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  1. 1. Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas Departamento de idiomas modernos Cátedra de Lingüística Evaluación ILE Integrantes: Bercelis M. Ramírez Tibizay Jaramillo
  2. 2. MATCHINGMatch each phrase with the one that means the opposite placing theletter in the space provided: 1. lose weight _____ a. feel full 2. go on a diet _____ b. get wet 3. get sick _____ c. put on weight 4. feel energetic ____ d. get in shape e. feel lazy f. get well
  3. 3. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Maximum coverage  Time consuming at knowledge level for students. in a minimum amount of space.  Not good for higher levels of Relatively easy to learning construct. Easy to score.
  4. 4. CLOZE TESTThe family are all fine, though Leo had a bad bout of flu lastweek. He spent most of it lying on the sofa watching ________when he was not sleeping!His exams ________ in two weeks, so he is ________ aboutmissing school, but has managed to ________ quite a lot in spiteof ________ ill.
  5. 5. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Easy to construct.  It is not possible to predict students’ Easy to administer. abilities with respect to separate skills. Can be adapted to specific language  We need carefully items. selection of texts.  Scoring can be tricky.
  6. 6. GAP-FILLING COMPLETIONComplete the text with the verbs in brackets in a suitable form,active or passive.Examples of a new “virtual reality art” __________(show) at theInter Communication Centre in Tokio. “The cave” _________(build) at a cost of over $1 million. The viewer _________ (put on)special glasses and _________ (confront) by a wooden puppet. If thepuppet ______ (move), the three dimensional world ________ (twist)and ________ (turn).
  7. 7. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Easy to score.  Must be constructed carefully so as not Relatively easy to provide too many construct. clues to the correct answer. Can cover wide range o content.  Scoring can be tricky.
  8. 8. MULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the best way to complete the sentence.Reliability is the same as: A. consistency. B. relevancy. C. representativeness. D. usefulness.
  9. 9. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Can cover a wide range of  Test takers may difficulty levels. perceive questions to be tricky . Usually requires less time for test takers to answer.  Does not allow test takers to demonstrate Can cover broad range of knowledge beyond the content. options provided. Easy to score.  Encourages guessing . …
  10. 10. TRUE - FALSE1.-Rose is a famous actress. True/False2.-She has written 18 books for children. True/False3.-Her latest book is going to be a movie. True/False4.-She has worked in a school for 10 True/Falseyears.5.-Rose is a very busy woman. True/False
  11. 11. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Can ask more  Does not allow test-question for a greater takers to demonstratecoverage. broad range of knowledge. Can cover a widerange of difficulty  Encourageslevels. guessing due to 50/50 chance of beingEasily graded and correct.scored.
  12. 12. QUESTIONS1.- How long have you studied English?_______________________________________2.- How long have you been at your school?_______________________________________3.- How long have you lived in your home?
  13. 13. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSESMeasures higher Must be carefullylevels. cognitive constructed.learning and overallcomprehension.
  14. 14. TRANSFORMATIONSComplete the sentences with the opposite.1.-My sister is short. She isn’t… Ugly2.-That dress isn’t pretty. It’s… Thin3.-My grandfather isn’t fat. He’s… Tall4.-The river is narrow. It isn’t… Wide
  15. 15. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Effective for testing Validity may begrammar. suspect. Easy to design. It does not test understanding. Easy to score. Easy to administer
  16. 16. DICTATIONDictation. Listen and write what you hear.1.-___________________________________2.-___________________________________3.-___________________________________
  17. 17. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES It can help to There may be adevelop all language problem deciding howskills in an inegrative much weight toway. attribute to different mistakes. It can be preparedfor any level. It is very easy toprepare andadminister.
  18. 18. REFERENCES Cardozo, R & Magdalena, J (2010) Test Formats. Caracas. Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador. (Apr. 8, 2012) Grayson H. (2003) Walker Teaching Resource Center .The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. questions.html (Apr. 8, 2012)