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A visit at Devil Boruta's


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A visit at Devil Boruta's

  1. 1. eTwinning projectBermuda Triangle,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”By group 4Adrianna Machelska (Poland), Anna Dziedzic (Poland), Maciej Janoska (Poland), Paulina Gajek(Poland), Richard Hernández Afonso (Spain), Amanda Olivera Casanova (Spain), JenniferGonzález Carballo (Spain), Yannic (Germany)
  2. 2. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s” Tum and Łęczycaare two towns whereyou are bound to comeacross the devil calledBoruta. There areruins that, accordingto folk beliefs, arehaunted. Touristsarriving in Łęczyca arewelcomed from afar bythe tower of the royalpalace which was builtin the 14th century by
  3. 3. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”The palace is the home ofthe devil Boruta, Polandsmost notorious devil, ofwhom there are differentdepictions in the castlescourtyard. The "castle"Boruta, which guards thecastles treasures, is inthe shape of an owl, the"marshy" Boruta, whoguides people overmarshes, has the form ofan insect, and the "waterspirit" Boruta, who drownspeople in ponds, looks like
  4. 4. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”The legend about thenoble called BorutaBoruta was a lord of thecastle in Łęczyca. Butbefore he became thelord ... . The legendsays, he was a poorforester, whom the kingCarmir the Great gavetresures and the nobilityas a reward for helpingthe king and his companyto get out of the swamp
  5. 5. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”As the result, the modestvillager became theconceited noble. The nobleBoruta lived in such a wayto go to hell after death.However, he was toocunning to let himselfagonize in hell. The legenddoes not say how he didit, but he did. Lucifermade him the lord of allPolish devils and gave theland of Łęczycain
  6. 6. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”Therefore, Boruta cameback to his land and hasbeen present in Łęczycaup today. The nameBoruta (what meansForest) comes fromforest. In old Protobeliefs, Boruta was ademon identified with abeardedforest guard(keeper of animals, patronsaint of hunters). Anothertheory says the nameBoruta has been takenfrom the word ’pine’ (a
  7. 7. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”In medieval times, asthe result ofChristianisation, the olddemon was begun beingidentified with a devil.He is walking in thecastle courtyard with asaber. In the form ofan owl, he guarsdungeons of the castleand tresures hiddenthere. As the muddyBoruta, in the form of a
  8. 8. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”As the Boruta kelpie, inthe waters of Bzura, hetakes the shape of ahuge fish withhorns. The black Borutawith a tail and pitchforkmoves near theRomanesque collegiate inTum. Boruta „windy” inthe dust of field paths,Boruta "beekeeper”stealing honey fromhives, Boruta „miller”
  9. 9. ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”
  10. 10. Thank you for watchingthe presentation of the legend ,,A visit at devil Boruta’s”