All staff and members BAOT membership slides and notes 2011


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presentation slides for all COT staff and BAOT members to use to promote BAOT, recruit and retain members

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  • Complete own information as required:TitleDateLocation/eventpicture
  • 1932 The Scottish Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT) Also in 1932 BBC World Service begins broadcasting as the BBC Empire service, Mars bars are produced for the first time.1936 The Association of Occupational Therapists (AOT) is founded for England, Wales, Northern Ireland. 1948 the NHS is established and AOT and SAOT appoint representatives to the Whitley Council to negotiate national pay and conditions for NHS occupational therapists. 1974 BAOT formed from a merger of AOT and SAOT. The British Journal of Occupational Therapy is launched. 1978 BAOT becomes a registered trade union in line with members’ wishes and sets up the College of Occupational Therapists (COT), a registered charity, to deal with the professional, educational and research business of the organisation. 1993 BOAT members vote to contract with Unison for trade union services.
  • 32000 OT registrants in the UK HPC 24000 BAOT professional members
  • Indemnity limit: £5,000,000 any one claim and in the aggregate per member. Run off: Policy extends to provide cover in respect of previously insured retired and/or non-practising members subject to them maintaining membership of BAOT Full UNISON membership is automatic for BAOT Professional associate and student members. Exclusions are Overseas members, retired members and self employed members.Unique job posting on web/BJOT/OTnewsNew graduate networking events across UK, COT and Specialist Section events throughout the year, COT Conference in June (Brighton 2011/Glasgow 2012), regional lifelong learning events across the UK-see OTnews and website for detailsFree to members to download and view all COT publications, briefings and guidance documents cost to individual subscribers £3000+ t:020 7450 2330Aon help line on 0116 280 7036 Thesis loan and resource library services 9-5pm Mon-Fri at COT headquarters; enquiries, lit searches, photocopies etc.
  • Feature up to date new items and consultations*Twitter streamsEventsJob listings*Speaker to note current content that may be relevant to presentation
  • To register or find your BAOT local group contact: 020 7450 2343All BAOT events are listed on the BAOT website and/or promoted on twitter and facebook or in BJOT or OTnewsEncourage BAOT members to become BAOT/UNISON representative (steward) in their workplace or elect one. Contact Lee Roach for more details. They can also find out about becoming a Health and Safety rep, Learning rep of workplace contact if can’t make the step to become a representative. Stress the importance of representatives in ensuring the OT professions voice is heard during consultations with employers as well as raising the profile within the branch among other professions within UNISON and also BMA, CSP, RCN. Signpost to the videos and careers leaflets available online. Members can download video content to use as part of their presentation and contact COT front of house staff to request free leaflets to promote the profession (
  • Continuation from last slideList of member benefitsgive practical examples or highlight latest publications/briefings available to membersMention any themes or articles from recent OTnews/BJOT which may be of interest to the groupSignpost to the Ten Key Facts which provide the information and ‘script’ for talking to MP or commissioners about OT services
  • WFOT includes information on the professional associations, schools and licensing bodies overseasBAOT members eligible for membership (£20/yr)-forms available or contact BAOT membership on in profession around the world but not necessarily moving overseas: COTEC-Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries represents the profession in Europe www.cotec-europe.orgWFOT accreditation means graduates OT qualification is recognised by other WFOT member associations across the world and are eligible to apply to practice as an OT in a recognised country.VSO often interested in recruiting OTs to support initiatives across the globe and provide assistance for disaster relief
  • Exclusive practice guidanceNews and information, newsletters and e-newsNetworkingCPD /Professional development/HPC requirementsLearning eventsSpecialist Forums/Clinical Forums/ Regional GroupsFacilitate knowledge transferBuild capacity and knowledgeShare knowledge, information and best practiceInfluence, develop and support national policyLouise Cusack, Specialist Section Officer,
  • Remind about career break membership for one year discount if on maternity leave/caring for a family member/travel etc and tax relief on membershipDD monthly cost Professional Member £20.94Discounted Professional Member £15.70Associate Member £12.29Discounted Associate Member £9.20Self-employed Member £10.77Overseas* £9.12Retired Member £5.19Career Break membership £14.30Subscription fees for a professional member are £234.60. You are entitled to claim tax relief on 75% of this - £234.60 x 75% = £175.95 Your tax code will increase by 176 – meaning that you can earn another £176 before payingtax In other words, you will now no longer pay tax on £176 – at 20% tax, this saves you over £35per year (and, at 40%, it saves you over £70 per year).
  • Numerous films about OT and aspects of the profession including films on mental health and HPC auditTwitter stream from COT officers and Social Media Officer @baotcotFacebook-join conversations, answer questions, share your experiences of the profession and BAOT-quick response time from COT officersNew COT website-easy to navigate, login and view media and more features to come for members in 2011-12
  • Sign up to Highlight and find out what other email bulletins are available via the BAOTNew Graduate NetworkOTTAS for support workers*If speaker has different departmental e-bulletins, amend slide to include this
  • Always include speakers email/contact detailsThank the audience and close-(a closing slide can be added if needed but allow enough time for audience members to note down the contact details before changing slides)
  • All staff and members BAOT membership slides and notes 2011

