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How to prepare an informative presentation


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How to prepare an informative presentation

  1. 1. How to prepare an informative presentation BY: BEN FAZIO
  2. 2. Identify your goal  Increase what the audience knows.  Teach information that they will find useful.  Demonstrate something useful.  Show how it relates in space.  Arouse interest in uninteresting topics.
  3. 3. Create information hunger
  4. 4. Ask rhetorical questions  Questions that are asked for effect.  With no answer expected.  They get the audience thinking.
  5. 5. Make the information relevant  Importance  Novelty  Usefulness
  6. 6. Revealing extrinsic motivation  Reasons outside the presentation for listening.
  7. 7. Informative content  Main points, sub points, illustrations, examples.  The audience focuses on generalizations.
  8. 8. Reference  Pearson, J., Nelson, P., Titsworth, S., & Harter, L. (2011). Human Communication (4th ed.). New York, New York: Mcgraw-Hill.