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Make Money Kwikweb agents presentation


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The Kwikwap system, in short, is a website developing tool. It helps you to create a website, develop it and manage it
easily. Using the Kwikwap system you can create as many websites as you want in a day, in a week and in every
month. Not only will it be easy for you as a consultant to create websites with the help of a short training arranged by
Kwikwap, but even your clients will also find it extremely easy to manage and edit their websites, once you show
them how to do it. Your assistance might be required by them later, but only once in a while.How mush do i earn a week
if you do 3 websites a week you earn R7,500 upfront PER WEEK plus after a year you will also
have this:

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Make Money Kwikweb agents presentation

  1. 1. If you want to become rich overnight, go play the lottery … However, if you don’t believe in fairy tales, continue reading… Prepared by Sphiwe Dube ( SA) 083 820 20 95
  2. 2. Introduction • Do you know these brands? These companies are internet “search engines”. (This means people use it to find information about businesses and services on the internet. “Information” is currently the world’s biggest industry.) • We assist people to make more money by being on the internet. A website needs to be structured correctly before it will be found. • Even if a customer has an existing website, we can drastically increase the exposure that they get on the internet. • We give them tools to make the internet work for them. Prepar Sphiweed by (SA) Dube 083 820 20 95 All at a price no-one can afford to ignore!
  3. 3. What • We have a Web based program that creates websites (which is then shown on 2 different platforms). • “Ease of use” was key when we designed it. Anybody that has worked on a computer for more than 2 months will be able to create a website in a few easy steps (it takes only 1-3 hours to create fully functional website) • The price is unbeatable, no-one can say “no” to R59pm! Similar products cost R10,000+ a R2,500 and • It has many features included that impress the socks off anybody that sees them, even IT professionals. • We want the agents to make money because if they are successful, we are successful. The revenue share is totally in favour of the agents so that they are motivated and equipped to make money. Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  4. 4. What (Cont) • The Websites look like this on the 2 different platforms : Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 You will be able to create this in 60 minutes!
  5. 5. What (Cont) • Our business is built on the following principles: - An extremely saleable product (with no equal anywhere in the world) - With a massive market - An innovative and unique delivery method A - comprehensive Management system, - Recurring and passive income - Exponential growth - Not having all your eggs in one basket - Low overheads - No salaried staff - Great incentives which are easily achievable Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  6. 6. Kwikwap Head Office Licensees / Franc isees Agents Clients Agents Clients Agents Clients Clients Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 Licensees / Franc isees Agents Clients Clients Clients Clients Licen ees / Franc isees Agents Clients Clients Agents Clients Clients Agents Clients Clients
  7. 7. Split of once off set-up fees Agent 0% Agent charges R2,500 to setup a website and he earns 100% of this 0% Client Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 Licensees/ Franchisees Kwikwap Head Office
  8. 8. Split of Recurring Subscription revenue from clients Licensees/ Franchisees Agent 34% - 50% 44% - 59% Client Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 Kwikwap Head Office 6,5%
  9. 9. Split of Support / Maintenance Revenue from clients Kwikwap Head Office Licensees/ Franchisees Agent 0% 100% Client Note: The VAT on the maintenance contract is paid over to SARS by the Licensee Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 0%
  10. 10. How How does an Agent make money? • The Agent sets up websites for clients, either by visiting the clients’ premises, via email, telephonically or by giving their Agent code to people and sending them to (where the client will join using your Code). The agent earns R2,500. • The Agent can harvest sales leads from the existing system or find interested people by direct marketing (start with friends and family and referrals soon come). • It is actually quite easy to find interested clients or new agents because it is a cool • and affordable product (with no equal, not even close) and a good opportunity. The Agent decides what to charge for the set-up, usually R2,500 (once off). The Agent keeps all this money. (an agent may not charge more except for additional services such as • photography, graphic designing, scriptwriting, extra travelling or maintenance ) The client pays R59+VAT per month for the level 1 system. The Agent gets R40 per month of this! The Agent gets 50% per month of the level 2 and 3 products which cost R99 and R150 pm (+VAT) respectively. The Agent gets 100% of the monthly • Support & Maintenance contract (R199pm) Agents appoints and trains sub-agents and receive 100% of their R2,500 joining fee + R100 per month from their agency fees, (agents can also make revenue share arrangements You have to be share not to see that we want you revenue etc] and train with other agents/people [e.g.. blind50% of set-up fees and 0% of recurringto make money! new agents in groups) Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  11. 