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Tips for Efficient BIM Structural Design.pptx

  2. Plan and Organize • Plan and organize project requirements, constraints, and timelines. • Creating a design brief with the scope of work, design objectives, and project constraints. • Define the modeling standards, naming conventions, and modeling hierarchy. TIP 1
  3. Tip 2 Use the Right Software • Choose software that handles complex 3D structural modeling, analysis, and collaboration. • Select software that meets your project requirement and has a user friendly interface, robust modeling tools, and seamless integration with other software tools. • Best Structural BIM software are Autodesk Revit and Tekla
  4. Tip 3 Coordinate with Other Services • Detect clashes with architectural and structural services • Save errors during construction by resolving clashes with BIM coordination
  5. Tip 4 Automate Recitative Tasks • Automate the repetitive tasks by using scripts and plugins to save time and improve accuracy • Use software tools that can automatically generate Bill of Quantities, Quantity Take Offs, and cost estimates.
  6. Tip 5 Optimize Design for Efficiency and Sustainability • BIM structural design allows engineers to simulate and optimize the structure’s behavior for efficiency and sustainability. • Use simulation tools to identify potential design conflicts, improve structural performance, and optimize material usage. • Consider the environmental impact of the structural design for energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction.
  7. Tip 6 Validate design with Analysis and Testing • BIM structural design involves the analysis and testing of the structural model to validate its behavior under different loads and conditions. • Use simulation tools to perform structural analysis, including seismic analysis. • Test the design against different scenarios and validate its performance using real-world data.
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