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FaceBook Timelines are GREAT for businesses, there are so many ways to benefit from using the New Timeline from Ads, Landing Pages, Opt-in Forms, Mini Websites, Selling Your Products and Services all for FREE.

For those who do not want to create their own Timeline Pages, BKG Marketing is here to assist you, Caontact us at: bkgmarketingsolutions@gmail.com, we lookforward to hearing from you...

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FaceBook Timeline For Pages

  1. 1. FaceBook Timeline Marketing For your Business’ For Pages Success
  2. 2. FaceBook New TimelineWhat’s New With FaceBook Timeline for Pages?Large Cover Image Profile Picture Custom Tabs/Custom Apps Tab Pages FaceBook Landing Pages Pin Post Starred Stories It’s Bigger Milestones and Private Message Better!!!
  3. 3. Cover Image Large Image 851x315pixels Use Unique Images or Pictures, Branding You & Your Business IdentityCover Photos Cannot Include: Price or Purchase Information Contact Information Including: •Website URL, Phone No, Email, Mailing Address Like or Share Reference Calls to Action Such as: •Click Like, Sign-up Now, Tell Friend, etc…
  4. 4. Profile Picture 180x180 px(resizable to 32 x32px) Profile Pictures Represents Your Business and Follows you on FaceBook, Ads, Sponsored Stories and Newsfeeds  Should be: •Combined/Coordinate With Your Cover Image •Your Logo, Brand or Products  If YOU are Your Brand, use a Headshot of Yourself
  5. 5. Custom Tabs/Custom Apps 111x74 px Thumbnail Tabs 4Tabs are displayed at a time, more can be seen when the arrow is clicked Tabs can be Customized and are Interchangeable (the “Photo Tab” is the only one that “cannot” be changed) Thumbnails should encourage the user to “Click Tab”
  6. 6. Tab Pages/AppsApps Can Be 810px Click the Tab Button and go to a page which includes:  Landing Pages  Banner Ads  Click Through Banners  Mini Websites  Videos
  7. 7. FaceBook Landing Pages?Yes, you still can have FaceBook Landing Pages Copy the Landing Pages URL and have users link directly to a FaceBook Landing Page
  8. 8. Pin Post Pin Posts by Clicking on the Pencil Icon at the top right of the Post Pin Posts will stay at the top of your Activity Feed for 7 Days Can be used for Important Updates, Ads, Announcements and Information Links and Information can be added in the Description
  9. 9. Starred Posts Highlight Your Important Posts with the STAR Icon All Posts can be Starred so that it can stand out. When a Post is Starred, it will Stretch out across the entire page Dates can be changed so they appear where you want it on you page
  10. 10. Milestones Milestone Images are 843 x 403 pixels Highlights Important Dates and Events By Adding a Date to the Milestone, the Post will enter the Timeline at that Date Examples of Milestones include: • Reaching a certain number of fans • Opening a new store or business • New product launch Highlight Special • Winning an award Occasions & Events
  11. 11. Private MessageFans and no fans can now Massages cannot be used send Private Messages to to sell your products or Pages services but to build trust and relationships with yourPages can Respond but they fans cannot initiate a conversationPages can only sent 2 message back for every one it receives
  12. 12. Contact Beni Glover BKG Marketing Solutionsbkgmarketingsolutions@gmail.com www.bkgmarketingsolutions.com