Berkwood Resources Corporate Presentation


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Berkwood Resources Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation August 2015 TSX.V
  2. 2. Forward Looking Statements In this presentation the Prospect Valley mineral resource estimates were taken from a technical report (posted on by Henry J. Awmack, P.Eng. of Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd. and Gary H. Giroux, P.Eng. of Giroux Consultants Limited, both Qualified Persons under the definition of Canadian National Instrument 43-101. George Gorzynski, P.Eng., a Director of Berkwood and a Qualified Person under the definition of Canadian National Instrument 43-101, is responsible for the Prospect Valley Property technical information other than information directly related to the mineral resource estimates, and for the Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project and Toco Gold Project. Except for historical information, this presentation may contain certain “forward-looking” statements and information relating to Berkwood that are based on the beliefs of Berkwood management, as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to Berkwood management. Such statements reflect the current risks, uncertainties and assumptions related to certain factors including but not limited to, without limitations, exploration and development risks, expenditure and financing requirements, title matters, operating hazards, metal prices, political and economic factors, competitive factors, general economic conditions, relationships with vendors and strategic partners, governmental regulation and supervision, seasonality, technological change, industry practices, and one-time events. Should any one or more risks or uncertainties materialize or change, or should any underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results and forward-looking statements may vary materially from those described herein. Berkwood does not assume the obligation to update any forward-looking statement. The factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include, but are not limited to, the following: general economic conditions; changes in financial markets; the impact of exchange rates; political conditions and developments in countries in which the Company operates; changes in the supply, demand and pricing of the metal commodities which the Company mines or hopes to find and successfully mine; changes in regulatory requirements impacting the Company’s operations; the ability to properly and efficiently staff the Company’s operations; the sufficiency of current working capital and the estimated cost and availability of funding for the continued exploration and development of the Company’s exploration properties. This list is not exhaustive and these and other factors should be considered carefully, and readers should not place undue reliance on the Company’s forward-looking statements. As a result of the foregoing and other factors, no assurance can be given as to any such future results, levels of activity or achievements and neither the Company nor any other person assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of these forward-looking statements. The Mason Graphite NI 43-101 mineral resource estimate was sourced from the Mason Graphite news release dated December 15, 2014. The Qualified Person has been unable to verify the information contained within the Mason Graphite news release and the mineralization on the Mason Graphite property is not necessarily indicative of the mineralization on the Company’s property. NI 43-101 Statement
  3. 3. Corporate Overview Berkwood Resources Ltd. is a Canadian junior exploration company based in Vancouver, BC and trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol BKR. Berkwood is dedicated to the acquisition, exploration and development of Precious Metal and Graphite projects. The Company is currently advancing three projects in Canada, the Prospect Valley Gold Property in British Columbia, and the Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project and the Toco Gold Project in Quebec. MARKET DATA (as of August 7, 2015) TSX.V: BKR 52-WEEK LOW/HI: $0.005-$0.07 SHARES OUTSTANDING: 28 million FULLY DILUTED: 40 million MARKET CAP: C $0.14 million
  4. 4. Prospect Valley Gold Project British Columbia TSX.V BKR
  5. 5. Prospect Valley Gold Property  Located near Merritt, BC Canada in the Spences Bridge Gold Belt. Three hours drive from Vancouver, close to good infrastructure and logistics. Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  6. 6.  10,871 hectare property, in advanced stages of exploration. 100% owned by Berkwood. Bulk tonnage epithermal gold prospect. Prospect Valley Gold Property Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC Prospect Valley Gold Property
