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Bermuda Triangle                                                                 INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH      ISSUE 5, May ...
A painter of neo-surrealismSętowski Tomasz –born 1961 in Czestochowa – an artist,a graduate of the WSP in Czestochowa. Con...
Polish painter - Wojciech Siudmak                              work he is governed by the        Numerous        awards an...
We are artists too!Look at our drawings titled  „Mystery in my eyes”
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Newsletter edition5 - fantastic in art and events


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Newsletter edition5 - fantastic in art and events

  1. 1. Bermuda Triangle INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ISSUE 5, May 2012 We conducted series of interviews with tourists visiting mysterious places in Spain, Poland and Germany. this edition wanted to assess their attitude towards parapsychology and paranormal phenomena. The questions were as follows: fantastic art 1.Name, Age, sex, nationality and 2.Have you ever heard of the “Bermuda Triangle”? What do you know about it? important events 3.Do you believe in … (mysterius creatures famous in ourPage 1 - International research countries)?Page 1 - European Day at the Polish school 4.Aren’t you afraid of visiting the places like this, which hidePage 2 - Max Ernst mysterious stories from the past?Page 2 - Neo-surrealism painter 5.Do you believe in existence of paranormal phenomena likePage 3 - Polish painter Wojciech Siudmak UFOs, spirits, ghosts, haunted houses, etc.?Page 3 - American illustrator Arthur Suydam 6. Could you tell us any haunted houses in your country? WhatPage 3 - Boris Vallejo happened there?Page 4 - Our pictures ‘Mystery in my eyes’ 7.Do you know any paranormal story that took place in your country? EUROPEAN DAY at the Polish school 8.Have you been a witness of any strange events in your life?On 10th May, the European Day was organised at What kind of event was it?the Polish school. We presented mysterious sto- 9.Do you know anybody who experienced any unusual event inries and legends of our region. The audience and his/her life? What kind of events was it?invited quests could see performances, videos, 10.Are you interested in paranormal issues?listen to radio plays presenting unusual stories. 11. Do you believe life after our death, and life Past RegressionWe showed our creativity and artistic skills. Thepresentations were full of humorous scenes and We collected a lot of interesting answers and got to knowsketches. We had a lot of fun. The second part of some secrets. We are working out the results and intend tothe event was titled ‘Join the Generations’. We conduct some research to compare the attitudes of the touristsinvited representatives of our grandparents who in our countries. We’re curious what we will find out :)belong to a local folk group. They told us mysteri-ous stories from their childhood. We carried outdiscussions , sand and danced together. Don’thesitate to watch the movies and photos in ourwebsite! Here is a photo of Polish students outside the Ogrodzieniec Castle –the place connected with a mystery of he Black Dog
  2. 2. A painter of neo-surrealismSętowski Tomasz –born 1961 in Czestochowa – an artist,a graduate of the WSP in Czestochowa. Con-sidered by many art critics as one of the most interesting Polish contemporary artists. As a rule, he doesnot participate in art competitions. He belongs to the creators trend called "magical realism". He paintsin the traditional method: oil on canvas. In the recent years, however, he also presented some graphicsand has made occasional sculptures… First step was the presentation of work on the worlds largest artfairs in New York. In 1999 Setowski entered to the environment creators and fans of fantasy. Setowskinot afraid to take difficult challenges. Twice it happened that painted the picture for a few days in thecompany of spectators. Setowski is not indifferent to the problems of other people, several times a yearhe donates his works for charities. Setowski’s paintings inspired us to try to paint them on our own.Here is a paiting ‘Two worlds’ painted by a Polish student.page2 Bermuda Triangle
  3. 3. Polish painter - Wojciech Siudmak work he is governed by the Numerous awards and ‘Stone Foam ‘ principle "one can only nominations include: the dream over insurmounta- Order of Merit, an honorary The picture manifesting an ble barrier." He has his citizen of the City given by incredible imagination. world one of a kind, the The painting depicts a cites: Wieluń Gaillac and scene from the wonder- of personal symbol- ful life that is full ism, fantastic design. Ozoir-la-Ferrière, France of fantasy. The picture His works are character- shows a bird carved in ized by extraordinary imag- stone in the middle of ination, he creates on can- the ocean. Looking at it vas a hybrid of human we may find that it is in and machine vision of big danger. Threatened with fragments of rock, the natural disasters. and probably approachi Wojciech Kazimierz Siudmak’s creativity is ng the storm. The Siudmak was born In sometimes fiercely at- ocean in some places is 1942. He is considered a tacked by critics, but presented as foaming . representative of fantas- he is loved by the audi- tic realism. In his ence. American illustrator—Arthur Suydam Arthur Suydam is an Recently, his work has You should see it! Amercian illustrator. He primarily been on was born on May 18th covers, including Marvel 1953. He has worked as Zombies, Ghost Rider, an artist, an illustrator Hellstorm, Moon Knight, and a comic book crea- Wolverine. tor. This film showcases Ar- Arthur Suydams comic thur’s amazing work as book work includes such an illustrator and a pain- titles as Batman, Conan, ter. Tarzan, Predator, Aliens Suydams work is ama- and Death Dealer. zing and very thorough. Boris Vallejo Boris Vallejo (born January 8, 1941 in Lima, Peru) – Peruvian illus- This painting shows The Gorgon, trator . He was born in Lima as the son of a lawyer. When he fin- who arranges her hair in the shape of wings. ished National School of Fine Arts he emigrated in 1964 to the The woman is full of expression. She is full USA, and lives there to this day. Vallejo is famous of emotions. This is only a sketch, but for fantasy paintings that show muscular heroes and scantily it illustrates one of the best paintings . clad Valkyries. His paintings decorate many calendars, movie post- ers and book covers. In later years he created paintings with his wife Julia Bell. Boris Vallejos work is difficult to describe in one word, because his paintings are very different. Often, the paint- ings depict strongmen who are fighting monsters and oth- er creatures. However, in most of his paintings there is a woman in armor, which is an addition. Women are surrounded by mythical creatures, or they are in amazing places. It happens that there are both women, and men in the painting.Bermuda Triangle page3
  4. 4. We are artists too!Look at our drawings titled „Mystery in my eyes”