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Track c 0115_slideshare_smith

  1. 1. Face of Finance 2013 Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications Prepared by Jason Smith and Jim Dalglish October 30, 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Jason Smith Managing Director and Founder © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900 Jim Dalglish Associate Director Information Architecture and Research
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. The Problem ๏ ๏ Use of third-party transaction sites is economical from a development perspective, but costs the organization in their ability to deliver a branded and seamless user experience. In addition, usability and marketing issues inherent in third party systems negatively impacts business goals and increases costs in other parts of the organization: ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ Increased call center costs Increased use of offline methods to complete transactions Decreased online completion rates Negative impact to brand perceptions © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  5. 5. Branded Institution Marketing Site © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  6. 6. The Challenge Conceptualize, design and test a new user interface that is proven to significantly reduce calls to the service center and to increase online transactions
  7. 7. Current Site Deficiencies User Testing & Heuristics
  8. 8. Initial User Testing and Heuristics ๏ Banner image distracting ๏ ๏ The banner image at the top does not support the content (i.e., it is not a picture of a vehicle) and there is no meaning to the image. Users complained the area was “dead space.” Sidebar content misleads users ๏ ๏ Since the information looks like ads, the content became invisible to users. ๏ ๏ Users viewed the right column content as “ads” from third party sites. Even when asked directly to find the loan calculators on the page users were not able to locate them in the right column content. Lack of any intermediate calls to action ๏ ๏ The only call to action is to “Apply Now” which is a barrier since the page is not answering all key questions. Lack of visual/verbal balance ๏ The page is not easily visually digestable. The dense text makes the page feel incomplete, and turn to other channels to answer their questions. ๏ Only one participant (a researcher and analyst) found the dense text to be comforting. © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  9. 9. Initial Testing and Heuristics ๏ © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900 Lack of detail in rate information – The current rate information table is too imprecise and does not provide enough information for a users to ballpark an estimate. The current site requires users to access a new page to view this information.
  10. 10. puppylove © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  11. 11. Initial User Testing and Heuristics ๏ Lack of clearly visible recourse ๏ ๏ ๏ Users found accessible help systems and recourse options comforting When presented with accessible recourse options most users do not use the phone number to complete the transaction. Lack of clear presentation of application steps ๏ ๏ The current HUECU auto loans page does not explain the process of applying for a loan: How much time is required? What documents are required? Failure to answer key questions ๏ The current page requires too much reading and it does not provide all of the critical information: e.g., Do I need to be a current HUECU customer? What will my monthly payment be Failure to build investment ๏ The current HUECU auto loan page fails to build any user investment before subjecting the user to the third-party application. © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  12. 12. Motivational Factors for Users Four Key Categories How effectively does your site use these elements to motivate users? Product Impressions Page Elements Trust Builders Satisfiers / Sweeteners Brand Associations Page Hierarchies Security Info Financial Incentives Name Recognition Progress Indicators Legitimizers “Gamification” Messaging Verbal / Visual Balance Advertising Information Flow Recourse Options Community Elements Photography Graphic Design Testimonials Illustration Call to Action Reviews Convenience Elements
  13. 13. The Prototype
  14. 14. Prototype Goals ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ Clear marketing and positioning statement for the offer at the top of the page that reinforces HUECU’s community connection Increased emphasis on the rates for different vehicle types Clear, concise steps that prepare the user to apply Better balance of text and graphics in a more visual presentation Testimonials that add credibility and act as a motivator to encourage completion Addition of multiple, visible ways to get help or answers to questions Multiple, meaningful calls to action © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  15. 15. The Results
  16. 16. User Test Prototype vs. Current Site
  17. 17. SUS reveals user need for phone calls decreases in the new concept * The content for the stepped out process (#1-4) puts “Car information” as step 1, but the actual step 1 is “Create an Account”. This inconsistency bothered people, and was more apparent on the new concept.
  18. 18. Motivation Comparison ๏ The new loan process flow concept developed by OHO tested better on all 7 motivation criteria. Most importantly, the new loan concept page decreases the need to make a phone call to complete the process and increases motivation to apply for a loan. * Lower score is better for this question. © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  19. 19. Understanding Net Promoter Scores -57 0 20 NPS NPS NPS Detractors Dominate Fail to complete process. Drive business away. Website killing business. Optimized User Engagement Users complete process. Leads are converted into loyal customers. © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900 Users Become Promoters Users complete process. Users become promoters. Users grow your business for you.
  20. 20. Wireframe concept has positive impact on web conversions. Current website is having a negative impact Significant business improvement. Keep users on your site, instead of driving them away and telling other people to avoid it. -60 -50 -40 -30 -20 -57 NetPromoter HUECU Current Page © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900 -10 0 0 NetPromoter OHO New Concept 10 20 20 NetPromoter Banking Industry Average
  21. 21. Recommendations
  22. 22. How does your bank improve its online customer experience without building expensive custom software?
  23. 23. Recommendations ๏ Provide enough information so that the customer is ready to take the first step ๏ Clearly set user expectations for the experience: ๏ Time to complete ๏ Documents required ๏ Number of steps ๏ Explicit outcomes ๏ Clearly link the visual design - make the experience as seamless as possible ๏ Provide supplemental tools, guides and resources customers can use to explore the offering on their own Include customer testimonials and product reviews as motivation for initiation and completion of the process ๏ ๏ Provide examples of success for a variety of customer segments ๏ Include legitimizers to reassure customers that providing information to your organization is safe and secure ๏ When possible, include positive community-building messages - environmental consciousness, philanthropic initiatives, etc. ๏ When possible, provide jump-starts for customers who have completed a portion of the process during a previous session Include recourse options - if all the other elements are in place the customer will not use them, but their presence will provide comfort and incentive to complete online ๏ © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900
  24. 24. Questions and Discussion ๏ OHO Interactive is a thriving, curious, creative team of 30 strategists, creatives, and developers solving business problems in the digital space. We’re passionate about helping companies catch up and outpace their competition. ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ ๏ We love solving really hard problems – simply. We believe in listening to users. We are nerdy about research, results and metrics. We specialize in research, UXD, and Drupal development. We like using social and search to get people to use what we create. We like to work with great people – especially in education, publishing and healthcare. 15 years later, we’re still working with our first client – they’re great. © 2013 OHO Interactive. 617-499-4900