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User Research in the Financial Space


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At the 2012 Face of Finance Conference, at Bentley University, in Waltham, MA, Tom Tullis (Fidelity Investments) gave a presentation on user research during the "UX Financial Research" session.

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User Research in the Financial Space

  1. 1. User Research in the Financial SpaceTom TullisVP, User Experience ResearchFidelity InvestmentsOctober 24, 2012
  2. 2. A Space of User Experience Research MethodsBehavioral OpenHallway Site Catalyst Data Co-discovery Eye-tracking Self-moderated Web Analytics Online Studies & A/B Testing Moderated Usability Studies Test & Target Remote Studies Café Studies VoC Data ChalkMark Mining Customer Unmoderated Diary Studies Feedback Online Contextual ForeSee Data Studies Inquiry UserZoom User Interviews Loop11 OptimalSort WebSort Design Thinking Info Architecture Studies Participatory Focus TreeJack Qualitrics Design Groups Online Surveys Affinity Insight Express Collaging DiagrammingAttitudinal Data Qualitative Data Quantitative Data
  3. 3. A Space of Information Types: Public/Private & Personal/GenericPersonal Info My family tree Books I own information My Finances! Items My public photos recommended My medical on Flickr to me on records Amazon Performance Randomly of investments Selected photos Descendants I hold on Flickr of a Famous PersonGeneric Info Public Private
  4. 4. Sample Loop11 Study This combination allows us to collectUnmoderated data (task times, accuracy, subjective Online feedback) in a way that: My Finances! Studies • Is meaningful to the users • Fully protects their privacy