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Research project


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An academic research project that provides information about some of the places I'm going to visit with my classmates during our trip to London

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Research project

  1. 1. London trip 2013 Research Project Pau Benito, Natàlia Castejón and Guillem Sabatés
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES Learning about theEnglish culture and themost important places to visit Providing information about: • The Houses of Parliament • Big Ben • Westminster Abbey • Buckingham Palace • Downing Street • Camden Town
  3. 3. HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT Two institutions House of Commons House of LordsBe careful! Smoking, drinking, eating and entering animals is not allowed!
  4. 4. Origin of the PALACE OF name: Westminster Abbey WESTMINST ER (History) New Palace:Old Palace: • Reconstruction• Built in the 11th by Charles Barry century and Augustus• Historical building Pugin• Destroyed by fire in • Conservation 1834 work
  5. 5. PALACE OF WESTMINSTER (Location)Located in the City of Westminster, in central London. Grade I listed building since 1970 and part of the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987
  6. 6. PALACE OFWESTMINSTER (Distribution) Queen’s Robing Room Prince’s chamber Lords’ chamber Commons’ chamber Peers’ lobby Central lobby Members’ lobby Norman Porch Royal Gallery Westminster Hall
  7. 7. BIG BEN (Symbology)One of the symbols of both London and England A name with a history Theimportanc e of its bells
  8. 8. BIG BEN (The Queen) The Queen and Why was the tower built? the tower“DOMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM” (“O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First”)
  9. 9. BIG BEN (History)The Clock Tower Big Ben, a becomes the touristElizabeth Tower attraction Charles Barry and Augustus W. N. Pugin, two architects with their own style
  10. 10. WESTMINSTE R ABBEY (Meaning) Westminster Located in the Real name: School and City ofthe Collegiate Westminster Westminster, Church of St Abbey Choir in Central Peter at School London Westminster
  11. 11. WESTMINSTER ABBEY (History)960s • Community of Benedictine monks thanks to Saint Dunstan or and King Edgar970s • Reconstruction of St Peter’s Abbey1042- • Royal burial church for King Edward the Confessor1052 • Reparation of the church1245 • Royal burial church for Henry III • Henry VIII made the abbey become cathedral and the1539- Diocese of Westminster was founded15401722- • Enlargement thanks to Nicholas Hawksmoor1745
  12. 12. WESTMINST ER ABBEY (Royalty)Wedding of Prince William and An abbey with its Miss Catherine Middleton own foundational legend Function: royal coronations and burials of the Commonwealth realms
  13. 13. BUCKINGHAM PALACE (What is it?) The official London Located in the residence and City of principal workplace Westminster, in of the British central London monarch
  14. 14. BUCKINGHAM PALACE (History) • Buckingham House 1705 • Residence of the Duke of Buckingham • The Queen’s House 1761 • Private residence of Queen Charlotte • Buckingham Palace 1837 • Since Queen Victoria came to power
  15. 15. BUCKINGHAM PALACE (Construction) • Enlargement by architects John Nash and 19th Edward BlorecenturyLate 19th and • Incorporation of the principal balcony early 20thcenturie s • Construction of the Queen’s Gallery World War II
  16. 16. BUCKINGHAM PALACE (Curiosities) The Buckingham There’s a Palace’s Palace garden is Summer Opening the largest private between August garden in London and September Historically, there were presentations of There are debutantes in the banquets and Throne Room, which investitures in were replaced by the palace’s Garden Parties in 1958 Ballroom
  17. 17. DOWNING STREET (Importance) Built in the 1680s by Sir George Downing, its importance lays on its meaningful buildings
  18. 18. DOWNING STREET (Location) It is located inCentral London, inthe Whitehall road An iconic streetand a well-knownsite visited by lots of tourists
  19. 19. DOWNING STREET (History) By 1857… Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  20. 20. DOWNING STREET (Security) Nowadays…
  21. 21. CAMDEN TOWN (Location)London City Borought of Camden
  22. 22. CAMDEN TOWN (History)Laid out in 1791, it waspart of the parish of St Pancras, Middlesex
  23. 23. CAMDEN TOWN (Importance) Importance of Camden Town: Railways and locationRailway engine house in Camden Town’s railway,Camden Town, London, 1851 1847
  24. 24. CAMDEN TOWN (Basis) Commercial activities: radical change Economic basis Alternative markets and tourism
  25. 25. CAMDEN TOWN (Activities)What can I do inCamden Town?
  26. 26. CAMDEN TOWN (Famous people) Charles Amy Winehouse Walter Sickert DickensAlan Bennett Oliver Dylan Thomas Heaviside
  28. 28. BIBLIOGRAPHY (1)O Cover: Houses of Parliament: Buckingham palace: Big Ben:
  29. 29. BIBLIOGRAPHY (2)O Westminster Abbey: Downing Street: Earth
  30. 30. BIBLIOGRAPHY (3)O Camden Town: