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Eritrea profile-2012-02-11

  1. 1. Vol 18. No. 99 Saturday,11th of February, 2012 Pages 8, Price 1.50 NFA Eritrean nationals residing in France voice determination to reinforce national rebuff At a meeting they conducted, Eritrean nationals residing in France condemned the unjust US instigated sanctions resolution against Eritrea and expressed determination to reinforce the national rebuff. They also voiced resolve to back up the effective implementation of development programs in the Homeland. The Eritrean Ambassador to France, Mr. Fasil Gebreselasie, gave extensive briefings regarding the objective situation in the Homeland and the world at large, as well as the ongoing development drive. He expressed conviction that enemy conspiracies against Eritrea would be rebuffed as ever. Mr. Fasil further called on the nationals to strengthen their unity and enhance participation in the nation-building process. Operation Fenkil commemoration celebrations get underway The 22nd Anniversary of Operation Fenkil commemoration celebrations under the theme “Fenkil: Gateway to Liberation and Progress” got underway in Massawa yesterday 10th of February 2012. Mr. AlAmin Mohammed Seid opened the celebrations. The exhibitions by different government institutions, Information and Agitation section of the Defence Ministry and the Eritrean Naval Force depict the progress that Massawa city has attained, the ongoing construction activities, infrastructure and social undertakings, among others. The exhibition which will stay open until Sunday includes sculpture, painting and photographs. Meanwhile, Salina Offensive of 1977 was marked in connection with the 22nd commemoration celebrations of Operation Fenkil at Salina Martyrs’ Monument in which a number of students, parents and others participated. The living freedom fighters, who took part in the offensive, said that Salina amply demonstrated the steadfastness, commitment and endurance of the gallant EPLF freedom fighters. Recalling the demanding circumstances during the battle fought 35 years ago, Freedom Fighter Tesfa Yihdego, said that the price paid in that moment was consummated in the historic Operation Fenkil. He also said that the current commemoration event is aimed at bequeathing the heroic exploits of the battle to youths. Likewise, Col. Birhane Asefa explained that Salina was a strategic offensive that opened the gate for total liberation. He further called on the present generation of youths to preserve such a great legacy and reinforce contribution towards building a prosperous nation. Students Mikal Semere and Saimon Solomon said on their part that they take pride in the heroic exploits of the freedom fighters and pledged to live up to the trust of Eritrean nationals residing in Vancouver City hold rebuff meeting In a rebuff meeting that Eritrean nationals residing in Vancouver, Canada, conducted, they expressed readiness to reinforce the development drive in the Homeland. The participants of the meeting discussed the objective situation in the nation and voiced determination to rebuff enemy conspiracies, besides enhancing contribution to national development endeavors. In briefings he gave at the meeting, the head of public affairs, Mr. Semere Gebremariam, indicated that strong organization and dedication are the main factors towards foiling enemy hostilities, and called on Eritrean nationals in the City to further strengthen their unity. martyrs. Songs, poems and drama highlighting the Salina Offensive were staged at the commemoration event. Eritreans living in UK conduct seminar Eritreans living in London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities conducted seminar on 5 February 2012. Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Osman Saleh, Foreign Minister, explained that the nation is establishing firm relations with different countries in the domains of trade and investment for mutual benefit. He further reminded Eritrean families to shoulder responsibility as social agents in nurturing Eritrean values and nationalism among the youth. Also speaking at the seminar, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, explained the objective situation in the Homeland and the region. He pointed out that at a time when the people and Government of Eritrea are registering remarkable economic and development activities on the basis of firm unity; the frustration of enemy quarters is on the rise. Under such circumstances, the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad are determined to reinforce the national rebuff. Mr. Yemane further explained that in order to attain higher level of development the main programs for 2012 and beyond focus on strengthening the national economy, enhancing diplomatic activities, and called on all nationals to reinforce their organization and participation in national development endeavors. The participants of the seminar reiterated their resolve to reinforce the national rebuff standing alongside fellow citizens and the Government and thus live up to expectations. Fenkil: Gateway To Liberty And Progress
