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Ancient civilizations Olmecs by group1


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Ancient civilizations Olmecs by group1

  1. 1. Olmec is the conventional name used for determining the tribes of Mesoamerica since the transition from nomadic to sedentary life(c. 2000 BC). These tribes settled on the quays of rivers and lakes from the Gulf of Mexico up to the mountainous areas in the hinterland.
  2. 2. Olmecs settled down in wooded areas, cutting down and adapting them for cultivation and breeding. They were also engaged in gathering,hunting and fishing, but agriculture and animal husbandry were the most important - the basiswas corn (The importance was the high content of the proteins, particularly when there weredifficulties in obtaining meat). Its growing origins date back to about 1000 BC. Initially they usedprimitive: of flour grated on the stones they done simple cakes or eaten it raw. They also grew beans and pumpkins.
  3. 3. Olmec also managed to domesticate and develop the breeding of pigs, goats, poultry, etc. probably grewcotton and they made from it a primitive clothing. They knew also cane sugar.
  4. 4. Olmecs were the pioneers erected in the city-states of Mexican stepped pyramids, taken as a symbol of the vault of heaven. Their peak housed the temple - the seat of the gods. In art, sculpture and ceramic delights Olmec momentum and reflected details, precise drawing and originality of symbolism.Next to the altar there are large, reaching up to 3 m in height and up to 18 tons of weightsculptures of human heads made of solid stone worth paying attention.
  5. 5. Olmec beliefs - are associated with shamanistic cult. Olmecs believed that everyperson, every animal has a soul. A man in his soul, has an animal spirit. The most important animal for the Olmec was thejaguar. He personified the supernatural, god, ancestor of the Olmecs, was the second „I”shaman. It is also encountered as a cult figure half-man, half-jaguar. Another god was olmeckim Feathered Serpent, guardian of good luck, to ensure success.