Miracles in Poland


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Miracles in Poland

  1. 1. by: Natalia W.
  2. 2. For believers, they are an expression of Gods intervention and an important, though not a necessary proof of his existence. Atheists often explain it as a meaningless tangle of cases or system of events that are sure to have some rationale, but we do not know where to look. The course of miracles elude the course of any rational interpretation of events. We present the facts and stories about people. We realize that no matter what the evidence would be, when presented to the faithful of various religions will remain as the miracle, and the unbelievers will make attempts to overthrow it. As the evocative phrase of the famous Czech Republic writer Karel Čapka says, who stated that "every miracle must find an explanation, otherwise it is unbearable." Here are the 10 most spectacular miracles that took place in Poland.
  3. 3. The slogan „Miracle Zabludowski " conceals a series of difficult to explain events that took place near Zabludów. One of them directly affected Hedwig Jakubowska- -a little girl , who in 1965 was to see Virgin Mary. Since the information was disclosed it turned out that soon there will be the next revelation, in the place of pilgrimage that began soon to be crowded by the faithful.When the alleged miracle became popular in Poland and in Europe, it interested the authorities. In the time of one of the assemblies, the police used force against praying people.The Church didn’t consider this a miracle.
  4. 4. The Miracle in Nowolipki is the apparition of Our Lady, who occurred in the church of St . Augustine in Warsaw in October 1959. The Blessed Virgin Mary occurred to the faithful for the first time on October 7 in the luminous form, then there was a one-day pause in the visions , after which successive revelations were to last for another 20 days.The church where the alleged miracle occurred , attracted crowds of the faithful from all over the area. The case has been notified by the metropolitan curia , which, however, recognized the phenomenon as something natural.Despite the strong reaction of the curia , the authorities and so ordered to remove the black- painted gilded ball the background of which was to show Our Lady.
  5. 5. One of the places in the map of Poland, where miracles happened many times is the Monastery of Jasna Gora. For believers it is a sacred place where one can find numerous votive offerings of thanksgiving which are somehow a proof of the great things that have happened through the intercession of the Virgin Mary.The one of many such miracles is said to have occurred in 1495, to a woman named Maria Pierzchała from Myślenice. She was blind since she was twelve, when they heard about extraordinary healings, which occur in the sanctuary, she went on a pilgrimage. A woman praying before the image of the Virgin Mary, at some point was healed . According to the sources, during the prayer, she opened her eyes.
  6. 6. The extraordinary event occurred in 1668, when the marriage watched their children crossing to the other side of the Vistula River. Their offspring were inside the carriage, which was attached to the ship. At one point there was an accident - the rope broke and fixing a vehicle "drove" straight from the ferry into the river. The tragedy was taking place in front of the parents and many other witnesses. When it seemed that nothing could be done and the children will be drowned, the marriage fell on their knees and began to pray to the Virgin Mary. At some point, to the amazement of the all observers, it appeared that the coach did not sink, but started to float on the surface of the river. Not only this, but also even though the carriage windows were open, the water did not enter to the center.
  7. 7. The fact that multiple sclerosis is a very severe disease needs no proofs. 29- year-old Mrs. Janina, has lost all her hope - a continuous progression of the disease caused, that she could only move on crutches. To make matters worse her husband passed away, leaving her alone with two children. The prospect of total loss of power in the legs, and eyes made the young woman begin to increasingly think about death. Once, during the sleep, the Blessed Virgin appeared to her. The vision led her to this. Go on a pilgrimage to Jasna Gora. During the prayer before the image, which is determined by the believers as miraculous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, something unusual happened - a woman at some point dropped the crutches, which has hardly ever parted and she began to walk on her own. All symptoms disappeared, which was confirmed by doctors. This incredible event occurred in 1979. Since then, long walks are no longer a problem for Mrs. Janina.