  2. 2. Eritrea Profile, Saturday 11th of February, 2012 2 “Food Security Is An Immediate Concern. We Need To Go Beyond It – We Need To Be Far More Effective Beyond Self-Sufficiency:” President Isaias Afewerki On the occasion of the New Year, His excellency President Isaias Afwerki conducted an extensive interview with the local media from the 27th to 30th of December, 2011, regarding global, regional as well as local issues. Thirteenth and final part of the interview follows: national duty. But of course the youth need to be well organized and know what is needed of them. Even if we look at our military, it is not recruitment or becoming a mercenary. It is like a culture here. But not something that you want to buckle up and seek for war, rather it is a national duty. It is a thing that Mr. President, How do you assess the political activities undertaken thus far in terms of nurturing well organized and compatible youth? What plans have been set forth for the times to come? And it would be insightful if you could tell us programs made to reinforce participation of women in similar manner? The recently conducted youth conference had discussed various topics regarding organization, contribution, productivity and so on. It wouldn’t be far from the fact to say that the youth encompass majority of the population statistically. If we look at our 30 years of freedom struggle for instance, the leading force behind it was the youth. It is basically their responsibility to contribute to their people whenever there is a call for every national never expects an order from his superiors or execute their tasks for monetary benefits. But then again, such values emanate from the awareness of the population. The youth should be well aware of these values and raise their understanding in accordance. What we are calling here popular awareness is also a part and parcel of other national duties such as education, health, public works, agriculture, as well as the national rebuff. Awareness is the core ingredient in this case and that is why we need to promote the educational domain. If the youth is to be productive, it requires awareness to nurture this value. What are the states of affairs the youths are living in? What are the challenges they need to overcome? What should be the qualities they need to be equipped with? These are the questions which need to Published Every Saturday & Wednesday Managing Director Azzazi Zeremariam Acting Editor Amanuel Mesfun P.O.Box: 247 Tel: 11-41-14 Fax: 12-77-49 E-mail: Advertisement: 12-50-13 Layout Samrawit Ghide be answered through raising the awareness. Unremitting efforts should be exerted to intensify the knowledge of the youths. Someone with the required skills or knowledge should be responsible in transferring their know-how to the young generation. We cannot simply sit and let them learn from their own mistakes. But either ways, the knowledge of the youth is the primary issue which should be worked upon and that is when we start working on their organization. There are various organizations such as the NUEYS, NUEW, NCEW and of course the population within the country and abroad has been organized into communities. But the youths should be the active players in the respective organizations because awareness alone could not guarantee the intended goal. Especially at this particular juncture in our history, the questions our organizations rely upon are what are our challenges and chances? What choices do we have? How do we achieve efficiency of our plans? And the founding question is, how do we organize nationals within the country and the rest of the world for a common goal? What comes afterwards is how well the youth are equipped. Knowledge is a tool, skill is a tool and of course accessibility of the needed technology is a tool. Indeed, there exist clashing situations. The people’s capacity for all rounded rebuff is heightening. The people are well aware of the ordeals being tailored to torment Eritrea. We are rather doing well and growing stronger by the day. But what should the youth do at times like this? And various other related inquiries do also exist. Hence, efforts should be reinforced to nourish the knowledge and understanding of the youth. Personally, I have been to various places and the performance of women is outstanding. It is by far a commendable fact to see women active in various sectors including social, cultural, political, diplomatic and various others. But of course it shouldn’t be confined there. At one time, the women were enrolled in machinery education in Sawa and their performance was similar with their male counterparts. But we don’t see them anymore and their enrolment in the field faded. This should be addressed appropriately. There shouldn’t be any excuse to expel them from education. They are equally capable of undertaking any national duty. They even qualify more than the males in some particular duties. In a nut shell, when we say the youth, they are found in all fields. It is a cross-section which needs to be interrelated with the activities of other organizations. The Nakfa conference was a transition for further growth. And it has been scheduled to hold an even bigger conference in summer 2012. The Nakfa conference might be a good step for a big breakthrough in the issue of the youth. To clarify about those young citizens who left the country for different reasons want to come back home. However, such young people fear about what may happen to them when they return home. Can you give us a tangible answer, Mr. President, just so they can hear it from your words and avoid any uncertainties? What assistance should the Eritrean missions abroad provide these youngsters? The government is saying that they can come back but they have concerns that there might be some inconsideration from some junior officials and fear arrest upon their return. So, taking all this into perspective, what can you say to them? Empty promises don’t count. Anyone who really wants to come back can have his/her