11. How much $$$ How much money can I make? • Let’s say you decide to charge an average set-up fee of R2,500 per site. • And you do a website every 2nd day • You will make R25,000 in the first month (10 x R2,500=R25,000). [assuming you work 10 days per month] • And you will also earn recurring income after one month of R495pm and after 12 months this will be R5,940pm. After 2 years it will be R11,880pm. I am not promising you instant wealth, but I can promise you an opportunity that will enable you to make a good living with a fun product as well as chance to build a decent recurring revenue! Prepared by the Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  12. 12. Why? Why does the Kwikwap system sell like hot cakes? Market totally under serviced – Between 50%-60% of all businesses don’t have a • website or need a new one. 100% of businesses need a mobi & normal website that they • • • can change themselves and has been optimized for Google. The market is huge! Broadband Explosion – everyone is talking about the internet and no-one can ignore the internet any longer. Where does one start if you want a website? – The industry is intimidating and webmasters charge like wounded buffaloes and hold clients hostage. We are pro-active, we go to the people and we talk their language! Pricing – our price puts us in reach of everybody and it is way cheaper than anybody else in the business (and Kwikwap has MANY more features than any other system)! Real tangible benefits - they will be found on Google & their docs available on phone • • Added features (SMS system, docs, forms, videos, specials, newsletters etc etc) • Cell phone compatibility – everyone loves to see their business on a mobi site because they know cell phones are the future. They see it, they want it. I promise you! • FREE goodies - Start with a free demo and convert them to paying client once you can • show them on Google (within few weeks). Quick & Easy – the Kwikwap system is fast and easy to operate. The system even impresses seasoned IT professionals! Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 6 out of 10 people say YES immediately! 083 820 20 95
  13. 13. What do you need? What do you need to start? Internet access, preferably with a fast connection such as 3G, ADSL • If you don’t have that, you can start by doing it on the clients’ own • computers or at an internet café. • • • • • • If you have your own computer it will help but it is not essential. A Laptop with a 3G card will be first prize. We have lots of marketing material such as pamphlets, business cards, posters, folders, banners & car stickers which you can download from the Agents portal. We also get sales leads from the internet which we pass on to the agents in the area on a first-come-first-serve basis. You get access to the Agents portal that contains all the manuals. You pay a R2,500 joining / training fee upfront and R150+VAT per month for access and you can stop at any time. R100pm of this goes to the agent that trained you. Pay your joining fee, fill in the Agency agreement and fax it back. You will then get your Agent code and a training session will be arranged. Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 You can start making money after a few hours of training!
  14. 14. • Incentive Schemes Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  15. 15. The new 2013 (and beyond) incentive scheme we give all agents/consultants a brand new car to the value of R100,000 if the agent signs up 150 new clients in a rolling 12 month period (that's about 3 new clients per week) starting from 1 January 2013: 1. we may decide to brand the vehicle with Kwikwap/Kwikweb at our cost 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. the agent is obliged to insure the vehicle at his own cost the 150 clients must to be on Level 3 or 4 (or see point d below) clients on Level 1 and 2 can also count as follows: 4xLevel1 counts as one and 2xLevel2 counts as one new sub agents also count for the 150 clients this scheme cannot be combined with any other incentive scheme or promotion (you can't get the car & TV's & trips etc on top of the car) if one of the 150 clients cancels the agent is obliged to get a new client in its place 8. clients whose debit orders don't regularly go through or who don't pay their invoices regularly within 7. 30 days will not count towards the 150. The agent must still be eligible for commission as per the standard terms and conditions of the agency agreement (e.g. one new client per month and "willing and able" to support clients) 10. If any of the terms and conditions of this scheme is not adhered to the car must be returned to 9. Kwikwap 11. Kwikwap reserves the right to amend this fineprint but Kwikwap undertakes not to change the essence/spirit of the incentive scheme (e.g. change it to 200 clients or so). Only the fine details may be changed. Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  16. 16. 2012 winner of incentive scheme Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  17. 17. THANKS THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Further reading / info 1. Read the next page in this presentation, it explains the problem that exists with traditional webmasters. 