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Trabalho ing


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Trabalho ing

  1. 1. Ana Nunes 7º A
  2. 2. The Last Legion tries to tell the story behind the legend of King Arthur, immortalized by the sword Escalibur account, filled with mystical powers. Arthur and Merlin certainly have been part of the stories told to virtually all children in the West, which until then did not question the origin of the sword, about an alleged “legend behind the legend”.
  3. 3. Main Cast Colin Firth ... Aurelius Thomas Sangster ... Romulus Augustus Sir Ben Kingsley ... Ambrosinus Aishwarya Rai ... Mira Peter Mullan ... Odoacer Kevin McKidd ... Wulfia John Hannah ... Nestor Owen Teale ... Vatrenus Rupert Friend ... Demetrius Nonso Anozie ... Batiatus Harry Van Gorkum ... Vortgyn Robert Pugh ... Kustennin James Cosmo ... Hrothgar Alexander Siddig ... Theodorus Andronikos Murray McArthur ... Tertius
  4. 4. The Last Legion is a 2007 film directed by Doug Lefler. Produced by Dino De Laurentiis, is based on an Italian novel of 2003 written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi.
  5. 5. The film tries to tell the tale of what was to be King Arthur's adventures with his father, Romulus, crowned emperor of Rome for twelve years in 476 BC which saw the collapse of the Roman Empire against the invasion of the Goths that deposed.
  6. 6. Romulus is kidnapped and exiled to the island of Capri, with his tutor Ambrosinus. AKhund - each other can find the sword of Caesar. A group of Roman survivors, especially - is among them Aurelius and Mira, Romulus and Ambrusinus release, and all depart for the Great - Britain.
  7. 7. Seek the Ninth Legion, but this did not want to help, so go to the battlefield alone. At the time the Romans were about to lose appears the Ninth Legion and fight the barbarians getting the better.
  8. 8. To honor those killed in the battle, Romulus takes away the sword and pierces it with rock. Many years later, Ambrosinus, now known as Merlin, takes a young boy to the battlefield to describe it. Merlin, says Aurelius and Mira, Romulus married and became a wise ruler and adopted the name "Pendragon". The boy, Arthur, Romulus recognizes as his father.
  9. 9. With a final farewell scene, the sword of Julius Caesar is shown in stone, already with moss growing on the blade and covering the original inscription, leaving only the letters that, when read as a single word, is Excalibur.
  10. 10. If the Last Legion is not impressive, it does not disappoint and ultimately more entertaining with its production of 67 million dollars than in many other poster that has little to offer.
  11. 11. %9Altima_Legi%C3%A3o 07/10/05/aultimalegiao/ t- pt&expIds=17259,17311,26788,2 7721,27744&xhr=t&q=a+ultima+ legiao+resumo&cp=16&um=1&ie =UTF- 8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&bi w=1175&bih=574