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Life skills mtgs 8th graders 13 14


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Life skills mtgs 8th graders 13 14

  1. 1. Preparing for High School Carlisle High School www.carlisle.k12.ia.usLeah Heidemann – (515) 989-5389 Traci Lee – (515) 989-5386
  2. 2. 9th Grade OrientationHigh School Auditorium 6:30pm – 8:00pm Tuesday, February 12 • Last Names A-K Thursday, February 21 • Last Names L-Z
  3. 3. ACTIVITIES FAIR High School Commons February 12 & 21, 2013 6:00 – 6:30 p.m.– Multimedia/Yearbook – Music– Student Council – Sports– STAND – Drama– Culture Club – Speech– Spanish Club – Debate– Student Ambassadors – Art Club – FCCLA
  4. 4. Graduation Requirements47 CREDITS
  5. 5. Required Courses – Class of 2017LANGUAGE ARTS 8 Credits Lang Arts 9, Lang Arts 10, Lang Arts 11, Lang Arts 12 OR Composition I & electiveSCIENCE 6 CreditsMATHEMATICS 6 CreditsPRACTICAL ARTS 2 Credits Industrial Technology, Art, FCS, BusinessSOCIAL STUDIES 6 Credits World History, US History, Government, electivePHYSICAL 4 Credits 1 credit each of the 4 years of High EDUCATION SchoolBUSINESS 1 Credits Financial Literacy & Employability Skills is requiredELECTIVES To meet requirements
  6. 6. Course Requirements for Admission to Iowa Regents’ Universities• 4 years English• 3 years Math• 3 years Science• 3 years Social Studies• 2 years of single Foreign Language*
  7. 7. DUAL CREDIT COURSESHS Course Course # Course Name CreditAccounting ACC 111 Intro to Accounting 3Composition I ENG 105 Composition I 3Composition II ENG 106 Composition II 3Intro to Literature LIT 101 Intro to Literature 3Communication Skills COM 703 Communication Skills 3DM ART DRAWING ART 133 Drawing 3DM ART PAINTING ART 143 Painting 3Marketing MKT 140 Selling 3MOC Class ADM 259 Professional Development 3MOC Work Experience ADM 265 Supervised Practical Experience 2 ADM 937 Prof Office Careers Seminar 1
  8. 8. AP COURSES• Students must have demonstrated strong academic record to enroll in AP courses.• Students must be proficient on the core areas of the Iowa Assessment• Score on exam determines amount of college credit• IOWA ONLINE AP ACADEMY
  9. 9. DMACC CAREER ADVANTAGE PROGRAMS• Auto Collision• Auto Technology• Building Trades/Finish Carpentry• Criminal Justice• Health Occupations• Visual Communications• Welding• Teacher Academy
  10. 10. Senior Year Plus• Juniors and Seniors can take courses at the college level that are “above and beyond” the regular curriculum.• Students must be proficient in the core areas on the Iowa Assessments
  11. 11. COURSE LIST• Pay attention to the prerequisite• Notice which classes offered at your grade level
  12. 12. Basic Freshman Plan2 credits Language Arts 92 credits Math2 credits Science2 credits Practical Arts(Industrial Tech, FCS, Art, Business)1 credit Physical Education5 credits Elective credits
  13. 13. 9 Grade Practical Arts thIndustrial Tech ArtWoods I/II Intro to DesignCADD I/II Drawing Color Drawing Graphic ArtFCS CartooningIntro to FCS PaintingFood & Nutrition Surfaces & StructuresBusinessApplied Computer I/II *CHOOSE AT LEAST 2Intro to Business COURSESWeb Publishing
  14. 14. Physical Education• Wellness, Weights, or Athletic Weights• Classes meet every day for one semester.• State Law requires all students to take a Physical Education course every year of high school.
  15. 15. Basic Sophomore Plan2 credits Language Arts 102 credits Math2 credits Science2 credits World History1 credit Physical Education5 Elective credits
  16. 16. Basic Junior Plan2 credits Language Arts 112 credits U.S. History2 credits Math2 credits Science1 credit Physical Education3-5 Elective credits
  17. 17. Basic Senior Plan2 credits English(Composition I OR Language Arts 12 & elective)1 credit Government1 Social Studies Elective1 credit Physical Education7-10 Elective credits
  18. 18. Scheduling Considerations• Full Schedules – Band, Choir Spanish• ELP• Special Education
  19. 19. Schedule ChangesSchedules will NOT BE adjusted for the following:1. Preference for a different teacher.2. Preference for a different period or semester.3. Preference to be with friends in class.4.CHANGE OF MIND ABOUT TAKING THE COURSE.5.No changes after the second day of the semester.* All exceptional or unusual circumstance concerningscheduling must be evaluated by the counselor.
  20. 20. 2013-2014 Freshman RegistrationStudent Name Printed _______________________________ I understand theList courses in priority order. importance of Course # Course Name Credits reserving courses for next year. I know I English Language Arts 9 2 will be unable to make changes after Science Physical Science 2 completing this Math Algebra I 2 registration form. PE Weights 1 Practical Intro to Design 1 Students Signature Arts My son/daughter and Practical CADD I 1 I have discussed the Arts class requests for Elective Spanish I 2 next year. I understand that this Elective Choir 2 is an important step Elective Applied Computer I 1 in setting and Elective meeting the educational and Elective vocational goals for Elective my son/daughter. Elective Parents Signature *Total credits must be a minimum of 14 Total: 14
  21. 21. FOUR YEAR PLANCOMPLETE PLAN – State Requirement – Career goals – Educational institutions – High school course plan – I Have A Plan Iowa – Fill in electives
  22. 22. Freshman Final RegistrationRegistration forms due to Mr. Barryby Friday, March 1st.Students will register on the computer with the high school counselors in March.