  7. 7. North Discovery and South Discovery Zones  Drilling to date has outlined an inferred NI43-101 compliant Mineral Resource totaling 166,000 ounces grading 0.511 g/t gold in 10,077,000 metric tonnes above a cut-off of 0.30g/t gold at the combined Discovery South and Discovery North Zones.  Zones remain open for expansion. Alteration studies indicate potential for high grade mineral system at depth. Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  8. 8. Geological Map and Cross Sections North Discovery & South Discovery Zones Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  9. 9. Mineralization 3D Model NORTH DISCOVERY ZONE SOUTH DISCOVERY ZONE Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  11. 11. Soil Geochemistry on Topography Map Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  12. 12. Chargeability Geophysics Map Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  13. 13. Resistivity Geophysics Map Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  14. 14. 2012-2013 Field Work Programs  The 2012 Field Work Program extended the gold-in-soil anomalous zone, 1 kilometer to the northeast, along the projected Discovery Zone Trend.  Results were very encouraging with individual gold values ranging from below detection limit to 953 ppb.  In 2013 geochemical sampling work on the property confirmed the continuity of the main soil anomaly and extended its length to 5000 metres indicating the large extent of the mineralizing system.  The zone remains open to the north Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  15. 15. 2014-2015 Field Work Programs  In September 2014 Berkwood announced the completion of a ground magnetics program at Prospect Valley, during which field crews outlined a new anomalous geophysical magnetic zone and found indications of new epithermal mineralization.  Results of the ground magnetics geophysical survey suggest that the Discovery Trend continues a further 1200m to the south of the previous work into an area that is largely hidden by overburden cover.  Prospecting was carried out concurrently with the geophysical survey and despite the extensive overburden cover, an area of scattered epithermal-textured quartz-chalcedony veins was discovered in bedrock and overburden boulders along this new geophysical trend. This new area has been named the QCA Zone.  Berkwood has planned a program of geological mapping, hand trenching and sampling in the new QCA Zone to delineate the zone on surface, as well as additional ground magnetics surveying to infill and extend the current geophysical grid. View News Release: Berkwood Extends Discovery Trend and Finds New Zone at Prospect Valley Gold Property dated Sept 3, 2014 Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC
  16. 16. 2014 Field Work Results Prospect Valley Gold Property, BC  North Showing Discovery Trend, Extension of Ground Magnetics Grid to south and new QCA Zone Discovery
  17. 17. Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project Quebec TSX.V BKR
  18. 18. Lac Guéret Extensions Project  Located in Côte Nord, Quebec, Canada. Part of Plan Nord region, Quebec’s highly regarded sustainable development initiative  Three hours driving time from the city of Baie-Comeau (290km).  Easy access via a major secondary road and numerous tertiary and forest roads that traverse the property. The Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project consists of two blocks of claims:  Lac Guéret East Block: 2,052 Ha – 38 contiguous claims  Lac Guéret South Block: 5714 Ha - 106 contiguous claims. Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project, Quebec Location and Access
  19. 19. Extensions of Advanced Graphite Project  Mason Graphite’s advanced Lac Guéret Project has an NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate with Measured & Indicated mineral resources of 65.7 million tonnes grading 17.2% Cgr, including 9.7 million tonnes grading 31.2% Cgr (Carbon as Graphite).  Berkwood’s Lac Guéret Extensions Project directly borders Mason Graphite’s property to the east and south and shares similar prospective geology including along strike stratigraphic units and structure. Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project, Quebec
  20. 20. *The high-resolution geophysical survey, comprising 415 linear kilometres with a line spacing of 200 metres, was conducted by Prospectair Geosurveys Inc. of Gatineau, Quebec. The results were processed and interpreted by Joël Dubé, Engineer and senior geophysical consultant for Dubé & Desaulniers Geoscience of Ottawa, Ontario. Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project, Quebec  In 2014 Berkwood flew a high resolution magnetic- electromagnetic (MAG-EM) helicopter-borne geophysical survey* over its Lac Guéret South Block which successfully identified six large coincident MAG-EM anomalous zones.  Such coincident anomalies are consistent with graphite zones known elsewhere in the region where graphite is often associated with magnetic iron formations.  Two targets are strong conductors ranging from 1.8 to 3 kilometers in length and up to 845 and 425 meters in width respectively.  Initial interpretation indicates the anomalies are likely caused by repetition and thickening of conductive, possibly graphitic, horizons Helicopter-borne geophysical survey (MAG-EM)
