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Patient Rainmaker [Founder] Case Study Video Presentation


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Written, Designed, and Recorded case study video presentation and webinar by Ben Willson

Published in: Marketing
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Patient Rainmaker [Founder] Case Study Video Presentation

  1. 1. CASE STUDY VIDEOfor Solo & Small Group Prosthodontics Practices How we generated 221 Qualified Patient prospects in 90-Days for a single practice WITHOUT relying on referrals “ “
  2. 2. The BIG Problems Can’t Rely on Referrals from Practitioners Can’t Count on ‘Word-of-Mouth’ from Patients Can’t get Your Own Marketing to be Profitable
  3. 3. What People Think are the Reasons for these Problems “Marketing doesn’t work in our industry” “I don’t have extra money to pay for marketing” “People don’t know that they can see us without seeing a General Dentist first” “The types of patients that we’re looking for are too hard to find” “Agencies gouge for money and don’t produce results”
  4. 4. and you might have even tried to solve some these problems…
  5. 5. If you tried to do it on your own, you may have felt like this...
  6. 6. If you tried the “top agencies”, it may have felt like this…
  7. 7. If you tried the local guys, THEY may have felt like this…
  8. 8. While people may THINK these reasons are WHY getting qualified prospects to walk through your door seems near impossible...
  9. 9. the ACTUAL reason WHY Prosthodontics Practices HAVEN’T been successful with New Patient Acquisition…
  10. 10. There HASN’T been a Proven System and Process set up before that doesn’t require referrals, word-of-mouth, or SEO marketing…
  11. 11. Here is WHY having a system is important…
  12. 12. “For ANY business to survive and thrive, 100% of ALL the systems must be functioning and accountable. For Example: An airplane is a system of systems. If an airplane takes off and the fuel system fails there is often a crash. The same things happen in business. It's not the systems that you know about that are the problem, it's the systems you are NOT aware of that cause you to crash.” - Robert Kiyosaki ‘The Cashflow Quadrant’
  13. 13. the SOLUTION is...
  14. 14. We specialize in handling the conversion marketing process to generate patients for Prosthodontics Practices.
  15. 15. Ben Willson • Co-Founder of Patient Rainmaker • Scaled a Startup $50k - $1M in 12 months (2000% growth) • per campaign profit = $15 for every $1 spent. • Public Speaker and program creator for 'Education on Starting and growing a business using digital marketing’ • Podcast Host
  16. 16. Grant Tanner • Co-Founder of Patient Rainmaker • Generated $100M of new money flows to Fidelity • Grant is a former CFP® certificant turned marketing junkie. • Founded and ran a successful web design and lead generation agency called Click Grabber. • Marketing Data Analysis & Optimization Expert • Personally coached by best-selling author Chet Holmes
  17. 17. “Why Prosthodontists?”
  18. 18. “A Study of the Attitudes of General Dentists Toward Prosthodontists” Research Conducted by Just the Facts for the American College of Prosthodontists. Source:
  19. 19. Cary, North Carolina Dr. Brandon Kofford Board Certified Prosthodontist
  20. 20. 72 new qualified prospects in the last 30-Days for a ‘Digital Dentures’ campaign [Qualification Information] If the prospect: wears dentures, has missing teeth, has Dental Insurance, on Medicaid, and level of “readiness” to get work done
  21. 21. Denver, Colorado Dr. Hal Whitney
  22. 22. 51 qualified leads for a ‘Sleep Apnea’ campaign in 10-Days 47% booked appointments within 10 minutes of signing-up 171 qualified leads for ‘Dentures’ campaign in 90-Days
  23. 23. Now the reason I'm sharing this with you is pretty simple…
  24. 24. I'm looking for a few Prosthodontics Practices that want to get the same or better results than what I’ve shared today, in their own Practice.
  25. 25. “Will this work for me?”
  26. 26. “How long does it take to work?”
  27. 27. “How will I know that I'll make money?”
  28. 28. “Is this SEO?” (Search Engine Optimization)
  30. 30. We DON’T Sell... “Clicks” “Impressions” “Likes” “Followers” “Link-Building” “Keyword Research”
  31. 31. Those stats are helpful for Marketers, but NONE of it matters to a Practice…
  32. 32. The ONLY thing that matters for Practices to succeed... NEW PATIENTS.
  33. 33. What We Provide...
  34. 34. Pre-Qualified Prospects who are in need of treatments that live within a 10-50 mile radius of Your Practice
  35. 35. The Hidden Benefits of Our System...
  36. 36. I'm looking for a few Prosthodontics Practices that want to get the same or better results than what I’ve shared today, in their own Practice.
  37. 37. What’s the Catch?
  38. 38. You might NOT be a good fit for our program…
  39. 39. “Marketing Prosthodontics Results” Strategy Session What I’d like to Offer You Today:
  40. 40. You Can Get Your Strategy Session for FREE!
  41. 41. STEP #1 Go Below & Click the Button >>>Apply For My Strategy Session Now<<<
  42. 42. Fill out the form with your information to help me learn more about you STEP #2
  43. 43. Schedule your free strategy session on my calendar STEP #3
  44. 44. *In the Interest of Full Disclosure* I’ve only got a limited amount of time for these free strategy sessions. I try to keep my calendar flexible, but there’s only just a handful of spots that it’s limited to.
  45. 45. My Guarantee If You go through a strategy session with me and feel your time was wasted… Let me know at the end of the session and I’ll Paypal you $100 for spending your time with me.
  46. 46. ** WARNING ** TIME IS A FACTOR
  47. 47. Remember...
  48. 48. If you’d like to: to streamline your intake of new qualified prospects with patients who are actively looking for treatment without worrying about referrals from Practitioners or being sold on “fluff” marketing with useless metrics that can afford your services
  49. 49. Get Your FREE Strategy Session TODAY Go Below & Click >>>Apply For My Strategy Session Now<<<