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Assuaging Users' Skepticism


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At the 2012 Face of Finance Conference, at Bentley University, in Waltham, MA, Astrid Chow (Roundarch Isobar) presented "Assuaging Users' Skepticism" during the Designing for Financial Systems session.

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Assuaging Users' Skepticism

  1. 1. DESIGNING  FOR  FINANCIAL  SYSTEMS     Assuaging  Users’  Skep;cism   FACE  OF  FINANCE   October  24,  2012   Astrid  Chow   Emily  Kihn   Allison  Lenz  1   Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &  confiden;al.  
  2. 2. Users’  Skep?cism   What  we  heard…   •  “I  don’t  know  where  to  begin.”      Users  know  that  they  probably  “should”  know  how  their  re;rement  saving  is  going.   •  “I’m  not  a  financial  professional.”    They  oTen  have  a  family  member  or  friend  who  helps  them  manage  their  finances.   •  “I’m  afraid  that  there  is  nothing  I  can  do  to  beUer  my  situa;on.”      No  one  can  control  what  the  market  does,  so  users  feel  like  they  have  no  control.   •  “How  can  I  possibly  save  money  aside  when  I  need  all  of  my  money  right  now?”    What  they  have  is  what  they  need.   •  “I  contribute  up  to  what  my  employer  matches,  and  that’s  it.”      Users  tend  to  save  only  as  much  as  their  workplace  benefits  dictated.  2   Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &  confiden;al.   Designing  for  Financial  Systems:  Assuaging  Users’  Skep;cism  
  3. 3. Establish  a  Tone  with  Guidance   Set  proper  expecta?ons   •  What  informa;on  does  the  user  need  to  supply  in  order  to  fully  benefit  from  the  tool?   1 2 3   1 2   3 BillShrink:  hUps://  3   Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &  confiden;al.   Designing  for  Financial  Systems:  Assuaging  Users’  Skep;cism  
  4. 4. Provide  Guidance  Throughout   Don’t  abandon  the  user   •  Provide  help  along  the  way   HootSuite:  hUp://  4   Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &  confiden;al.   Designing  for  Financial  Systems:  Assuaging  Users’  Skep;cism  
  5. 5. Guide  Users  through  Complex  Financial  Concepts   Avoid  “Legalese”     Provide  a  summary  of  the  legal  terms     1.  Conversa;onal  tone     2.  Alleviate  their  anxiety  5   Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &  confiden;al.   Designing  for  Financial  Systems:  Assuaging  Users’  Skep;cism  
  6. 6. Bringing  people  and  brands   together  like  never  before   Thank  you  very  much!  Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &  confiden;al.   Property  of  Roundarch  Isobar.  Privileged  &   confiden;al.