papers registered and do so. Nobody here has the authority to arrest or punish them in any way. May be one can reprimand them or there could be some belittling and similar attitudes, but the majority of the population is civilized enough to resort into such acts. Under any circumstances, no harm will befall upon those willing to return home. On the contrary, what I am more worried about is what they are going to do here? I think that’s the main challenge. There were those who were deported from Egypt last time. They should have been given an orientation but instead they were all sent back to their respective units, where different measures might be taken against them. They should have been asked how they went or why or who put them up to it? And then properly welcomed and instructed on what and how to do things so they can lead a normal life. I am sure that with time the number of returnees will increase. There can still be some doubtful regardless of the hopes or promises given to them, and they can only be told to take time until all their doubts are cleared. But Mr. President, wouldn’t you think a proclamation would give more guarantee? We have not been in the habit of issuing proclamations. Even if we did, what would be its primary purpose? To give them security? To legalize the matter? To give them a peace of mind? What about security? I don’t think it’s a problem. A proclamation can be issued. And what do you suggest they should do there until they return? Well, if you are planning to stay longer, I would say you should be able to save 10-15 thousand dollars a year. You need to work hard to save such an amount. You need to have a sense of purpose to do that. You might say “I will work for a year or two, skipping even lunch and dinners, and save some money and go back home,” If this is your target, you need to be focused to hit that target. That way, upon return you can build a home and start a family. Continued On Page 3
  3. 3. Eritrea Profile, Saturday 11th of February, 2012 3 “Food Security Is An Immediate Concern. We Need To Go Beyond It – We Need To Be Far . . . Continued From Page 2 But the question remains how much can you really save in the expensive living standards. It’s a great thing if one can save up to 20 thousand dollars in a year, provided of course, he has a good job. Saving could be hard for those working in the Middle East. There, you can’t afford your own house and are forced to share rooms with 4-5 others. On top of that, food items are expensive and, with expenses on clothing and other accessories, you’re hardly left with any money to save. Anyways, no matter how big or small your income is, you need to set a certain amount for savings. Excellency, it is now a widely acclaimed fact that no party, in whatsoever number of elections, can defeat the People’s Front. There are comments suggesting that the Eritrean government should hold elections just to stop those quarters that are using the absence of elections as a tool of attacking or accusing Eritrea. What do you say to this? We are in a war situation due to the multi-dimensional warfare imposed upon us for the last 14 years. As I said earlier, we are not in the habit of making proclamations, but there have been long-standing suggestions that we should declare a ‘state of emergency.’ We didn’t want to blow the case out of proportion. We know very well we are in a war situation and since such a situation has its rules and regulations, we are forced to stand by them. We have knowingly suspended some undertakings because going ahead with them would have only worsened the situation. Then there are those issues pertaining to elections and others. We refuse to be involved in such public relations stunts. “They are saying this so we should do that to please them!” There is no such a thing. Elections are not the priority of our existing situation: we know what we are doing and we will never be a part of any Public Relations gimmick. In your address at the 20th Independence Day Anniversary, you had defined independence as an evolving process. I will ask you a two-dimensional question Mr. President: do you feel any remorse at not having accomplished any of the projections made to lay strong foundations for true independence on one hand? And which, if any, makes you proud, on the other? Well, this can be looked at from different perspectives. When we said we wanted to build friendships with the peoples of Ethiopia, Africa or the world; that only makes us proud and not feel any sense of regret. But when that goodwill meets misperception, you grow more determined and stop being naïve. It is something unparalleled for our independence and sovereignty, amid all the challenges, to get to its present status. But at times, you stop and ponder on whether all the hindrances were in fact really necessary. One of the gratifying things is to be able to do whatever it is you want to do. But that’s not easy. To want is one thing, and to do it is quite another. So if you ask me, such things could be a nuisance. You think about the lost opportunities. Let’s look at the Horn of Africa for instance. If one were to look at the map and identify each chain of events in the past 20 or more years, one would say “was all this really necessary?” But on the other hand, would this people have become as strong and determined if all those things didn’t happen? It was that scenario that resulted in the high level of awareness that people at home and abroad have gathered or this same people’s determination to build its country and preserve it sovereignty. Whether the people really needed it or not it’s another question but it did boost its might. So, like I said, you can look at it from two perspectives. I always say that ‘if you want to live longer, then you should never worry.’ Eritreans as a people never worry; they are always optimistic and hoping for the best. They have very enlightened values and never retreat when faced with obstacles. One could wonder “where would have Eritreans reached, had everything turned out the way they wanted?” But in general, Eritreans are really a very strong people. Mr. President, you seem to regard the term “dignity” with great respect. How would you define it within the context of the people and the government? Dignity is not a big thing really. It is something that begins from oneself. And you should not only respect yourself but others as well. That’s something that has been in existence for centuries. And it becomes significant when it gets adopted like a national value or taken up as civilization; not only for us but for other people as well. The Somali people for example are a dignified people because of their self-respect and the respect they have for others. They don’t deserve the famine and humiliation they are facing at present. If I am to talk about Eritreans, it’s a value that we have been a part of for long. Therefore, yes the Eritrea people are a dignified people. I don’t believe the term or concept of dignity stands only for one character or nature. I associate dignity with the people. The majority of the people knows and has dignity. It’s not easy to nurture such a culture. What is of concern is however the African dehumanization. One thing that colonization left on Africans is the downgrading of oneself, which is something that has never been witnessed among our people. There could be a few exceptions but dignity in this nation stands for country, people, civilization and resistance. Personally, I would say that dignity in this country exists in its highest standard than anywhere else. In the end, Mr. President, on the occasion of the New Year 2012, we would like to give you an opportunity to extend your good wishes to Eritreans at home and abroad and their Defense Forces... I hope and I am confident that we will work hard to reach a higher stage in 2012. What we have registered in 2011 is not also simple, but we need to work more and harder. But the driving force is always the people. When I welcome the New Year, I do so knowing what the Eritrean people can do. I wish for the Eritrean people to achieve the true reward of its hard work and sacrifices. I also wish that the New Year we are beginning with hopes, we also get to finish it with even higher hopes. And I have no doubts we will. Once again Happy New Year Mr. President and thank you!
  4. 4. Eritrea Profile, Saturday 11th of February, 2012 4 Local News Inhabitants call on concerned body to build fences for BelewKelew historical site The inhabitants of Senafe subzone have called on the concerned body to build fences for BelewKelew historical site. Pointing out that Belew-Kelew is one of the county’s ancient historical sites, Mr. Beyene Abraham, called on the Eritrean National Museum to reinforce endeavors to preserve historical artifacts and places. Merigeta Kifle Gebreselasie indicated that efforts have been made to enhance public awareness regarding the preservation of historical artifacts. Beyene Abraha, a clerk, equally explained that Senafe sub-zone, a center of historical heritage, has been visited by a number of local and foreign tourists. The historical Belew-Kelew site is located 2 Km. south of Senafe town, and is one of the places expected to be registered in the World Heritage List. Community-based forestation activities in Central region making good progress schemes, besides the digging of holes for the plantation of trees. Reports indicated that the participation of the public in the forestation activities has been commendable. The Administrator of the Central region, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, stressed that effective work plan and follow-up are vital components of the program, and reminded the public to take proper care of the tree seedlings thus planted. DAYS OF OPERA TION Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun Notice Mrs. Rawya Mahmud Seid presented a statement of claim to the effect that the Court should give her a decree of divorce, for her husband, Mr. Rajew Bisker Korista, has not supplied her with proper maintenance, and so forth. Therefore, the defendant, Mr. Rajew Bisker Korista, is hereby summoned to appear in person, or through an agent, at the Asmara Sheria Court on 22/02/2012, and that Court will proceed with his case in his absence where he, or his agent, fails to appear on that date. SECTOR FL NO. T. DEP. ARR. Round Trip fares inclusive of taxes B8-374 10:10 19:40 B8-375 20:40 02:25 • 34" Seat pitch in economy and 50" Seat pitch in business class. • Buy one and get one free ticket in business class.** • One free ticket on purchase of every 15 return tickets. ** • 40 kg baggage allowance for economy & 50 kg for business class. • 50% diplomatic discount for diplomats.** For bookings contact: : +291 1 124111, E-mail: : +291 1 125501 /125500, E-mail: *Subject to change without prior notice. ** Conditions Apply At an annual assessment meeting held on February 7 at the Asmara Municipality Hall, it was disclosed that communitybased forestation activities in the Central region are making good progress. According to reports, eucalyptus tree seedlings of, palm trees and jacaranda, among others; have been planted, in addition to renovation and construction of terraces and water diversion
