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To overcome crisis in Poland


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Published in: Education
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To overcome crisis in Poland

  1. 1. Crisis in Poland
  2. 2. What to do to stop the crisis?
  3. 3. There is a lot of aspects which help you to fight with the crisis. There are so many of them that if we want to tellyou about all of them it would take longhours to present them. That is why we will tell only about few of them.
  4. 4. Crisis prevention 1.We should take care of the National Health Care where surely is a lot to do. However, there is a question if we should privatize it, or just try to improve the situation by ourselves.2.We can’t let big and middle companies go bankrupt, because this will cause that the small companies will bankrupt, too. 3.Improve national institutions so the citizens are able to make use of them.
  5. 5. National Health Care There cannot be the situation in which a sick person comes to the hospital only to find that there is no place for him there, and he will not receive the treatment. We cannot divide people into these giving profits, and these who are not profitable at all.All people are the same so we shouldn’t dividethem in anyway.
  6. 6. Bankruptcy of companies It is important to not allow to the company’s insolvency and bankruptcy. The main centre of the well keptcompany is bookkeeping and accounting. The company, in order to remain efficient, must hire qualifiedprofessionals. Alternatively, you can rent accounting and bookkeeping services in licensed bookkeeping and accounting offices.
  7. 7. State institutions and the man All public institutions have to citizen- friendly. There cannot be the situation in which a citizen is afraid to get the advice from various national institutions. Public help assistance is to grant any form of assistance to people in order to be environmental friendly. We should not be afraid of national institutions.
  8. 8. SummaryWe’ve presented only three aspects of the topic of the crisis in Poland,and we are certain that this is just a drop in the sea.People deal with the crisis in Polandfor several years. The real question is: Are they dealing with it correctly?
  9. 9. Authors: TEAM 2 Julia Hilgartner - Poland Natalia Remieszko - Poland Adrianna Figiel - Poland Monika Nems - PolandKiara Olivera Sánchez-Pinto - Spain Nur Morales de Paz - Spain Laura Viciana Estévez - Spain Benedikt -Germany