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EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are             ISSUE 2, February 2012                                       intelligent ...
Some basic parapsychological terms                                                       Psi: A neu-      beyond the reach...
An interview with Marek Szwedowski—a parapsychologist Could you tell us something         trans-communication so I record ...
A part of our multilingual dictionary of parapsychology                       (English-German-Spanish-Polish)aerokinesis –...
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Newsletter on parapsychology


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Newsletter on parapsychology

  1. 1. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are ISSUE 2, February 2012 intelligent utterances upon sound re- cording media which are physically unexplainable. The voices received byPoland, Spain, Germany various means are often messages re- plying to corresponding questions. Transcommunication is a collective name for all kinds of making contact with other realms of consciousness. The transcommunication research is not an end in itself. It seeks to open up new vistas to ideological, philosophical and psychological research by giving evi- dence for the survival of the bodily this edition: What is thePage 1 - What is parapsychology The term parapsychology was coined in or around 1889 by phi-Page 1 - EVP&Transcommunication losopher Max Dessoir. It was adopted by J.B. Rhine in the 1930sPage 2 - Some basic parapsychological terms as a replacement for the term psychical research in order to indi-Page 2 - The hypnosis cate a significant shift toward experimental methodology andPage 2 - What is bilocation academic discipline. The term originates from the Greek: παράPage 2 - UFO Abduction para meaning "alongside", and psychology.Page 2 - Clairvoyance Parapsychology is the scientific and scholarly study of certainPage 3 - A part of an interview with a parapsychologist unusual events associated with human experience. These experi-Page 3 - Psychokinesis ences have been called "psychic". Many feel that the strangest,Page 3 - Teleportation and most interesting, aspect of parapsychological phenomena isPage 3 - Telepathy that they do not appear to be limited by the known boundaries ofPage 3 - Clinical death space or time. In addition, they blur the sharp distinction usuallyPage 4 - A part of a mini-dictionary of made between mind and matter. Bermuda Triangle
  2. 2. Some basic parapsychological terms Psi: A neu- beyond the reach of the OBE: Out-of-body experi- tral term for normal senses. ence; the experience of feel- parapsycho- ESP: Extra-sensory percep- ing separated from the logical phe- tion; a general term for ob- body, often accompanied nomena. Psi, psychic, and taining information about by visual perceptions as psychical are synonyms. events beyond the reach of though from above the Telepathy: Direct mind-to- the normal senses. This body mind communication. term subsumes telepathy, Reincarnation: The belief Precognition: Also called clairvoyance, and precogni- that we live successive premonition. Obtaining in- tion. lives, with primarily evi- formation about future Psychokinesis: Also called dence coming from the events, where the infor- PK; direct mental interac- apparent recollections of mation could not be inferred tion with physical objects, previous lives by very through normal means. animate or inanimate. small children. Many people report dreams Bio-PK: Direct mental inter- Haunting : Recurrent phe- that appear to be precogni- actions with living systems. nomena reported to occur tive. in particular locations that NDE : Near death experi- Clairvoyance: Sometimes ence; an experience report- include apparitions, called remote viewing; ob- The hypnosis taining information about ed by those who were re- vived from nearly dying. sounds, movement of ob- jects, and other effects. events at remote locations, is a mental condition or of a group of attitudes generated across a procedure called What is bilocation? hypnotic induction. it usually consists of a series of Bilocation, is a term used capable of interacting with included the possibility of instructions and preliminary to describe the paranor- his environment normally, experiencing sensations suggestions. The Above mal or supernatural and of manipulating mentioned suggestions can be phenomenon in which physical objects exact- generated by a hypnotist or there a person or object ly as if it had come can be autoadministered would be located in across (autosuggestion or autohypnotic two places simultane- natu- suggestion). The use of the ously. In case of the ral hypnosis for therapeutic use is persons, the person means. known like hipnoterapia. who experiences it is UFO Abduction CLAIRVOYANCE Clairvoyance is the physical event through ability to gain infor- means other than the The term "abduction" mation about an object, known human senses. means when you are person, location or kidnapped or transport it to an UFO by aliens. There are little evidence of UFOpage2 Bermuda Triangle
