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Miracles in Lourdes by group5


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Miracles in Lourdes by group5

  1. 1. The miracles in Lourdes GROUP 5 Karolina Gajek (Poland) Roksana Zwolinska (Poland) Klaudia Zak (Poland) Joanna Mikoda (Poland) Raquel Santana Ríos (Spain) Iru Rodríguez García (Spain) Jennifer González Carballo (Spain) Jan (Germany)
  2. 2. Table of contents• 1. Lourdes• 2. The miracles which took place in Lourdes
  3. 3. Lourdes Lourdes was the site of the Marian revelations. They took place in 1858 Since then, millions of believers seeking spiritual renewal come to the French village to look for the spiritual renewal. But the curious phenomenon is that atheists come to the place as well. The latter often turn to the path of Christianity. It is hardly surprising. In this part of town the healings are quite frequent. They are experienced by the people who have no hope given by doctors in their illnesses. Medical Bureau in Lourdes confirmed 68 cases in which there were the miraculous healings. Many pilgrims declare much greater number of exciting events.St. Bernadette was the witness of the Virgin Mary revelations in Lourdes. Mary appeared to her in the cave and told her to drink the water from the nearby stream, and to pray now. Bernadette had seen Virgin Mary 18 times. The body of the saint was not subjected to the process of decomposition.
  4. 4. The miracles which took place in Lourdes
  5. 5. Louis Bouriette was a stone mason. For twenty years hehasn’t seen with his right eye. He lost his eyesight during thedetonation. It was then that his brother died as well... Hisgranddaughter brought him a little pile of wet earth from theplace, which was pointed by Mary to Bernadette during theapparition. The man prayed fervently, sitting in a stall withmud compresses on the eyes. He still believed that God will healhis sick eyes. When he had finished praying and went out fromthe stables, the unusual thing happened – he was blinded withthe brightness outside. He regained his eyesight! It was on the27th of February 1858. This is the first healing recognized andconfirmed by the Church at Lourdes . It was confirmed by Dr.Pierre Dozous, who treated Louis for years . It wasscientifically impossible to explain why Louis suddenly regainedhis eyesight.
  6. 6. Near the Massabielle cave lived a very sick boy. JustinLouis Duconte-Bouhort was paralyzed from the waist down.He was only 18 months old and everything indicated that hewill die soon. His distraught mother found that the only hope isto put him into the wonderful spring. It was a last chance inthe struggle with the disease of the son. On the 2nd of May1858 she ran to the cave with the child in her arms and plungedthe child into the icy cold water for 15 minutes. Her trust inGod and Mary was enormous. After this bath the child corpuswas very chilled, and the boy still could not move the legs.However, after a restful night Louis came out of the crib andstarted to run! ... And yet the day before he could not even sit!God heard the prayers of his mother and healed the boy.
  7. 7. In 1987, Jean Jacques Bely, suffering from an incurableneurological illness of MS (multiple sclerosis), participated inthe pilgrimage to Lourdes. There, after receiving theSacrament of the Sick, he observed sudden changesin his body. For the first time in three years he could walk. Ayear later, in 1988, he reported it to the Medical Bureau ofLourdes. Over the next two years, he was a subject of apermanent medical control, which was to confirm themiraculous recovery from illness. In 1988 it was found thathis case is medically inexplicable. On the 11th of February1999 the bishop of Lourdes after 10 years of research hasconfirmed officially sixty sixth miraculous healing atLourdes.
  8. 8. In addition to Lourdes healings a number ofconversions took place there. Many atheists anddoubters turned to God. One of them was a doctor,Dr Agostino Gemelli. His stay in Lourdes, and theimpression which he experienced there, meant so muchto him that he was converted. He joined theFranciscan Order, and allocated his assets in thefoundation of the clinic in Rome.
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