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FLEXspace - Flexible Learning Environment Exchange - Version 2.0 Design


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FLEXspace 2.0 Presentation from UBTech Conference, June 17. Document outlines the process and principles of the new FLEXspace tool, along with samples from the product prototype. Project was created by Konrad+King team members Chris Wood, Dane Storrusten and Bennett King with guidance from FLEXspace team members Dr. Rebecca V. Frazee (SDSU) and Dr. Lisa Stephens (SUNY Buffalo).

The Flexible Learning Environments eXchange – FLEXspace – is an open-access repository populated with examples of learning spaces to help campuses save time, money, and effort and improve the way they plan, design, document, and promote their projects. It contains high resolution images and related information that describes detailed attributes of these spaces from institutions across the globe.

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FLEXspace - Flexible Learning Environment Exchange - Version 2.0 Design

  1. 1. FLEXspace 2.0 Shaping society through design.
  2. 2. FLEXspace 2.0 We are transforming the way progressive educational institutions plan, collaborate, and create modern learning spaces. Konrad+King’s passion to shape society makes us a high-value partner by discovering the highest impact user need, uncovering prolific yet practical design opportunities, and connecting people through great technology experiences.
  3. 3. Process
  4. 4. DISCOVERY LearnWhatWe Don’tKnow We discovered and defined behaviors, customer needs, work habits, and core values through in-depth customer interviews and workshops. COLLECTION AND CURATION E-MEDIA TEAM LEADER THE PRAGMATIC PROBLEM SOLVER BEHAVIOR PROFILE Collect ideas and samples Add notes Add external content Add content from devices Share collections private/public Partner/client sharing ADOPTION Motivation Solving problems and getting things done with what they have to work with. SEVEN SACRED PRINCIPLES BUILDING KNOWLEDGE Learn best practices Learn about new industry trends Focus info on areas of interest Target information See who’s talking about what Add/edit product info SIMPLE UPLOAD Quick/easy upload process Upload images as a “space” Upload images to existing group Uploade documents & files Upload group of imgs as gallery Upload to private collection PUBLIC & PRIVATE COMMUNICATION Communicate with a group Communicate 1:1 Chat with a group Ask for help on a subject Share to community for input Support others with my input BROWSE AND TARGET Adhoc gallery browsing Target projects like mine See the best industry projects Filter galleries by component View case studies Create my own public gallery CONTRIBUTOR CULTURE Projects at my intitution Create private community space Who’s looking at my content? Get supportive input Notifications of activity Promote our success SMARTER SEARCH Search the way I like Search by any topic Relevant search suggestions Filter search results What are others searching? Partner/client sharing INFLUENCE CONTRIBUTION JOB EXPERIENCE The Macgyver of Learning Spaces. Tasked from above to complete initiates; they rely on their own deep knowledge of technology and their ability to solve problems to see project through. I get the requirements, I look at others for examples, and then I figure out how to piece it together on a budget.
  5. 5. INNOVATION ImagineNew Possibilities We partnered intimately with the FLEXspace team to imagine a variety of solutions through iterative and collaborative concept development.
  6. 6. PRODUCT DESIGN Bringthe Idea toLife We engineered the features into a user-centered navigation convention and defined a repeatable interaction model.
  7. 7. Principles
  8. 8. SOLUTION Createand Share, Anywhere A responsive web app with more robust browsing & search, inviting community interactions, and authoring tools that fuel learning space design & development.
  9. 9. SOLUTION Inspiration Curated galleries and collection tools enable fresh, new paths of discovery and inspiration that speak the industry language. Toolkits, resources, and inspiration for the most progressive creative spaces in education. VIEW GALLERY Maker Shop NYU Tandon 795 12 15 BUILDING IDEAS Browse spaces where learning happens while creating and building. VIEW GALLERY Maker’s Workroom Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo 1,685 12 15 Creative Maker Space USC, Roski School of Design 795 18 21 Prototyping Lab Penn State University 559 10 14 Maker Shop NYU Tandon 795 12 15 MAKER SPACES
  10. 10. SOLUTION StartLocal, ThinkGlobal. Create a contributor culture that starts with the institution, and expands globally into a thriving professional network.
  11. 11. SOLUTION Effortless Creation Empowering tools to help you create beautiful, informative online case studies of your spaces to inspire others. CREATIVE MAKER SPACE SPACE DETAILS Scope: New Construction Built/Updated: 2016 Institution: Public College/University LSRS Score: 18/34 The New School An classic art school gets an upgrade with state-of-the-art tools and a maker space that speeds the creative process. Herman Miller and Roski worked together to plan and outfit a highly functional space that would support 3-D printing and rapid prototyping. The space also had to be versatile enough to adapt for use as a studio or traditional classroom since, like many other schools, Roski is pressed for space. Roski requested several design considerations that would help their students and faculty work more effectively. The resulting space—and stools—far exceeded Roski’s expectations. 18 CAPACITY 1400 SQ FT PHOTOS ADDITIONAL PHOTOS (12) Open Space Stackable Stools Work Stations Private Space TYPE CREATIVE MAKER SPACE Renee Johnson Assistant Director, Facilities more + Study Lounge PHOTOS UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ROSKI SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN WATT HALL 105
  12. 12. Product
  13. 13. ROADMAP ThePath Forward Starting with Spaces as the core of the tool, FLEXspace will expand in function & feature over the next year. FALL 2017 PhaseOne > Spaces & Galleries > Institutions > Partners > Simple User, Usage, and SPRING 2018 PhaseTwo > Toolkit > Idea Boards > LSRS Integration SUMMER/FALL 2018 PhaseThree > Community > Messaging > Complex Usage Data > Reporting Search Metrics and Data
  14. 14. PHASE ONE Galleries Browse through curated galleries of trending educational spaces. PHASE ONE AllSpaces Powerful filters and modern search make targeting easy.
  15. 15. PHASE ONE CreatingSpaces Simplified upload process with fewer requirements, suggestions for content, and wizard to guide you through it.
  16. 16. PHASE ONE ViewingSpaces Each space has expanded content and images that allow you to create case studies that read like a blog post.
  17. 17. PHASE ONE InstitutionGalleries Spaces tied to the institution so you can see others like you. PHASE ONE InstitutionPage See info, contacts, and all the spaces for your institution or others.
  18. 18. PHASE ONE PartnerGalleries View case studies, spaces, and products from corporate partners. PHASE ONE PartnerSpaces See all that our partners can offer your project in one location.
  19. 19. PHASE TWO Toolkit A one-stop-shop for how-to’s, resources, research, and information curated by the FLEXspace team.
  20. 20. PHASE TWO IdeaBoards Your spot to collect your own inspirations or share with your team while you create new spaces.
  21. 21. PHASE THREE Community Collaboration tools like chats, forums and blogs provide the backbone of the shared FLEXspace community.
  22. 22. How can we help you shape society? Bennett King Managing Partner, Konrad+King @skunkwurx 858.454.1719