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  • Managing a financial site is a complex thing. We are all here today to commiserate about it, share best practices and learn how to do it better.I’ve been working on financial web sites for 20 years and I love this job because I learn something new every day. I feel like I am continually evolving how I approach things and enjoy how quickly this space is evolving around me.I’d like to share my latest thinking on how to approach developing financial sites and after this talk would love to hear from you on your experiences and suggestions for best practices.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone
  • You need a clear strategy and concrete plan.Would you start building a new house without concrete plans? No – Don’t start a web project without very concrete plansIn the world of finance there are really only 2 things your executives are going to care about:1). Sales2). Service Your plan shouldn’t be based solely on improving the customer experience or innovation alone. We work in financial services and at the top of each of our companies is a CFO who writes the checks and who is going to be laser focused on business results, your plans should be too.1. Set the strategy- Outline sales and service goals- Benchmark where you are today and where you want to be- Keep ahead of current and emerging competitors- Use the right technologies for your customer- Know your regulatory, legal and compliance guardrails- Make sure the cost benefit analysis is strong- Define 18 – 24 month roadmap2.Obsess about the customer- Target one customer - Focus on the customer need, not product features3. Execute flawlesslyMake sure you have a process in place to execute on these strategies Flawless execution isn’t by accident
  • Cast a netListen to phone callsTalk to sales teamContent is under rated, we spend all of our time working on the design and very little time on the content, content is king, you need to get it rightTrade vs buy more and sell60 year old vs 20 year old
  • Show iterations of conceptual designs to senior management 508 complianceInternal CommunicationsCustomer Communications
  • Understand and be able to repeat sales metrics – you need an elevator pitchUnderstand sales and service metrics – not visitorsCreate simplicity out of chaos by focusing on 2 things – sales and serviceThank you so much for your time and attention and with that I’d be delighted to take questions
  • Track a 1115_harmon

    1. 1. Face of Finance Creating Simplicity out of Chaos Kristyn Harmon 1
    2. 2. There are many financial products 2
    3. 3. Data and transactions are complex 3
    4. 4. Multiple access points 4
    5. 5. Regulatory, Legal and Compliance considerations 5
    6. 6. Put it all together… It can be overwhelming 6
    7. 7. You are responsible For creating an online experience that: Embodies the face of the company Goes viral Works flawlessly Delights customers Supports mobile Is beautiful Drives tons of sales Increases efficiencies Decreases phone calls 7
    8. 8. Only worry about 2 things Service Sales Set the Strategy Obsess About the Customer Execute Flawlessly 8
    9. 9. Details of your sales strategy Attract potential new customers to an engaging experience created just for them Content is King • Understand your SEO keyword terms • Start with a content map • Define the semantic structure of your pages Hire and expert writer • Content needs to be concise, well written with strong calls to action • Company mission, brand, voice and tone need to be evident • Content should be written to speak to your ideal demographic • Use words they use • Stay away from internal terms Create a journey • Focus on top 3 use cases, not the exceptions • Journey will dictate the way the site is organized • Challenge the way things work today – many times you can simplify them 9
    10. 10. Details of your service strategy Create a simple, clean customer experience Make it simple • Less is more • Make your primary use case great • Content isn’t king in the transactional experience • If you need to add help or demos to explain how to use the site, then you haven’t gotten it right Use consistent patterns/controls • Don’t be afraid to ‘reuse’ your experience • Make the experience comfortable • Experience should be discoverable Test, test and test • Test with phone reps and internal associates first • Test with consumers • Test with people outside your business 10
    11. 11. Flawless execution isn’t by accident Iterative design process Paper Prototyping Conceptual Design Annotated Detailed Design Visual Design 11
    12. 12. Omni-channel considerations • Coordinate enhancements across all channels so the experience is seamless • SEO content map should stretch across communications • Internal communications • External communications and previews 12
    13. 13. Mobile • Know customer device usage • Have a plan for Native vs. Responsive – Native: • Determine which to support (iPhone, Android, Windows) • Understand resident functionality to be leveraged – Responsive: • Start by designing smartphone sized experience first • Determine number of breakpoints based on usage • Design for scaling percentages not fixed widths • Keep an eye on emerging trends 13
    14. 14. Measure your success… • Measure and report out on your results • Build on your successes • Learn from your mistakes • Read customer feedback daily • Closely monitor online usage • Listen to phone calls • Go out on sales calls Sales and Service metrics not clicks and visitors 14