    1. 1. Title Slide<br />
    2. 2. British Association/College of Occupational Therapists<br /><ul><li>Traces its roots to 1932
    3. 3. This same year the BBC launched the world service
    4. 4. Mars bars are produced for the first time
    5. 5. Supported the launch of the NHS in 1948</li></li></ul><li>What do the numbers say?<br />Currently 76% of UK OT s are BAOT members<br />Sign up a member today BAOT will be stronger with more members<br />
    6. 6. Why be a member of BAOT?<br />BAOT is the sole professional body for Occupational Therapists and OT staff<br />Indemnity insurance<br />CPD, Research and Development<br />Monthly Journal and Magazine<br />Full UNISON membership<br />Members only Jobs Board<br />Networking and events<br />Policy and Practice Documents<br />Professional Enquiries phone line<br />Library<br />And more...<br />
    7. 7. BAOT Website<br /> <br />The BAOT website contains information developed specifically for new graduates on; finding your first OT job, working overseas, local groups and regional committees, networking, CPD and career development, research and promoting the profession, all COT publications free to download <br />
    8. 8. How you can link into your BAOT community<br />BAOT Regional and local groups<br />BAOT networking events<br />Study days, conferences, events and exhibitions<br />Your UNISON branch<br />OT career promotion at a local school and OT week<br />
    9. 9. COT Library and information service<br />OTnews and BJOT<br />Dedicated Professional Enquiries line<br />Free Publications for members only<br />BAOT/Unison Stewards<br />Lobby your MP and local government<br />
    10. 10. WFOT and Affiliations<br />All UK OT programmes are recognised by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists<br /><br />BAOT affiliations with other international bodies<br />International awards and bursaries<br />International OT Conferences<br />Volunteer opportunities<br /><br />
    11. 11. Specialist Sections are BAOT member groups of Occupational Therapists and support staff with a common practice interest. <br /> They are known as a Branch of the College of Occupational Therapists<br />
    12. 12. Helping you make the most of your membership<br />BAOT discount- 25% off annual fee for first time joiners<br />Tax Relief- 75% 2007/08 onwards<br />Career Break membership- one year reduced rate<br />HPC discount- 50% off registration fees first two years after graduation<br />
    13. 13. Connect with your online Community<br />Visit the website at:<br />Follow BAOT/COT on Twitter at:<br />Become a fan of BAOT/COT on Facebook at:<br />See our promotional films on YouTube at:<br /><br />
    14. 14. E-Bulletins<br />To ensure you keep up to date with BAOT news and relevant information just for you. Why not sign up to one of our e-bulletins, Highlight for general information, OTTAS for support workers and New Graduate e-bulletins provide news, events and much more, straight to your inbox every month. <br />To register contact:<br /> Olivia Lokko<br /> Membership Development<br /> Team Secretary<br /><br />
    15. 15. Answering questions after today?<br />Membership admin<br /><br />Professional Enquiries<br /><br />Membership Development Team<br /><br />