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Understanding the Role of Telcos in driving the Online Video Innovations


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Trends that drive the future

The new world order of consumer control

Innovation in online video innovation

Opportunity for innovation in Telcos

Telcos in Africa

Online Video Innovation in Africa

Video Trends in Africa

Digital Content Africa

Video Content Africa

Internet in Africa

Change of African online interest

Social integration in Africa

Viewers in Africa

Broadcasters in Africa

Personalised video in Africa

Innovation in Africa Video

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Understanding the Role of Telcos in driving the Online Video Innovations

  1. 1. 17Future of television Understanding  The  Role  of  Telcos  in   driving  the  Online  Video  Innova7ons  
  2. 2. Global Media & Entertainment Center8 q  The arrival of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) represents a transformative shift for the economy, similar to the introduction of the PC itself. q  Change of landscape for Telcos- Subscribers abandon the fixed-line voice subscriptions in favour of mobile phones q  “Content Everywhere”=Demand for greater content to seamlessly follow the viewer wherever he or she goes. trends that drive the future q  The viewing landscape has grown, it is beyond the living room- Social dynamics and synergistic experiences will drive more event- based viewing q  A demand for unique content will drive innovation beyond the traditional studio system q  Bingeing will drive more innovation in measurement and personalization.
  3. 3. A world where consumers are in control “Tune into the TV” Switch on your ‘box’ ‘Play’ with Tablet/ Smartphone Browse / search Choose / A la carte Interact / Play NEW BEHAVIOURS/ SCREENS NEW VIEWER RELATIONSHIPS Relationship with Distribution platform/ EPG Relationship with channel brand TRADITIONAL MODEL Relationship with Phone / tablet app Relationship with Search engine / portal Relationship with Movie / on demand service Relationship with Overlay interactive services (for iPad) THE NEW WORLD ORDER
  4. 4. Why Innovate? The idea of content is changing. It’s no longer just about videos, social posts and websites. It is a connected world-there are no boundaries anymore and the possibilities are endless Television audience is shifting away from linear viewing Advertisers are shifting their spend and investing now on online platforms Online accessibility has connected vastly larger groups than ever before in history, thereby increasing innovation
  5. 5. The Opportunity Innova&on  has  to  come  from   crea&ng  be2er,  enabling  technology-­‐ which  will  create  be2er  product   experiences  for  customers.   Telcos  need  to  spur  enabling   technology  that  will  deliver   broadband  services  faster  and   cheaper.     Create  a  digital  eco-­‐system  by   partnering  with  companies  that   create  the  required  technologies,   that  keeps  subscribers  loyal.   Revolu&onize  media  consump&on     through  TV  services  such  as,  Hulu,   NeGlix,  Roku  etc  can  then  be   delivered  into  homes  
  6. 6. 1 2 3 4 .   What’s Next? Telcos must completely redefine their relationship with their customers. They must prove that they can offer high-quality, state-of-the-art, and reliable communications services Identify tools to measure engagement in an Omni platform, multiscreen environment Provide more value through the pipe to prepare for a media consumption future Telcos must define where they want to play in the future, moving from the traditional way of doing things to exploring the new digital options