1. Go to and search for “Mobile Website Design”, “Cheap Website Design” or “Website Development” (be sure to choose pages from SA). You will see that we are on the first page out of many results which demonstrates that we know how to get onto Google. We do the same for our clients. For More Info Visit us at Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  18. 18. Google and Webmasters, a very interesting read: From Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, 2nd edition, by Peter Kent (p 340) Myth: Web designers and Developers understand Search Engines I am a geek. I’ve worked in software development for over 20 years; I still work closely with software developers (these days mostly Websoftware developers); I build web sites for my clients (so I work with developers and designers on these sites); my friends are developers and designers … and I am telling you now that most developers and designers do NOT understand the search engines to any great degree. Most web-development companies these days tell their clients that they know how to handle the search engines, and even that they are experts. In most cases, that is simply not true, any more that it’s true that I am an expert in neurosurgery. This makes it very hard for business owners when they hire a web-development team, of course, though perhaps this book will help. It will give you an idea of the sorts of questions you should ask your developers to figure out if they really do understand search engine requirements. Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  19. 19. Split of Recurring revenue on Product Level 1 Licensees/ Franchisees R4,37pm (6,5%) R40pm (59,5%) Licensee gets R22,89 pm = 34% Agent R59+VAT = R67,26 pm Client Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 Kwikwap Head Office
  20. 20. Split of Recurring revenue on Product Level 2 Kwikwap Head Office Licensees/ Franchisees R49,50pm (44%) R7,34pm (6,5%) Licensee gets R56,02 pm = 50% Agent R99+VAT = R112,86pm Client Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  21. 21. Split of Recurring revenue on Product Level 3 Kwikwap Head Office Licensees/ Franchisees R75pm (44%) R11,12pm (6,5%) Licensee gets R84,88 pm = 50% Agent R150+VAT = R171 pm Client Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  22. 22. Split of Monthly revenue on The Support & Licensees/ Franchisees R199pm Mainte nance contrac t Agent R27,86pm The VAT portion is paid over to SARS R199+VAT = R226.86 pm Client Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95
  23. 23. • Building a Kwikwap business is building your Net Worth I was reading a document from a business broker. This document shows the return that an investor gets for his money when he buys a business. I noted that a Spur will give you a 35% return; if you turn this sum around, it mean a Spur is sold at a P/E ratio of 2,8. That means you will get your investment back after 2,8 years – you will have to work night and day as well …. Which brings me to my next point: a "recurring revenue stream" on a "passive basis" is also a saleable commodity (notably a BUSINESS). In other words your Kwikwap agency is a "business". However, because it's income is passive (i.e. you don't have to work to continue getting it), the P/E ratio is better than the case of the Spur, let us say 3,5 years. This means that say your Kwikwap business earns R100,000 per annum in passive income, your Kwikwap business will be worth R350,000 (R100000x3,5) (in fact, it will be worth more because there are also the once-off set-up fees, but that is another calculation in itself). So how do you earn R100,000 p.a. passively from Kwikwap? Let us say that you sell 1 site every 2nd day, then after a month your recurring revenue is R495 pm and growing with that same amount every month. To earn R100,000 per annum, you need to earn ±R8,333 per month. That means Prepared aedfbty 17 months you will reach this point (17 x R495 ≈ R8400). Sphiwe Dube (SA) er 083 820 20 95
  24. 24. • That means your business will be worth R350,000 after only 17 months if you sign up one new client every second day. • Add to all these calculations your once-off set-up fees and you can easily earn the equivalent of an annual salary of R750,000. See here: R350,000 • Growth in the value of your business after 17 mnths • Set-up fees (10 days pm x12mnths xR2,500 per site) R300,000 • Recurring revenue after a year and a half R100,000 • Total annual income R750,000 • I dare anybody to explain to me why the above be true. Even if it is slightly off, it is still a substantial amount of calculations money! Please see $ on the next page for another way of looking at this. Prepared by Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95 can't
  25. 25. • $ Another way of looking at the growth in the value of your business is as follows: • If you now were to earn R8,400 per month more, what can you do with it? You can then afford to go and make a loan at the bank of say R750,000 (which is paid off with the extra R8,400pm) and make alterations to you house with that money. So your house has become worth more, OK you do have debt against it but the debt is getting less every month. Your extra monthly income now pays off the debt and your house grows in value. Very soon that extra R8,400 per month will have generated a substantial asset for you. This principle explains how a monthly (recurring and passive) income can build wealth! • And another way: I recently offered a Kwikwap Agent R75,000 for his revenue stream of R4,000pm and he just laughed at me! He said Prepared by if I double my offer he might consider it! Sphiwe Dube (SA) 083 820 20 95