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Why content marketing is a big deal today - it's not something new


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Content marketing isn't a new concept. It seems to appear throughout media and advertising history whenever a new medium, like TV, radio, magazines, and now social media appear. Brands are using this strategy to reach customers before the buying decision because they can finally reach you wherever you are through the social media networks you spend so much time with.

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Why content marketing is a big deal today - it's not something new

  1. 1. Content marketing has become a big deal…but Why?
  2. 2. This isn’t a new concept. David Ogilvy used to write articles for his clients that were advertisements
  3. 3. 3 “It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look, and read.” -David Ogilvy
  4. 4. And some of the best ads are repeats of previous motifs
  5. 5. Schweppes – Commander Whitehead Dos Equis – The most interesting man in the world
  6. 6. Content marketing (with different names) seems to reappear with the introduction of new mediums
  7. 7. John Deere – The Furrow Magazines
  8. 8. Oxydol – Ma Perkins Soap Opera Radio
  9. 9. Kraft Television Theatre Television
  10. 10. Display advertisements on social media and mobile phones don’t work, but this problem has existed before
  11. 11. There were tons of ads in newspapers New York Times Pages 3 – 5, June 11, 1974 This is the only news on the page! So the display ad problem that plagues the internet, used to exist in printed news as well
  12. 12. A lot of money is spent on digital ads that don’t work 2012 2013 2014E Display $14.8 $17.6 $20.6 Search $17.3 $19.6 $21.6 $- $5.0 $10.0 $15.0 $20.0 $25.0 $30.0 $35.0 $40.0 $45.0 USD(Billions) US Digital Advertising Spend Source: eMarketer
  13. 13. Social media is a new medium, and brands are adopting it to reach their audiences directly
  14. 14. Social media has overtaken search in content discovery
  15. 15. Content marketing has gained an enormous amount of popularity and investment in the last couple years
  16. 16. B2B 2014 Spending B2C 2014 Spending B2B Marketers B2C Marketers Source: Content Marketing Institute
  17. 17. Potential customers are discovering solutions to their problems rather than being pulled by sales… Why?
  18. 18. 66-90% of a buying decision is made before a customer contacts a sales person Source: Forrester Research