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BenefitMall CRQS 2.0


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From the nation's largest general agency comes the foremost quoting and proposal tool for employee benefits.

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BenefitMall CRQS 2.0

  1. 1. From the nations largest General Agencycomes the foremost quoting and proposal toolfor employee benefits.
  2. 2. • Robust marketplace • Expansive customization • Instinctive usability • Advanced technology • Accurate quoting •Quick adjustmentsCRQS 2.0 provides…..
  3. 3. “We are very excited to launch the new Client Ready Quote System which is designed and developed specifically with our Brokers, for our Brokers. With its modern user interface and enhanced shopping capabilities, the new quoting system provides a simple platform to shop, compare and present affordable health insurance plan options, meeting the needs of small businesses and their employees”- Michelle Sheffield, CIO BenefitMall
  4. 4. • Quickly access quote information on the New Dashboard! • Instantly view client, census, plan and proposal information for each quote with New Client Summary! • Quick accurate quotes with Single-step Search and Plan Rating! • View, sort, compare and adjust plans with Plan Comparison! • Customize client-ready proposals with Streamlined Reporting! • Personalized efficient quoting process thanks to the New Preference Center! • All the help you need in one place with the New Online Help Center!Features and Benefits
  5. 5. • Quote multiple carriers in one step for Medical, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability • Plans Selection/Filters: — Carrier Name — Plan Type — Co-pay — Coinsurance — Deductible — Out-of-Pocket • 2,000+ plans that include over 7,800 benefits with an additional 1,300 plan optionsExpansive Carrier Content
  6. 6. • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner • Built with C#, and Javascript • Highly scalable • iPad Compatible • Service oriented architecture — Integrated with several leading Carriers • Industry standard security — Authentication — Authorization — Data Integrity — ConfidentialityAdvanced Web 2.0 Technology
  7. 7. Take a look….
  8. 8. Customer Testimonials
  9. 9. Visit to register as a BenefitMall broker. For the latest on Health Care Reform visit: us today!