Antenna prevention


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Antenna prevention

  2. 2. It is the propagation of waves of energy electric and magnetic,moving together through space. Electromagnetic radiation livewith us forever. Since we were born, we have been exposed todifferent types of radiation, some coming from natural sources and other artificial sources.
  3. 3. Environment has been disrupted since theappearance of artificial electro magnetic fields. It is called electro magnetic pollution.
  4. 4. A dramatic increase in electromagnetic waves caused by electric transport stations of cells’ antennas , radio,television, radar, electrical appliances and mobile phones have been increased
  5. 5. Scientific research has established that the population exposed continuously to electromagnetic waves emitted by these antennas have more chances of getting diseases or abnormalities of ADN and the brain activities, cancer, alzeimer, depression…
  6. 6. BY TEAM 5: Alba Helena Simón Bonilla – SpainEstefanía Rodríguez Delgado – Spain Daniel Suárez Florentìn – Spain Jorge Andrés Rosa Duter- Spain Maja Gewald -Poland Natalia Baczewska - Poland Anna Woszczyk - Poland Anna Hermanowska - Poland Viktor - Germany