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Design Creativity


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Teaching design theory to undergraduate students

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Design Creativity

  1. 1. DesignCreativity Ben SALEM
  2. 2. ContentCreative CycleInventionInnovationEarly Stages of DesignIdea-SketchingUnexpected Discoveries
  3. 3. Creative Cycle
  4. 4. Creative CycleDesign, invention and innovation areinter-dependent and inter-related.They are overlapping processes andpractices
  5. 5. Invention 1/2
  6. 6. Invention 2/2It is about generating new ideas.Invention is an act of insight: anunderstanding of relationships that helpsolve a problem.
  7. 7. Innovation 1/2
  8. 8. Innovation 2/2It is the successful adoption of novelideas or new solutions.It is a synthetic and integrating process
  9. 9. Design 1/2
  10. 10. Design 2/2It is about solving problems,Design is the delivery of solutions thatare unambiguously visualised.Unlike other domains, there are oftenseveral solutions in design.
  11. 11. Early Stages of DesignInitial ideas are visualised, it is a sourceof creativity and innovation.Problems are formulated, solutionsfound.
  12. 12. Idea-SketchingDrawings, sketching, modelling &prototype making facilitate accidentaldiscoveries and innovationsExternalisation of concepts thrgouhphysical embodiment.Allows for future re-visits, re-inspectionsand re-interpretations of ideas
  13. 13. Unexpected DiscoveriesNew features not originally intended arediscovered during the initial designpractice.These create opportunities for a back andforth progress between visualisation anddiscoveriesIt is about shifting between clarifyingdesign ideas and formulating designrequirements
  14. 14. Design Across Disciplines
  15. 15. Design Across Disciplines
  16. 16. ThankYou!