  5. 5. Eritrea Profile, Saturday 11th of February, 2012 5 State Of Agriculture In Denkalia Region Tesfahans Isaak The concept of modern agriculture hopes an inspiration for the use of irrigation in the Denkalia Region. The motive for this good start of agricultural activity thus is going well in this region during its first steps. With the aim of introducing various ongoing practices designed to improve the quality of rural life, as Eritrea’s best regards, there lays a platform for the inhabitants of the Denkalia region to extend their strives towards the resurrection of agricultural activities. Despite the fact that agriculture has been hardly experienced in the Denkalia Region, the virgin land is now identified for its abundance in underground water and soil fertility. The whole region had been best renowned for its volcano-burned soil types and hot temperatures; above all, the type of water throughout the region was generalized to have been hard water which is not suitable for rendering agriculture. For this reason, agriculture was not common among the inhabitants, but they are good at herding livestock. They practice nomadic ways of life wandering from place to place in search of grass and water for their flocks of animals. Their herding includes goats, sheep and cattle to their lesser extent. To date, everywhere you go through the entire region, you find five to six pilot projects of agricultural practice with encouraging soil fertility and presence of pure water for irrigation. All sorts of crops, fruits and vegetables are being witnessed to be the region’s best seeds and pips. Such kinds of preliminary irrigation activities have started to prove that the region’s volcanic or alluvial soils that previously believed unfertile are especially productive. All in all, throughout the Denakil area of hot temperatures and burned soil, the origins of soils-perhaps from volcanic action or from materials carried by streams- -must be more important for the better enhancement of agricultural developments. To this juncture, some indigenous wild forest, mainly the palm trees divulge the region’s soil fertility and the existence of abundant underground water. As palm trees are overwhelmingly tropical in distribution, they are found in the region in abundance, especially along the river lines of sand soil. They occur there in habituated ranging from deserts to mangrove swamps of the Eritrean Red Sea coastlines. Their distribution in the whole region, however, is uneven. Nevertheless, it is the region’s dominant types of tree all along the distance from the village of Harsille, Abo-Kliema through Ga’ero to Rehaita. Besides they are important sources of foods, palm trees are sources of useful fibers. The Denakil native palm trees are the best source of Doma [a traditional drink of the Afar people]. This drink is made from the tree’s sap as one kind of beverage. The Doma traditional drink is believed by the native people to be good body temperature regulator relating to the changes of weather in the environs. A palm tree is therefore a multipurpose plant to the afar people for it sometimes transforms them form seasons of famine to Afar land, some from Djibouti, and others from Somalia and many for the surrounding just for the purpose of feeding themselves on the palm good harvests. I recall the other days, in the second week of January, 2012, that we conducted development activities in the Southern Red Sea Region, an elderly man told us the inhabitants of the Abo village are gathered from different parts of the products. The people witness that the palm fruits are best foods of theirs as the flashy part of the fruits contain all sorts of food nutrients like proteins and minerals. Leaf stalks are used for basketry and wickerwork, leaves are woven into bags and mats, and fiber from both is made into cordage. Special carpets and huts could also be made with the help of these palm tree leaves. The spreading palm fronds create sufficient shade to enable the cultivation of other crops. Cattle also feed on these fronds and fruits of the palm trees. With the heat resistant nature of the palm tree in general, we observed an encouraging investment initiations on Date palms with the prospect of good results in the near future, during our stay in the region. Around 400 Date palms are planted so far at Abo on a fertile land of not more than half-a-meter deep underground water. The date palms are treated with the help of irrigation system only until they get their roots grew to about half-a-meter. Since then onwards, the date palms will absorb as much water as they need through their roosts from the rich underground water. All the surrounding is not only rich in the underground water but also the type of water is pure which is very important for all sorts of crops and vegetables. Apart from the growing investment endeavors being carried out on the plantation of date palms, diversified irrigation activities are also initiated with great enthusiasm by individual farmers. Every were around the village we happen to encounter farmers looking after their gardens and once we contacted them about the general conditions of their activities we could understand one fundamental common problem, lack of pesticide provisions. The introduction of modern agriculture in the region is on the threshold of clear line despite some problems in agricultural extension assistances. But all in all the region’s agricultural activities are moving in a good pace.