  21. 21. Phase 1: Ground Delineation of Exploration Targets: • Prospecting of near surface EM anomalies • Grid line cutting and ground Geophysical Survey (PhiSpy ground TDEM) • Drilling of near surface EM anomalies • GIS Data Integration and report. Phase 2: Trenching and Drilling: • Stripping, trenching, geological mapping, sampling and assaying • Initial bulk sampling and metallurgical testing • Drilling program with the objective to define NI 43-101 mineral resources • GIS Data Integration and NI43-101 compliant technical report as applicable Phase 3: Regional Delineation of New Exploration Targets over 5,000 km2: • Compilation and merging of all available geological, geochemical and geophysical datasets • Compilation of all regional geological, geochemical, geophysical and topographical data into a merged geo- referenced dataset for data mining • Development, calculation and analysis of parameters in priority related to Graphite mineralization but also for other known mineralization (gold, base metals and Rare-Earths) • Application of computer-assisted detection modelling with reference to known Graphite mineralization and other eventual commodities • Generation of new regional Graphite exploration targets for staking and ground follow-up reconnaissance.  Operating in Quebec with up to 40% reimbursement of exploration costs. Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project, Quebec * These exploration plans are subject to permitting and financing Exploration Plans
  22. 22. The Graphite Story Graphite's current uses, future applications and supply & demand dynamics TSX.V BKR
  23. 23. • One of 3 types of carbon: Graphite, Diamonds and Coal all share chemical formula C. • Mineral Forms: Natural (Flake, Amorphous) and Synthetic (Powders). • Natural Large Flake Graphite demand is increasing. The Graphite Story • Flake size and purity dictates price (Large Flake +80 mesh). • Growing demand from traditional industries, new industrial applications and green energy technologies. Graphite Overview
  24. 24. • Application for graphitic material is constantly evolving due to it’s unique chemical and thermal properties. • Maintains its stability and strength under temperatures in excess of 3,600ºC. • Natural lubricating abilities. • High conductor of heat and electricity. • One of the lightest of all reinforcing elements. • Very resistant to chemical corrosion, heat and oxidization. • These key physical and chemical properties make it critical to modern industry. • Considered a strategic element by many leading industrial nations. U.S.A., Europe and China have included graphite among a short list of critical materials. Why Graphite? Graphite Overview
  25. 25. Traditional uses in Modern Industry • Steel Making - added to raise carbon content. • Electrodes in electric arc furnaces • Brake pad linings • Dry lubricants New Technologies and Clean Energy • Fuel cells, which power hybrid and electric vehicles. • Lithium Ion Batteries in portable consumer devices, laptops, smartphones etc. • Heat spreaders in tablet computers, flat panel displays etc. • Lining for modern Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactors. • Development of Graphene - known as the miracle material of the 21st century. End users of Graphite Graphite Overview
  26. 26. • Industrial demand growing 5% per annum over the last 10 years due to industrialization of emerging economies such as China and India. • European Union and USA named graphite a mineral in critical supply. • Lack of exploration and development over recent decades and China producing 70% of the world’s Graphite has raised concerns over securing long-term, stable sources of supply. • Chinese production and exports expected to decline due to consolidation of existing mines and focus on domestic supply chain for down stream manufacturing. • Approximately 30% of Chinese Graphite is Flake and the majority of this is small (+200/-80 mesh range). Production of Large Flake (+80 mesh) in China is declining. • Clean technology applications have the potential to consume more graphite than all current uses combined. Graphite – Supply and Demand Graphite Overview
  27. 27. Analyst Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, London recently noted: “Global battery production is expected to receive a turbo boost in the next three years as some of the world’s biggest corporations and disruptive technology companies prepare major entries into the market. Tesla Motors, LG Chem and Foxconn Technology Group are all constructing what can be described as battery super-plants for the electric vehicle (EV) market.” “Total investment from all three companies is expected to top $5bn and could reach as high as $7bn as they vie for a leading position in a major new global industry.” Graphite – Supply and Demand Graphite Overview “These plans will have a significant impact on the raw materials fuelling the three megafactories, graphite, lithium and cobalt especially, as will the additional growth in the EV battery market which is expected to range, in Benchmark's conservative estimates, from 10- 15% a year.” “The industry will need to be prepared for a raw material surge in 2016 as buying starts for these three plants in what could be a significantly disruptive event.” Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Newsletter - Dec 2014
