Bermuda Triangle by Ada


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Bermuda Triangle by Ada

  1. 1.  The Bermuda Triangle is the common name of the Atlantic area, in the vicinity of Bermuda. By the enthusiasts of the paranormal phenomena is considered us the site of many unexplained disappearances of ships, boats and aircraft (they believe that this area takes place  phenomenon of breaking the laws of physics, is detected by the presence of "strangers" - which are supposed to explain their view of these inexplicable events). There is a fixed shape of a triangle, its shape is described differently in various urban legends.
  2. 2.  The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the western Atlantic, near the south eastern coast of the United States, roughly triangular in shape. The triangle extends from Bermuda to the north, to southern Florida, then east through the Bahamas to Puerto Rico a point about40 degrees west longitude where the return to Bermuda. Apparently it has already experienced the amazing Christopher Columbus live in the Bermuda Triangle. Along with his crew watched, among others "white water ", the "great fiery lightning, strange behavior of the compass ... But probably the most unusual loss in the region of the Bermuda Triangle incident took place on December 5, 1945. A squadron of five at 14.00 bombers Grumman TBM - 3 "Avengers" belonging to the Navy of the United States soared into the air from the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was a typical flight schooling. Aircraft maintenance was made ​up of the pilot, radio operatorand gunner, and fuel, which should be enough to fly around 1500 km. The crew had life jackets and a self-priming air-raft. They had to fly 250 km directly east toward the Bahamas and then turned north and after 65 km turned towards the south west to the base. The weather conditions were good. At 3:15 pm, after performing the tasks on the way back to the base commander Lt. Taylor gave the alarming news that the squadron is likely to be blown off course and did not see the expected land: "Were not sure what is our position,which is west ... all messed up…
  3. 3.  …strange things happened here. Even the ocean does not look like it should ...". communication was interrupted, but the listener still receive fragments of conversations between the pilots. It was not possible, however, get them connected to them. At. 4 o’clock for unknown reasons, see Taylor passed the command of the squadron Capsules Stivers another, which after about 15 minutes later reported back to the base: "We do not know where we are ... we had to fly over the Florida and we are probably in the Gulf of Mexico, "after which the pilots said that they do return to 180 degrees to fly back to Florida. Hearing conversations with the result that runs out of fuel and that all the instruments on board, and each can go crazy other readings. Audibility was getting weaker, of which it was concluded that the squadron flies to the east and away from the base and flew to the sea. Finally, they heard a cry Stivers: "My God! Looks like we were entering into a white water ... We are completely lost ... FLY not for us ... They look as if they came from another world...”
  4. 4.  After this communication link was interrupted. From the airport, AirStation Banana River, flew to the rescue of a rescue Martin Mariner PBM, equipped with special instruments and equipment to help pilots were forced to launching. The team consisted of twelve people, headed south-east and, like a squadron disappeared without a trace. Disappearance within hours of 6 aircraft with 27 people resulted in the greatest in the history of U.S. Navy sea and air search. It took part in them 307 planes, four Navy destroyers, several submarines, 18 Coast Guard units, special rescue vessels and hundreds of private boats andyachts. The Bahamas yet joined the British Navy units and aircraft of the RAF. The search lasted from dawn to dusk, the planes watched the sea area 600 000 square kilometers - without effect. Not found or life-rafts, which were fitted in all aircraft and that in theevent of an accident would swim in the water, or any debris, or even of oil on the water, pointing to the disaster. It looked as if planes simply dissolved into the air. This flight went down in history as "Lot No. 19." But there is, however, a mysterious aspect of this case. That same day, in which the lost squadron, around 7 pm hours at Miami Airport has received a faint radio signal "FT ... FT ...". This was part of the squadrons call sign. However, the possibility of its origin by any of the members of the squadron didn’t actually exist, because according to calculations, the fuel should run out 2 hours earlier. Unless ... However, the BermudaTriangle is not the only place where mysteriously disappearing ships and aircraft. On the opposite side of the Earth off the coast of Japan is a region called the Devils Sea. The incidence of unexplained events in both places is more or less the same.
  5. 5.  According to Lawrence David Kusch, library staff at Arizona State University, which examined in detail the source, the father of the concept of the Bermuda Triangle is Vincent Gaddis, who used it in the article The Deadly Bermuda Triangle in Argosy magazine in 1964. In 1965, Gaddis published a book Invisible Horizons, which dealt with the legend. After him many other authors have tried to get fame addressing this topic. Depending on the author, the size of the Bermuda Triangle is different. Some extend it until the coast of Ireland. Usually, however, are referred to the triangle between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, which is a very busy area by ships and aircraft. The legend was born together with the history of the disappearance of five squadron of American planes bombing Grumman TBF Avenger 5 December 1945 off the coast of Florida (the famous flight 19). Refer to the American Legion magazine by Allen Eckert in the article The mystery of the lost patrol. Eckert was never able to provide the sources of his allegations. L.D. Kusch and Jules Metz thoroughly researched this story, analyzing the 500 pages of official reports. They concluded that it was a tragic accident, one of the worst military aviation accidents in peacetime, but due to natural causes as possible. Christopher Columbus, according to his report, observed in the vicinity of the Triangle"strange dancing lights on the horizon”.
