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Identifying Central Idea - Review


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This slide was used as an in-class presentation on 10/16.

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Identifying Central Idea - Review

  1. 1. Do Now If you FLOURISH, you grow well, are healthy, are very successful, or are doing very well. An ASPIRATION is something that a person wants very much to achieve. Examples: • Plants flourish in the rain forest because of all the water and sun. • The business is flourishing because the new owner is very good. Circle the sentence that uses the word correctly? 1. We are all flourishing in eighth grade. 2. Eighth grade is flourishing us all. Flourish and Aspiration Si usted FLOURISH, usted crece bien, está sano, tiene mucho éxito o lo está haciendo muy bien. Una ASPIRACIÓN es algo que una persona desea mucho para lograr. Ejemplos: • Las plantas florecen en la selva tropical debido a todo el agua y el sol. • El negocio está floreciendo porque el nuevo propietario es muy bueno. ¿Encierra en un círculo la oración que usa la palabra correctamente? 1. Todos estamos floreciendo en octavo grado. 2. El octavo grado nos florece a todos. Florecer y Aspiración
  2. 2. No cell phones or personal electronics in the classroom. They should be turned off and put away in lockers. Electronics Policy
  3. 3. REAL TALK ● Make-Up Work ● Daily Agendas and Cornell Notes ● Class Binders ● Everyone Participates ● The End of 1st Quarter 3 0
  4. 4. CLO I can analyze my assessment and participate in collaborative discussions using academic language . Puedo analizar mi evaluación y participar en discusiones colaborativas usando el lenguaje académico.
  5. 5. Take Cornell Notes as I review “Identifying Topics and Central Ideas.” Tome Cornell Notes mientras repaso "Identificando temas e ideas centrales". Central Idea – Main Idea – Topic – Identify 5 0
  6. 6. Review your own test and correct your mistakes. Revisa tu propia prueba y corrige tus errores. Central Idea – Main Idea – Topic – Identify 5 0
  7. 7. Work with the people at your table (in groups of 4) and complete the back of your daily agenda. Trabaja con las personas en tu mesa (en grupos de 4) y completa el reverso de tu agenda diaria. Central Idea – Main Idea – Topic – Identify 5 0
  8. 8. ¡Hablemos!
  9. 9. Exit Ticket