Pushing Premiums Trends in Hotels, Wines, and Retail


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As Chinese consumers become more accustomed to the idea of luxury, they are looking for a deeper, more personal connection to specific brands and experiences.

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Pushing Premiums Trends in Hotels, Wines, and Retail

  1. 1. Pushing Premium Trends In Hotels, Wines, and Retail! www.thebergstromgroup.com!
  2. 2. As Chinese consumers become more accustomed to the idea ofluxury, they are looking for a deeper, more personal connection tospecific brands and experiences. Consumers are no longersatisfied with run of the mill luxury; they are looking for somethingunique that incorporates specific values that accompany a higherclassed lifestyle. !!
  3. 3. CHANGING PERCEPTIONS !   Younger generation dislikes how Louis Vuitton is so widely accessible now, stating that “even a housekeeper” can buy an LV purse! !   Louis Vuitton’s popularity is faltering amongst the younger generation, who favor less well- known, less widely accessible luxury brands! !   Read our original post here
  4. 4. BILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKERS                   !   Wealthy billionaires have hired a third party group to help them find the perfect wife: “high-caliber mothers of the second generation of the rich” ! !   Recruiters evaluate female applicants for education level, natural appearance, and personality! !   Read our original post here
  5. 5. Brands RespondLuxury hotels look for ways to reinvent what it means to live in luxury… !
  6. 6. LOCAL TASTES + INT’L STANDARDS                   !   Luxury hotels attract a new segment by combining traditional Chinese culture with contemporary lifestyle and technology! ! Ahn Luh Dujiangyan in Chengdu offers a tai chi center, dim sum breakfasts, regional goods in the boutique, and traditional Chinese medicine! !   Read our original post here!
  7. 7. LAMBORGHINI BOUTIQUE HOTELS                   !   The first Lamorghini family owned luxury boutique hotel comes to Suzhou! !   The hotel doesn’t match up with many expectations for a “Lamborghini” hotel! !   Read our original post here
  8. 8. TRENDSPOTTERS IMAGINE…!   It must be a car-themed hotel. I would expect them offering free one-day Lamborghini car drive experiences in the city. Having a car-shaped bed and color theme (yellow and black) in the room would be nice too. - Eric, 25, male!!   I would imagine a Lamborghini hotel would be a boutique, smaller sized hotel. There wouldnt be a reception counter. Instead, reception desk staff would check customers in one-on-one with an iPad. They should avoid being similar to a standard five-star hotel. A discounted rate for renting Lamborghini would be good and free Lamborghini cars could also be offered for wedding usage in the hotel. - Jenny, 38, female!
  9. 9. Affordable Luxury Brands understand that consumers want toincorporate the concept of luxury in their daily lives’, but without paying a hefty price. Some brands push premium into unexpected places and categories.!
  10. 10. PREMIUM IN MESSAGES IN CONVENIENCE STORES                     !   For food and beverage, quality means more than surface appeal, there is a price on safety! !   Read our original post here
  11. 11. ONLINE WINE COMMUNITIES !   Part exclusive social network, part online shopping site, TasteV encourages members to explore and learn about different types of affordable wines. The invite-only membership takes part in selecting the inventory for the site. Their selections come from evaluating those chosen by sommeliers and vintners! !   Read our original post here
  12. 12. Who We Are www.thebergstromgroup.com!
  13. 13. OUR STORY Established in 2006, The Bergstrom Group has developed a reputation for providing vivid customer immersions for brands and agencies. We began our commitment to China by focusing on young consumers.! Based in Shanghai but spread across China, our on-the-ground team of subject matter experts, researchers, trendspotters and creatives is dedicated to telling the story of new China in a way that is both authentic and actionable. !
  14. 14. Thought Leadership All Eyes East: ! Lessons from the Front Lines of Marketing to China’s Youth ! by founder, Mary Bergstrom! ! + Foreword by Chairman of Omnicom China! + Commentary from leaders at GM, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Converse, Li Ning, JWT, Interbrand, etc.! + Nominated for Marketing Book of the Quarter, Executive Programme by Expert Marketeer"
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