  3. 3. An interview with Marek Szwedowski—a parapsychologist Could you tell us something trans-communication so I record don’t know. more about your work? the voices of the dead so called Did you have any experience with - Well…. I am a clairvoyant, I EVP – Electronic Voice Phe- magic in your childhood? look for the lost children, and I nomenon. So I record those who Well, with magic? No, I didn’t. have been doing it for 25 are on the other side to contact There was no Harry potter at that years. I was working in Ger- with them. time or any other miracle-worker. many for the police, I was also Do you feel some hidden pow- With magic…well not. With the working in Japan, In Italy. er? Oh, my, hidden power! unusual, unknown issues , yes, There were also some TV When I enter the bus without the because I have always been inter- programmes, well I don’t want valid ticket. No, just kidding! I ested in them, so with the unusual to boast about it, because it is don’t know. We can’t say any- things yes, but not with magic as not my point, but I want to say thing like that. This is a certain such. in general. so I am a clairvoy- sort of gift. Asking a roofer if he What is the most interesting as- ant. I was occupied in search- had a hidden power … well he pect of paranormal activities? ing of many strange things, in can be brilliant in his work. Am I Hmmm, well I am interested in archeology, working with genius? I don’t know, it is for almost every aspect of paranormal metal detector. I am also occu- other people to judge. I am not a activities. Trans-communication is pied with guessing and pre- genius at all. I don’t feel that I the most interesting thing, so we dicting peoples’ fate. So this is have any hidden power, I just can communicate with those who clairvoyance, through which I can activate certain areas of my You can see the full passed away. So this is incredible help people to order their life mind which can’t be activated by interview and workshops when you know that let’s say a and to mend what they others, they have no such possi- with Mr Szwedowski in our child is dead but you hear through spoiled. I am also interested in bilities. But a hidden power…I the radio waves that it is still alive. website and Twinspace Telepathy Psychokinesis Teleportation Teleportation is the process of physically relocating the The name „telepathy” is de- body from one place to rived from the Greek words another site without „tele” means far, and „patheia” means feeling. Human touching it in anyway, or intuition gives very many possibilities, including, inter using any mechanical alia, the ability to read other peoples thoughts, as well device. What we find in a as sending your thoughts to true teleportation is that physical body disappears others. Sometimes it hap- from one location and pens that the person you are Psychokinesis is moving subsequently talking to now, suddenly things with willpower reappears in a utters interlocutors ability different spot in thoughts aloud. an instant. CLINICAL DEATH Clinical death is an experience in There are 7 steps of experiencing the clini- ronment, which the soul or consciousness cal death: 3. Overwhelming peace, joy and love, leaves the body at the time of 1. The sudden awareness of a serious acci- 4. Getting through the tunnel, at the physical death. Many people dent and ones own death, end of which is light, have experienced this during 2. The sensation of being outside the body 5. Meeting the deceased ancestors or resuscitation, addressing many - floating over it, and observing the envi- relatives, common elements. Usually refers 6. Meeting the essence of light, a light to the movement through the (such as Jesus, Buddha) tunnel toward the light, meeting 7. The recapitulation of the whole past deceased relatives and other life, friends, sensing Gods love and 8. Being restored to joy and a notification that it is not life, often against yet the right time to end the ones will. earthly existence.Bermuda Triangle page3
  4. 4. A part of our multilingual dictionary of parapsychology (English-German-Spanish-Polish)aerokinesis – Aerokinese - aerokinesis –aerokinezaalien – Außerirdischer,Alien - extraterrestre - kosmitaastrology – Astrologie – astrología – astrologiaaura – Aura – áura – aurabelief – der Glaube-creencia-wierzeniebilocation – in zwei Welten leben-bilocación (doble dimensión) - bilokacjachakra – chacra-chakra – czakraclairvoyance – hellsehen - clarividencia – jasnowidzeniecosmos- cosmos - cosmos– kosmos curse – der Fluch – maldición – klątwa death – Tod –muerte- śmierć demon – Dämon – demonio – demon devil – Teufel – diablo – diabeł disappearance - verschwinden - desaparición – zniknięcie divination - Wahrsagen - adivinación - wróżenie exorcism – Exorzismum – exorcismo – egzorcyzm fear - Angst - ansiedad – lęk fire – Feuer – fuego - ogień ghost -Geist–fantasma- duch haunted house – Spukhaus – casa encantada- nawiedzony dom hex – Fluch – maldición- urok, klątwa horoscope – Horoskop – horóscopo – horoskop hypnosis – Hypnose – hipnosis – hipnoza inokinesis – Inokinese – autokinesis- biokinesis ( interpretar los sueños)- inokineza interpreting dreams – Träume deuten- interpretación de sueños- interpretacje snów levitation -schweben– levitación, elevación - lewitacja life after death – Leben nach dem Tod- vida después de muerte, el más allá- życie po śmierci medium – Medium – medium- medium mysterious dissapperance - mysteriöses Verschwinden– desapariciones misteriosas- tajemnicze zniknięcia mystery -Mysterium– misterio-tajemnica numerology - Numerik- numerología - numerología pictogram –Piktogram- pictograma( interpretar figuras o símbolos)- piktogram pyrokinesis – Pyrokinese – pyrokinesis( crear el fuego con la mente)- pirokineza possession – Besessnheit – posesión – opętanie prophecy-Prophezeiung –profesía- przepowiednia psychokinesis-Psychokinese – psicoquinesia ( precepción extrasensorial)- psychokineza reincarnation - Wiedergeburt– reencarnación- reinkarnacja religion-Religion – religión- religia Satan-Satan – Satán, Príncipe de las Tinieblas-Szatan solve a mystery- ein Geheimnis lösen– resolver un misterio- rozwiązać zagadkę spaceship – Raumschiff – nave espacial- statek kosmiczny supernatural forces –übernatürliche Kräfte- fuerza sobrenatural- siły nadprzyrodzone superstition-Aberglaube – superstición - przesąd telepathy – Telepathie – telepatía – telepatia trance-Trance – entrar en trance- trans werewolf – Werwolf – hombre lobo- wilkołak witch – Hexe – bruja – bruja- wiedźma vampire – Vampir – vampiro – wampir UFO – UFO Undefinited object – unbekanntes Flugobjekt – objeto no idetificado- nie- zidentyfikowane objekty unsolved – ungelöst- sin resolver- nierozwiązane