  6. 6.  The probable explanation for the mysterious disappearances are sporadic eruptions of methane from undersea deposits in these areas. Bubbles of methane coming out of the slots in the bottom of the ocean swell as the outflow to the surface to an enormous size. Arose from the water and bubbles fluid has a density much lower than water, which in it vessels lose buoyancy and sink . The hypothesis of extracting the surface large quantities of methane could explain the crash of airplanes, but their physical mechanism is not obvious. After departure to the surface, methane is not only rises by convection to the top, but also mixed with air and is carried by the wind. At cruising altitude aircraft, the concentration of methane gas may therefore be too small to directly affect the planes fly over. High concentrations of methane, it would mix with air under the influence of engine ignition and explosion, however, the minimum methane concentration at which it would be possible (the lower explosive limit) is 5%. Obtaining such a high concentration of aircraft at cruising altitude, however, is unlikely. Nevertheless, even the presence of methane in concentrations not exceeding the lower explosion limit, it can interfere with aircraft engines - methane in the air causes the excessive enrichment of fuel-air mixture and, consequently, unstable or malfunction of engines. Furthermore, even if methane would not have reached the same quantities as to endanger the airplane engines work, the release of same and mixed with layers of air below the airplane causes changes in density and, consequently, the vertical movements of air masses (or air mixed with methane), and turbulence. 
  7. 7.  January 17, 1949 disappearance of an airplane "Star Ariel" (type: Avro Tudor IV) during a flight from Bermuda to Jamaica March 1950 or the 1951 disappearance of an American transport plane C-124 "Globemaster" with 53 people on board Costa Rica in June 1950 disappearance of motor ships "Sandra", together with eleven crew February 1953 disappearance of a British transport plane of "York" with 39 people north of the Bermuda Triangle October 1954 disappearance of American military transport plane "Super Constellation with 42 people December 1954 disappearance of sulfur-carrying vessel "Southern Districts of the 24 crew members
  8. 8.  November 9, 1956 disappearance of patrol bomber in the U.S. Navy-type "Martin P-5M Marlin" with a ten crew January 1958 disappearance of the yacht "Revonoc" led by an experienced sailor and millionaire Harvey Conover January 1962 disappearance of American "flying tank" type KB-50 together with the nine-crew during a flight from an air base in the Azores Langey February 1963 loss of around Florida, the U.S. ship to carry molten sulfur "Marine Sulphur Queen" along with the crew numbering 39 people July 1963 disappearance of a ship in the Caribbean Sea "SnoBoy" with 55 passengers August 28, 1963 crash of two American "flying tanks" KC-135 southwest of Bermuda June 1965 disappearance of a military aircraft C-119 "Boxcar" with ten people on board near the southern Bahamas January 1967 loss in a week of three small passenger aircraft along with pilots and a total of eight passengers.
  9. 9.  December 1967 disappearance of the boat walking "Witchcraft" with two passengers, approximately 1 mile from Miami Beach May 1968 sinking of an American submarine with nuclear-powered USS Scorpion, a distance of about 400 miles southwest of the Azores July 1969 finding five abandoned boats, including the trimaran "Teignmouth Electron", where Donald Crowhurst took part in the regatta sailors around the world alone November 1970 disappearance of a Piper Comanche light aircraft flying from West Palm Beach, Jamaica. October 1971 disappearance of a ship in the Caribbean Sea Dominican "El Caribe" with 30 people on board
  10. 10.  Here is presented aircraft flight 19, which  disappeared without a trace...
  11. 11. There are also researchers who try to rationally explain the mystery of the Triangle. In their opinion the number of accidents in this area should be blamed on poor weather conditions, which are there almost everyday and disadvantages of navigation devices. Last year was a loud Russian research scientists who claimed that theywere able to explain the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle. Specialists fromthe Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, working under the supervision of  Anatoly Nesterov said then that the key to explain the mystery of the Triangle would be high tectonic activity in this region. When it comes to movement and cracking the earths crust below the seabed bring out the high pressure of huge quantities of natural gas.  This is a result of large changes in the density of water and methane-filled cloud, which arise as a result of the release of subsurface gases. As we know from 80 years of the twentieth century (the Americans conducted a number of wells in the bottom of the Atlantic Triangle area) beneath the ocean surface there are huge deposits of gas.
  12. 12.  Ufologists and occultists believe that the Bermuda Triangle area, there are "holes in the sky" - the aircraft can not invade, but can not get out of them. And perhaps it is even a sort of "cracks in space", the trap, through which ships and aircraft lost their way to the "fourth dimension. " It is possible that one day the "gap" is an open and free the vessels and crews with shells. Or the contrary, the sailors will return alive, even not grow old. Indeed, there may be time to flow at a rate varying from simple - the ships with their crews could be moved forward or back, or be trapped in one of the parallel worlds.?Other hypotheses proclaim the existence of a high civilization plunged to the bottom of the ocean - interference in the region arouse the underwater generators that are a remnant of the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis prior to 10,000 years. Still others have floated the reflections on the area of the strange properties on which there is a "weak field strength of elasticity. " They affect not only on the plane, his compass and radio, but also disrupt the work of the mind.
  13. 13.  Soberly minded rationalists believe disappearances   ships and airplanes the Bermuda Triangle not have nothing mysterious. The causes of the tragedy should their opinion discerned happened because of weathering - violent storms and strong currents. Such dangerous places sclerosis are  also in other parts of the globe of Japan. Various authors concept sheds ever new light on astounding and surprising events "devilish triangle". But as yet none explains even partly its secrets. Maybe a man does not have enough knowledge to understand the forces that operate in this cursed corner of the earth?
  14. 14.  And you? What do you thinkabout the Bermuda Triangle afterreading this presentation? Which argument is, in your opinion, the truest?
  15. 15.  Thankyou so much for watching my presentation!