  6. 6. Eritrea Profile, Saturday 11th of February, 2012 6 Football and English are two international languages that are understood all over the world. This Premier Skills story can help you with both of these world languages. Newcastle United It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fanatic or you know nothing about the beautiful game – there will be something interesting here for you. There are 20 stories in the series – one for each Barclays Premier League club . Each story has activities written by English teachers to help you learn. A DIFFERENT ENGLISH Newcastle United 1. If you played football in a foreign country, would you learn the language? Can you imagine if you had to understand a special accent as well? Newcastle United’s overseas players have to understand a famous English accent called Geordie. Geordie is the kind of English that people speak in Newcastle. In Newcastle’s regional accent, people say some vowel sounds differently: ‘house’ is pronounced ‘hoose’, and ‘town’ is ‘toon’. Established: 1892 Home: St. James Park Capacity: 53,387 Nickname: The Magpies Colours: Black and white stripes ACTIVITY 3 Complete the sentences with the words from the crossword. a) India and the USA are the wor ld’s largest ____________ countries. b) I’ve got an Australian ______ ______, because I was born in Sydney. c) What does the ____________ ‘Howay the lads!’ mean? 4. Has Newcastle United always had foreign players? Newcastle United was one of the first major English clubs to sign overseas players back in the 1950’s, when Chilean George Robledo joined the club. Other Newcastle stars have included French winger David Ginola, and Colombian striker, Faustino Asprilla. Now, nearly half of the squad are not from English speaking countries. They don’t need to speak fluent English, but they need to be able to be able to communicate on the pitch. And off the pitch, they need a good understanding of Geordie as well. 2. Is it easy to learn Geordie? Paolo, a Brazilian student at Newcastle University thinks so. “I found it hard at first to speak to local people, because I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I’m learning Geordie in the same way I learned English – by listening to the way people pronounce words, and by talking to people as much as I can. And my girlfriend is from Newcastle, so I’m getting better at understanding Geordie, especially now that I’m a member of the ‘Toon Army’. 3. What does the phrase ‘Toon Army’ mean? Paolo explains: “It’s what we Newcastle United fans call ourselves. And when we’re watching a Newcastle United game, we all shout ‘Howay the lads!’ ‘Howay’ is a Geordie word meaning ‘Come on’, and ‘lads’ means ‘boys’. There’s even a big sign at the ground saying ‘Howay the lads’. The stadium where Newcastle play, St James’ Park, is right in the centre of the city. People shopping in the city centre know when Newcastle score because they hear the cheers from the thousands of supporters inside the stadium! by Keith Hackett and Paul Trevillion Copyright Guardian News & Media Ltd 2009. ACTIVITY 4 What different regional accents are there in your country? In which parts of the country can you hear these accents? Email us at and let us know. Find out more. Use the internet to find where these accents are used. Cockney Brummie Scouse ACTIVITY 2 1 3 4 h. regional g. speak f. fluent e. vowel d. pronounce a. English speaking Across 5. Regional 7. English Speaking 8. Phrase Activity 3 Activity 2 7 c. phrase b. accent 8 6. Talk (paragraph 2) Learn more at KEY 6 Down 1. Accent 5 Down 2. Pronounce R 3. Vowel 2 4. Fluent P 6. Speak 5. Describing something from an area (paragraph 1) 7. Describing a place where English is a main language (paragraph 4; _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) 8. Two or more words together (paragraph 3) Use common sense. If there is no colour clash with any other players on the pitch, there is no reason to intervene. Refereeing expert Keith Hackett adds: You are paid to make sensible decisions. Instead of stopping the game unnecessarily, allow either a blue or white undershirt to be worn. Across The home side are wearing blue-and-white shirts, with one sleeve blue and one sleeve white. But halfway through, you realise the undershirt worn by their star midfielder is illegal because of the colour of the sleeves: Law 4 says that any undershirt should be the same colour as the sleeve above it. What action do you take? e learning. The text contains several words and phrases connected with languag the text. We have given you some letters to help. Complete the crossword with words from 3. Sound or letter like a, e, i o, or u (paragraph 1) 4. Able to speak