  28. 28. Toco Gold Project Quebec TSX.V BKR
  29. 29. Toco Gold Project Summary  2,400 Ha - 45 claims in two blocks.  Located in North-central Quebec, 250 km north of Chibougamau city.  Part of Plan Nord region, Quebec’s highly regarded sustainable development initiative  Easy access via new all season road.  Adjacent to and south of Visible Gold Mines’ Project 167.  Visible Gold Mines recently discovered high-grade Au-Ag-Cu-Zn boulders of up to 142.5 grams per tonne gold, along the newly constructed 243-kilometre-long all- season road to Stornoway's Renard diamond mine (see Visible Gold Mines Inc. news release dated Nov. 4, 2014) Toco Gold Project, Quebec
  30. 30.  Some of the mineralized boulders discovered at Visible Gold Mines’ Project 167 were located 5 to 7km north of Berkwood’s Toco Gold Project. Toco Gold Project, Quebec Regional Projects
  31. 31.  The Toco Gold Project region is a recently revived early stage gold exploration area  Several other exploration companies including Eloro Resources, Stellar Afrigold, Anthem Resources, Canada Strategic Metals and Walker River have also recently acquired claims in the vicinity of Visible Gold Mines’ Project 167.  Eloro Resources recently reported “The upgrade to Route 167 and the recent discoveries by Visible Gold Mines Inc. have re-awakened interest in the area, which remains highly prospective for gold, base-metal and platinum group elements, as well as diamondiferous kimberlites.” 1  Stella Afrigold reported “We are confident that this area will soon become an active mining camp. The recent opening of that territory by the Quebec Plan Nord initiative will attract more companies interested in this perspective area. Soquem's Lac Harbour gold showing, as well as the Eastmain gold mine project nearby Stellar's acquisition, are both located within the volcanic belt that already demonstrate an excellent potential for some new discoveries.” 2 Excerpts from the following news releases are referenced above: 1 Eloro Resources Dec 9 2014: Discovery-of-Polymetallic-Boulders-by-Visible-Gold-Mines-i 2 Stellar AfricGold Nov 17 2014: Toco Gold Project, Quebec Toco Gold Project
  32. 32. The Berkwood Team George Gorzynski, CEO, President & Director Mr. Gorzynski has been a Director of the Company since March 10, 1997. He has over 20 years experience in all aspects of mineral exploration, evaluation and management, ranging from grassroots generative programs to mine geology. He received a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mineral Exploration) from the University of Toronto in 1978 and a Master of Applied Science (Economic Geology) from the University of British Columbia in 1986. He is a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of British Columbia. Shiraz (Raz) Hussein, CFO, Secretary & Director Mr. Hussein has been the Company's Chief Financial Officer since September 13, 1996 and Director since October 3, 1997. Mr. Hussein, is the founder of Razzle & Company, Management Group Inc., a private company which provides accounting, administrative and financial services to public companies engaged in mineral exploration and development. Mr. Hussein has over 20 years experience in financial reporting and administration of public companies having held positions of officer and director, and has been active in the venture capital markets. Brian V. Hall, Director Mr. Hall has been a Director of the Company since May 6, 2005. He is a professional geologist registered in the Province of British Columbia with degrees from the University of British Columbia (B.Sc. 1975) and University of Waterloo (M.Sc. 1978). He is a Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists and a Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada. He has over 40 years experience in global mineral exploration (North America, Asia, Europe and Africa) with a strong background in gold and volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits.
  33. 33. Future Plans Prospect Valley Gold Project (BC):  Expand the initial mineral resource.  Explore the Discovery Zones to depth in search of high grade bonanza gold horizon.  Carry out work on under explored portions of the large property package. Lac Guéret Extensions Graphite Project (Quebec):  Follow-up Geophysics and Field Prospecting of anomalies to define trenching and drilling targets.  Trenching and drilling to potentially definition of NI 43-101 mineral resources Toco Gold Project (Quebec):  Compilation work on the project and initial field work for the summer of 2015. Corporate:  Build a strong exploration team.  Expand promotional efforts.  New acquisitions
  34. 34. George Gorzynski, CEO & Director Investor Relations TSX.V BKR 6th Floor - 890 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1J9 Tel: +1 (604) 662-7455 Connect with us: BerkwoodBKR berkwood-resources-ltd BerkwoodResourcesBKR TSX.V BKR