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Newsletter on experiments events and evaluation

  1. 1. ISSUE 6, June this edition experiments, events and project evaluation Bermuda TrianglePage 1 - Workshops with a reporter in PolandPage 1 - Carpe Diem Choir, SpainPage 1 - Transit of VenusPage 2 - ExperimentsPage 2 - Conference and project evaluation WORKSHOPS WITH A REPORTER IN POLAND CARPE DIEM CHOIR, SPAINCarpe Diem Choir collaborated in “ The Polish stu- dents had an op-Bermuda Triangle Project”, singing portunity to take part in workshopsthe famous song of the movie “ held by a former student of ourGhost” to our all European Partners school - Mr Piotr Tokarski who is ain the celebration of the 4th Course journalist of one of the leading Tv sta-of Secondary School Graduation. tions in Poland - TVP INFO. Mr Pi-The Choir was created in Viera y otr told us about his profession, every day tasks and obli-Clavijo Highschool . Its members are gations. During the workshops we could see a presenta-teachers. Carpe Diem Choir belongs tion of the most importnat of his so far reportages, we gotto the Music and Cultural Association to know the adventages and disadventages of being a re-of the same name, which also has porter and we discussed the issues connected with EUROother activities. 2012 as Mr Tokarski is one of the reporters responsibleYou can find more information in the website: for TV coverage of the event. He gave us some hints how to be a good reporter and we hope to use them in ourThe song of the movie “ Ghost”: project while holding interviews. by Righteous Brothers TRANSIT OF VENUSOn the 5th /6th June , there was one of the most anticipated astronomical events ofthe year, Funded by the European project GLORIA http://www.gloria-project.euA retransmission of the phenomenon was performed and live through the portal en.html from three Australia / Japan /Norway. The information Relay Traffic and visibility can be found here students of all the partner schools had a debate on the theme, discussing theirversion of the event as well as consider- ing its importance in the project. The Span-ish team reported the one of the most famous experiments and to the partners. We also prepared debates using anew ICT tool called GoAnimate. You csn watch them in our website.
  2. 2. EXPERIMENTS We carry out experiments to prove or reject certain facts or phenome- na. We try to explain particular phenomena in a scientific way. Some- times it is not possible ... We combine our knowledge of Physics and Mathematics to conduct the experiments. By doing some tasks, we deepen our knowledge and skills of these subjects on our own, in a practical way, what is much better than learning from course books. The Polish students did some experiments in the Żar Mountain. We got to know some interesting facts and discovered an unusual phe- nomenon. Watch the reportage to find out . We tried to explain the phenomenon in a scientific way. We did some exercises in physics, wecalculated the force needed to push an object uphill. The German students did the experiment stimulatingturbulences in an aircraft - Flight 19 in the Area 51. We tried to give an example that vectors need morethan two dimensions to present the turbulences. Our vectors need 4 dimension the fourth is for the time.The next experiment concerned the sinking ship. It was done in Germany, Poland and Spain. It measuredthe sizes of waves and the behaviour of our ships. There was a kind ofrelation between the size of the waves and the sinking ship. The behav-iour of waves was an example for continuous functions and theirgraphs. It was a pity that we couldnt measure the pressure of thewaves. The experiments were followed by exercises in Math and Phys-ics. We also recorded an international video - the Polish team recordedthe experiment of the sinking ship, the German team prepared a Mathlesson with a task to solve... CONFERENCE AND PROJECT EVALUATIONA conference summarizing the first year of the project was organized at the Polish school. Wecarried on discussion on the impact of our project on pupils, teachers, parents and our school.We invited representatives of local authorities to present the project Twinspace and the websiteof the project. We presented the end products and evaluated the progress of the project.The project has been evaluated in all partner schools. We carried out opinion polls among stu-dents, teachers and parents. We worked out the results and exchanged them with the partners.We drew the conclusion for the work during the next school year.page2 Bermuda Triangle