Crises in Poland


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Crises in Poland

  1. 1. Crises in Poland Monika Nemś and Adrianna Figiel
  2. 2. The economy slows down Domestic demand does’t grow. Monetary Policy Council did not lower interest rates in recent years – it is also a bad sign for the economy, because the money is expensive, so companies keep it more on the investments, and do not invest in production and work places.
  3. 3. Companies fall. According to the Poles, we should save building/construction companies in the first place. The banking industry is the last thing we should help.
  4. 4. Unemployment The unemployment in Poland is the highest in four years. The number of work offers is the lowest one in last seven years. We cannot count on rapid improvement of this situation. It is associated with fall down of the companies.
  5. 5. There is no association of family businesses in Poland Poland does not have any institution or organization of such character. Purpose of the meeting is to create a common platform, so as to be able to cooperate with Polish family businesses. Later, such organization could join the organization with the European structure.
  6. 6. Effects more and more people are unemployed and do not have the means to support their families, and to live decent lives money for the investments are not used, and do not support the real economy less contact with the European Union people do not want to have children because of the financial shortages, and the population growth does not increase
  7. 7. Solution These are economic problems. Solution: create the right conditions for people with disabilities. better working conditions increase in the number of companies Better investment banking more debates, meetings and organizations
  8. 8. Addictions More and more people are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol because they can not cope with the loss of a job, or have family problems
  9. 9. Depression Depression is a mental disorder. It reveals itself in a bad mood and sadness.
  10. 10. Solution Finding new occupation (in case of job loss) Spending time with family and friends Going to the doctor and taking some medicines Treating addictions