  8. 8. Miracle on the Vistula is referred to the Battle of Warsaw, which took place in August 1920. In the middle of it the Red Army and Polish Army stood opposite to each other. Poles managed to repulse the enemy during the fighting and stopped for some time ​ the idea of spreading the Soviet communist system in Europe. In the opinion of many people,, Miracle on the Vistula may seem controversial to be put on our list. Although this terminology is commonly used in relation to the Battle of Warsaw. In fact, the events of 1920, are considered in terms of unexplainable phenomenon. There are also views that this concept has been disseminated by the Soviet propaganda that detract s from the heroic deeds of Polish Army. But there are people who believe that during the Battle of Warsaw, there was the interference of higher powers. On the eve of the Miracle on the Vistula the multi- service was held as General Haller ordered. In that time, he asked for mercy and success during clashes with the forces of the enemy. Also prayed directly for the "miracle of the Vistula." The author of the wording "miracle of the Vistula " is Stanislaw Stroiński, who wrote that "the miracle come true."
  9. 9. In 1850 the Grablinski Forest, in Wielkopolska, where was the image of Our Lady of Lichen. Mary would begin to appear to someone named Nicholas Sikątka. The man got from her command to warn people of the penalty, which can reach them if they do not begin to live in a dignified manner. In one of the revelations it was revealed that the penalty will be an epidemic of cholera. No one believed the old man . Instead, he has been thrown by the Tsarist police to the prison, where many were subjected to tortures and ordered him to cancel all previously uttered a words. When he did not, the statement was issued in which he was declared insane. According to the sources, most invaders was to be annoyed by the fact that the alleged apparitions of Mary at the breast of who was the image of the White Eagle. The case of Nicholas Sikatka reminded of everything in 1852. In Wielkopolska, a massive cholera epidemic broke out. After these events, the site of Marian apparitions chapel was built. Revelations in the Grąbliński Forest have been recognized by the Church. Meanwhile, Nicholas Sikatka, died on March 23, 1857. As it turned out, his body was not decomposed.
  10. 10. Many Poles are eagerly waiting for the beatification and later canonization of John Paul II. To make the beatification, the relevant committee must establish that the candidate caused the blessed miracle after his own death. Certificates, which show that Pope - the Pole was engaged in miracles, are not missing. Of course we are not able to quote all. 16-year-old Raphael of Lubaczow, suffering from cancer of the lymph nodes and ward Foundation "I have a dream," he asked an audience with the Holy Father. His request was granted. 1 July 2004, the boy took part in the audience. As it turned out, several months after Raphael recovered. This story came to light after the death of John Paul II. He told to the Polish Press Agency founded by Peter Piwowarczyk "I have a dream".
  11. 11. Events in Sokółka took place in the past year. According to the current knowledge, in the local church of St. Anthony came to the Eucharistic Miracle. According to many relations, in the course of providing Holy Communion, one of the priests dropped to the ground the Host (the communicant) intended for the faithful, According to the liturgical procedures, the Host must be dissolved in the so-called vasculum - liturgical vessel with water. That was done. After a few days, the water changed its color to red. Whats more - it turned out that the dish was still a piece of human myocardium. The wonderful discovery was tested, among others by researchers at the University of Bialystok. We also know that the tissue authenticity was confirmed by the two independent physicians. They found that the tissue originates from the human cardiac muscle being in the state of agony.
  12. 12. Andrew Bobola was deceased in 1657. He was the Polish Jesuit. During the Chmielnicki uprising he came into the hands of the Cossacks, who subjected him to the slaughterhouse cruel torture. Bad people cut off his ears, lips, nose, and gouged out one eye. In some places, they also stripped the skin and remained open wounds. Bobolas mutilated body was placed in the damp earth, full of other decaying corpses. Burial of the mutilated remains of the corpses of a clergyman among others, should accelerate the decomposition. Meanwhile, the opposite happened. During the exhumation, which occurred in 1917, it appeared that his body did not deteriorate and was preserved in good condition. In 1922, Red Army soldiers stole the corpse of Bobola. Soviet scientists have tried to fathom the mystery and find out what caused that, despite many years of not being decomposed. No medical justification, however, fit into this case. Thanks to the efforts of the Pope, his body was returned in 1923. Doctors who conducted the study can not in any way explain why under this conditions that favor decay, Andrew Bobola’s body survived.
  13. 13. This is the end of my presentation.And you …do you believe in miracles?Bye.