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This presentation provides some basic and free tools to help SEO experts in their everyday job.

It could also help people coming to SEO to find great tools used by SEO experts.

Some of these tools are necessary to all webmaster wanting to follow basic search engine recommendations for website structure and content organization, this to be visible in search engine result pages.

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Free SEO Tools

  1. 1. SEO Tools May 2012@BenjaminMagnan
  2. 2. Google Tools
  3. 3. Google Webmaster Tools Get Googles view of your site and diagnose problems Discover your link and query traffic Share information about your site with Google bots
  4. 4. Google Analytics See in details your SEO traffic and cross-analyzed it with others dimensions (city, search engine, browser, mobile, …) Compare your traffic sources conversion performance Tip : access all your Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics by connecting them together
  5. 5. Google Trends Display search volume and potential for specific queries in Google search engine Identify most valuable keywords for your website See keywords search volume by region
  6. 6. Google Insights Compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames Filter trends for web, images, news and products search Identify most valuable keywords for your website and recurring patterns
  7. 7. Google Page Speed  Generate suggestions to make your web pages faster (image caching, image scaling, browser caching, compression, …)  Google gives importance to page load time (reducing page load time also provide better experience to users)Also available as Chome Extension and Firefox Plugin
  8. 8. Keywords Discovering Tools
  9. 9. Google Adwords Keyword Tool Crawl your webpage and find all keywords effectively searched in google (see search volume globaly or localy) Provide keywords and bench them to effective searches (see if this keyword is searched and find close keywords more valuables) Filter by country / devices to see searches for your target
  10. 10. Plugins FirefoxExtensions Chrome
  11. 11. SEO Quake Provide many information on SERP for each result (Page Rank, Indexed Pages, AlexaRank, Domain Name date, whois, …) Provide more SEO specific tools and information on a website :  Keywords density and in-text analysis  Highlight no-follow link on page  Diagnostic and recommendations for website optimization  Website meta tag information
  12. 12. Foxy SEO Tools Facilitate access to main search engines features, traffic analysis sites and social sharing sites Provide link to known keywords discover or optimization sites Provide a tool to view pages as seen by search engine bots
  13. 13. Web Developer Many tools for web developers For SEO purpose, Web Developer can help you to :  Visualize meta tag information for a website  Display alt attribute for images on a page  Outline images without alt attribute on a page
  14. 14. SenSEO Overview of SEO-important web page components for a specific keyword Analysis of on-page-SEO-criteria  Correct usage of Document-Title, Meta-Description and Meta-Keywords  Headlines, Domain and URL-Path  Existence of sitemap.xml and robots.txt  Usage of microformats  Other general content-criteria
  15. 15. Quick Search Status Provide extensive search-related information for any website (always visible in firefox status bar) Search Status lets view  Google PageRank  Alexa popularity ranking,  ranking,  SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank,  Alexa related links  backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN
  16. 16. Referencement & SEO from Woorank Generate report concerning your website Provide interesting SEO metrics (in-site and off-site criteria analysis, visitors overview, content optimization, …) One free report by week (need to pay for more)
  17. 17. SEO Site Tools One of the most comprehensive SEO Tools for Chrome Provide many SEO metrics  External Page Data(Google, Bing, SeoMoz, Alexa, Majestic SEO, …)  Page Element (Title, meta description, important html elements, h1, h2, page headers, …)  Social Media(Facebook, reddit, twitter, StumbleUpon, …)  Page Terms  Server Domain informations  Suggestions (in-page optimization suggestions for SEO)
  18. 18. SEO For Chrome  Provide SEO statistics on specific page and website  Backlinks  Pages indexed  Traffic estimation  Social media Stats (twitter, facebook, diggs,…)  Cache version of a site  Highlight no-follow links on websites  Provide basic beta Keyword research tool for a website
  19. 19. Web Rank SEO  Almost like SEO For Chrome but with less information  Provide SEO statistics on specific website  Backlinks  Pages indexed  Traffic estimation  Social media Stats (twitter, delicious, diggs)  Domain information
  20. 20. Free Software
  21. 21. Xenu Link Check websites for broken links Detect and report redirected URLs Generate report that can be e-mailed
  22. 22. Online Web Tools
  23. 23. DuplicateContent Compare text similarity between two pages Compare HTML (layout) similarity between two pages
  24. 24. Positeo Check your page position on different Google data centers for keywords Avoid to look manually to your position for each keyword Check without any customer specific information (social search and historic)
  25. 25. Woorank Generate report concerning your website (social, mobile, SEO, content optimization, security, …) Provide interesting SEO metrics (basic SEO recommandations respect, content analysis, backlinks, internal links, indexed pages, page rank, …) One free report by week (need to pay for more)
  26. 26. Keyword Density Analysis Display information about text and words in one page Show words ranked by number of occurrence, words could be single words or small expressions
  27. 27. WordPress Plugins
  28. 28. WordPress SEO by Yoast Most complete WordPress SEO plugin (optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, …) Page analysis tools to help you optimize your site Add-ons modules available to bring new features
  29. 29. WP to Twitter Automatically post a twitter status when you post an article to your blog Shorten your URL with your chosen service (you can also use hashtags) Support for Google Analytics
  30. 30. Hope you enjoy and discover some new tools !Find us in @OCTOTechnology and @BenjaminMagnan