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Celebrating the Book's Day in Spain


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Celebrating the Book's Day in Spain

  1. 1. MARIANO GARCÍA GAMBÍNHe gave a lecture to our students of 4th course of Secondary School in the library of Vieraand Clavijo Highschool on the Book’s Day, 23rd April 2012. He was writing a book aboutLercaro’s Ghost.Our students are reading his books and exhibited them to their European partners. Marian García Gambín has a law degree and Ph.D. in History from the University ofLa Laguna. He has published three books alone since 2000, two co-authored, and a score ofhistorical research articles in various scientific journals on political and social aspects of theCanary Islands after the conquest. He won the Special Prize of the Cabildo of Gran Canariaand the House of Columbus historical research on the relationship Canary Islands - Americain 2005 for his book On behalf of the King. The first governor of the Canary Islands andAmerica. His doctoral thesis in history on the formation of elites in Gran Canaria in the earlysixteenth century was recently qualified by Outstanding cum laude, with special mention forspecial honors degree.
  2. 2. SOME OF HIS NOVELSRoyal decrees, provisions and Privileges of the Island of Tenerife (1496-1531).SUMMARY Royal decrees, provisions and Privileges of the Island of Tenerife (1496-1531)contains a collection, transcription, editing and study of letters and supplies sent by theCatholic Monarchs and Charles I to the island of Tenerife in the years after the conquest .The time span covered ranges from European settlement on the island in 1496 to the grantof town to La Laguna, in 1531. There are 128 documents containing the first guidelines of theCrown in the repopulation of the territory, all of primary importance for the History of theislands work is supported by the leadership of Dr. Ana Viña Brown, University of La Laguna,
  3. 3. and scientific support of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies from thatinstitution.IRA DEITHE PLOT La Laguna. Tenerife. The excavation of a work opened accidentally an undergroundcrypt. It had a group of female corps, which belonged to missing people from the eighteenthcentury. Police investigated a murder of a woman . Galan Inspector found out the victim hadsuffered the same mutilation like the corps found in the crypt. It happened La Laguna city, ina fascinating and unfamiliar, Renaissance and Baroque scene where four people interactedwith no apparent relationship, a police inspector, an archaeologist, a finance officer and ajournalist, whose researches intersected in the present along trails that plunged into thepast .
  4. 4. THE PLATONIC CIRCLETHE PLOT An international crisis broke out in Laguna with the Vatican ambassadorskidnapping. The negotiations had reached an impasse and the deadline was over. Only oneperson held the key to release it. Luis Ariosto faced an intricate puzzle that could only besolved with the help of trial his close associates. Archaeologist Marta Herrero, InspectorAntonio Galán and journalist Sandra Clavijo would work together to decipher an insolubleproblem, investigating the hidden mysteries of the old city .OTHER NOVELS