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Al Bergeron of Bergeron Creative Studios on Branding Process

Creategy™ Definition
CREATEGY™ (krê´ a´ te jê) n. [< E create, to start something different < E strategy, the science of planning and direction] is a strategic planning system by which the marketing process and the creative process are integrated in a manner that produce big ideas for branding programs that achieve measurable results.

Creategy™ Process
1. Ideas that Differentiate Stand for Something
We immerse ourselves in your culture, competition and industry trends to identify key factors that differentiate you from your competition, and make you the only choice for prospects.

2. Ideas that Innovate Think Radically Different
We explore compelling concepts, looking for those really big ideas to emerge that will flow and adapt to market changes, competitive responses and target audience preferences.

3. Ideas that Integrate Start a Conversation
We develop an integration blueprint that maps prospect touchpoints into a web-centric program, utilizing print, interactive, and social media to engage your target audience in a dialog.

4. Ideas that Communicate Stay Two Steps Ahead
Big believers in a launch strategy, we also think that rigid planning calls for too many compromises. By remaining flexible we can respond to unexpected opportunities more effectively.

5. Ideas that Validate Actions Speak Louder
Metrics is a key component to any serious branding initiative. By predetermining touchpoint benchmarks, we can determine campaign effectiveness by gathering and analyzing behavioral data.

6. Ideas that Cultivate Room to Grow
We apply forward thinking, by pursuing innovative ideas that maintain campaign momentum by constantly improving your ability to attract and engage prospects based on their behavior.

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