedding the Bitch Twitter - Bernadette Boas and Shed the Bitch Linkedin - Bernadette Boas and Ball of Fire,Inc. Office – 404-997-8074 Cell - 678-438-1908 Fax - 404-585-4322