Sexiness in China


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  • Sexiness in China

    2. INTRODUCTION Being sexy is not just about girls sporting skimpy outfits. We notice that as young people become more open about sex, their ideas about what is sexy evolve as well. We asked youth from around China to introduce us to what they find sexy.
    3. I think Shanghai is the sexiest city. Shanghai is a modern city which is just like a sexy young lady, while Beijing is a different story., All the old stories and historical architecture make Beijing mysterious and mature, it’s like a middle-aged woman emitting the charm of maturity. – Sunny, 25, female, Shanghai
    4. China's Top 10 Sexiest Cities The survey polled 6,600 people between the ages of 18-60 across 30 cities in China, by Horizon Research Consultancy Group . 17.3% respondents ranked Shanghai number one because of the city’s metropolitan style, prosperity, famous landmarks and being able to hold many big events like the 2010 World Expo.
    5. What makes a city sexy? Shanghai - modern cosmopolitan city, strong economy Hong Kong – celebrities, foreign influence Chongqing – beautiful girls Beijing – capital city, history and culture Guangzhou – open-minded, easy to accept new things Shenzhen – special economic zone, opening up Hangzhou – beautiful West Lake, pleasant climate, pretty girls Sanya – charming beaches, sub-tropical scene Dalian – beautiful surroundings Macao – gambling city, rich night life
    6. Consumers tell: what youth find sexy <ul><li>Being sexy has nothing to do with skin or sex. I think a woman who knows how to enjoy life is very sexy. I like to treat myself to a nice, relaxing spa or a cocktail with friends after a long week at work. I don’t really have a sexy body but when I look into the mirror, I truly feel good about myself. </li></ul><ul><li>Rita, 24, female, Shanghai </li></ul><ul><li>Collage from The Bergstrom’s Group’s original research </li></ul>
    7. For me, sexiness is beyond words. It has few things to do with sensory stimulation. A word, a language or eye contact can be sexy too! I think South America is sexy. People from Columbia, Cuba and Argentina speak a sexy language and their passion for life makes them sexy. Every time I see flamenco, I can’t help saying ‘wow, that’s so sexy and tasty!’ - Vicky, 21, female, Beijing To me, sexiness is a state of mind. I think I’m sexy because I feel confident about my body and my appearance. If you think you are sexy, people around you can definitely feel it. I know how to make full use of my assets and promote them by dressing up. - Xi, 22, female, Beijing
    8. How youth represents sexy, Chinese style The incorporation of Chinese elements – lotus flowers, embroidery, references to blue and white porcelain, by young fashion student friends in Inner Mongolia.
    9. Sexy Avatars We interpret it as a mix of sexuality becoming more acceptable and youth’s ongoing reliance on the Internet as a safe place to experiment with identity.
    10. I have changed my Renren avatar 86 times since 2008, the year I joined It’s a way to get my friends’ attention, and also a way to show people and myself how I have changed physically. Plus, I don’t like to see one picture for long. - Genie, 20, female, Nanjing (via Rugao)
    11. How do perceptions of sexiness effect branding? What is acceptably sexy to Chinese youth may not be the same as what is embraced outside China – or even what was acceptable in China a year ago. The findings speak to Chinese youth’s changing respect for celebrities, their awareness of those around them and their increased expectations regarding creativity.
    12. (Taiwanese superstar) Little S’ seductive postures and close-ups of her low-cut-top are almost inappropriate for minors, not appropriate for men either if your girlfriend is with you. I think she is too flirtatious in this ad, but easily draws the audience’s attention. - Nothing, 24, male, Suzhou I’m pretty tired of this. In this ad, she is swaying her hips from the beginning to the end. It’s unclear to me what the company wants to sell. It seems like everything on her body could be a point of sale. - Cynthia, 24, female, Shanghai 3 denim brands: #1: BRAPPERS
    13. #2: LEVI'S This group of young beauties dancing behind the windows of a building attracts passers-by’s attention. The slogan ‘Did you read our hips?’ reveals Levi’s two emphases – the meaning of the word hip as in butts and as in trends. This is a brilliant sexy jeans ad without being too hot or overly conservative. - Michael , 26 , male, Nantong
    14. This ad’s focus is on the fingers and pockets. I don’t think jeans ads necessarily have to be sexy. Close-up of the model’s fingers is an awesome idea since so many brands are using sexy models to attract an audience. Jasonwood presents a young and optimistic lifestyle. I would be interested in trying that. - Kiki, 24, female, Shanghai via Changzhou Honestly, I don’t see any special points in the Jasonwood’s advertisement. It is dry and boring, like a copy of an iPod campaign. - Eric, 24, male, Shanghai #3: JASONWOOD
    15. Openness to sexuality creates new markets Amy’s Bedroom is a female-owned sex shop in Shanghai’s French Concession district designed to appeal to a younger, more fashionable clientele. As Chinese youth become more open-minded about sex, Amy’s Bedroom welcomes more and more local customers. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If a toy can make us happier, why don’t we get one? - Kevin, 26, male, Shanghai
    16. ABOUT US ..
    17. <ul><ul><li>OUR STORY </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Established in 2006, The Bergstrom Group has developed a reputation for providing vivid customer immersions for brands and agencies. We began our commitment to China by focusing on youth and have since broadened our scope to include women across lower tier to tier one. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Based in Shanghai, our on-the-ground team of subject matter experts, researchers, trendspotters and photographers is dedicated to telling the story of new China in a way that is both authentic and actionable. </li></ul></ul>
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