a language well (paragraph 4) YOU ARE THE REF 5. So is Geordie English OK? Paolo: “When I got to Newcastle, I was surprised, because the English I heard here was so different from the English I learned at school. But now I realise that there are lots of different kinds of English all over the world. And they’re all really useful. After three years living here, I’m happy when people say I have a Geordie accent. It’s who I am.” ACTIVITY 1 1. The way people from one area speak a language (paragraphs 1 & 5) 2. Make the sound of a letter or word (paragraph 2) d) How do you ____________ your name? e) The words ‘house’ and ‘town’ have the same ____________ sound. f) I’m now ____________ in Span ish, after living in Spain for 5 years. g) I can ____________ Hindi quit e well, but I’m not fluent. h) The ____________ newspap ers in my country, like the Manchester Even ing News, are more popular than the natio nal ones.
  7. 7. Eritrea Profile, Saturday 11th of February, 2012 By: Bethlhem Teame Every woman has a list of criteria she needs in a man. Whether she truly sticks to those killer criteria or not is another controversial issue to raise and talk about, nevertheless the list exists, in different forms of manifestations of course. It all starts off like this, ‘tall, dark, handsome, well-physique with broad shoulders, brooding eyes, deep rich voice, breathtaking smile, smart with a great sense of humor, kind, reliable, composed and sensitive, good financial stand….’ the list goes on and on. The list might be different in listing, wording and the details might vary but the general picture is pretty much the same. The contents of the list are too grand to describe a mere man. A woman’s checklist of requirements of her suitor is not only lengthy and absurd but also a bit farfetched and fanciful than the reality she ends up with. By the end of the road, ironically she would end up with someone who is totally the opposite of each entry in her checklist. Unfortunately, only few, very few lucky women get to meet and end up with a man who scored high in the test of criteria and requirements (this happens rarely). The majority of the woman population however isn’t so lucky in finding the man on the blueprint of their creation. Any woman would be lucky if she could find a man who fulfills only half of the criteria in her checklist. Maybe it is because the list of the criteria is so lengthy and farfetched from reality but the magical man women dream about rarely makes an appearance in reality. Unless there is a magic or a miracle involved, it is difficult if not impossible to meet a man who fulfills the list items in the checklist. If it were possible every woman would like to conjure her own man that fulfills every single criteria of her checklist. The blueprint of the man every woman needs is a magical creature because no man can compare to him or beat him. ‘Tall, dark, handsome, well-built, smart, rich, sensitive, caring, deep voice, composed…’ the list goes on and on when in reality a man owns utmost one or two of the criteria in the checklist. Just the other time a friend of mine who happened to throw her checklist of criteria in a man in the trash bin and decided to get married to a man who represents everything she hated in a man, come to me and decided to play the matchmaker in my love life. After giving me the longest and boring lecture ever on love and marriage, she asked me to jot down the list of criteria I want in a man and promised to help me find the right man within a short period of time. She said her husband has a very large social network and that she would find me a suitor soon- I doubt it. Anyway when I worked on my checklist and handed her the paper, she looked at me with mixed emotions of anger and pity at the same time. She was angry at me for thinking that I could find what she hasn’t been able to after searching high and low and at the same time she was filled with overwhelming pity towards me for believing that I could find a man who fulfills these criteria. ‘Darling… ’ she trailed off as her fingers brushed my hands in a gesture of condolence for she was about to crash into pieces my girlish fantasies of Prince Charming. ‘Honey, if I had believed I could find a man of my dreams, I wouldn’t have given up on the chase to find him. And even if I could find him right now, I wouldn’t hook him up with you. I would divorce my husband and elope with this man instead. Why on earth would I give him to you? I too am a romantic fool at heart.’ with that she patted my hands with a knowing meaning and advised me to make amendments with the reality around me and adjust my list in the context of the ‘grownups’ world. ‘Please wake up and smell the coffee. This is not some movie with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in it, where you could bump into your Prince Charming any minute now and he falls for you the moment he laid his eyes on you. Life is not as easy as these twins make it seem in their movies, it is a lot harsher.’ She went on a monologue as if she was an actress rehearsing her script lines, she was looking but not seeing, a blank expression shadowing her face as she told me how she was blinded by the fantasy of her knight in a shining armor coming to her rescue any minute now and how at last she was disappointed at herself, the books and movies and the world at large. She told me that love is not all about finding a guy with the highest score in the checklist but about finding a heart that could be a lifetime partner to your heart. ‘it 7 Mr. Magical is about partnering the hearts.’ as she said this she was so lost in her own world, as if she was preaching it more to her old self than me. The fact that she mocked my girlish fantasies as being too childish and farfetched infuriated and bruised my ego but soon enough I realized a harsh truth setting in to my senses. I stopped and contemplated my ways and asked myself a dozen of questions and doubts I had over the years, maybe I am chasing Mr. Right and have forgotten all about the chase for love. From what I see this man I am looking for is too good to be human. No man can be this perfect unless he is some magical creature created with some illusion seasoned with some deep fantasy. And I would pay everything I own to materialize this man from the checklist into reality. The funny part of the chase to finding Mr. Magical is that upon finding him, every woman believes that her problems would vanish into the thin air. For some unknown reason women of all generation have come to believe that meeting the right man changes the course of their life’s avenue from wrong to right, from sad to happier, from distress to joy and richer statues. They think that the man who fulfills the requirement in their checklist is a panacea for every wrong and mishaps in life. ‘When I meet my Mr. Right, I will be happier, healthier, and achieve this and that…’ little would they know that finding the right man (which is almost impossible) doesn’t necessarily guarantee peace of mind, happiness of the heart and the whole shebang of good promises of life. If anything, your troubles would double or triple trying to keep an eye on your perfect man that is also the ideal man to all the women out there. It is about time that I should point that most if not all women share the same taste in men. The list of checklists of most women is identical in pattern and content. What woman would deny a man who is tall, well-built, dark, handsome, smart, caring and sensitive, attentive, good sense of humor, employed with a steady income and most of all composed? So can you imagine the intense of the competition to make this particular man yours? Yes, yes, I assure that no woman, no matter how seemingly unromantic she claims to be, dreams of a knight in a shining armor to come to her rescue from all the troubles of her liferegardless of the kinds of troubles she is involved in; loneliness, illness, distress, ups and downs of life. But finding Mr. Right doesn’t guarantee a happy ever after and as such we are embarking the wrong way to the ultimate desire of our heart, the search for love has been replaced by our shallow infatuation with Mr. Magical. And as far as I am convinced, Mr. Magical makes a rare appearance in the world of reality. But there is something about love and romance that I like so much, for it is in their nature to manifest themselves just when you say you have given up and thrown the towel in. Love has a funny way of sneaking on you without the presence of your Mr. MagicalI still haven’t decided whether I should be happy or miserable with this piece of revelation I came across. What about you? Efforts underway to upgrade Asmara Public Library Efforts are underway to upgrade Asmara Public Library, stated Mr. Ephrem Matewos, the chief librarian. He explained that the main objective of the library is to develop the reading habit among citizens, and that it has been striving to provide digitalized service. Mr. Ephrem further indicated that the necessary preparations are being made to commence such service soon. He also stated that increasing the band-width of the internet service fourfold would enable beneficiaries to get efficient service. Likewise, Mr. Ephrem explained that the library imported about 17,000 new books in late 2010 and 2011.
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