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Benchmark Six Sigmaoffers globally recognized Six Sigma training and certification(Six Sigma GB, Six Sigma BB, Six Sigma MBB,Lean Management) across eight Indian cities and also provides Six Sigma Consulting services on deployment of Six Sigma

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  1. 1. Benchmark Six Sigma WHY CHOOSE BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA?  Most experienced and respected train- ers and consultants  More than 5000 Belts trained Progress with Complete Range of Programs  Highest recognition Most participants of the Master Black Belt program are lead- and respect across Benchmark Six Sigma offers the entire ing Six Sigma deployment in their respective companies sectors range of Lean and Six Sigma programs as (Bharti Airtel, Ispat Industries, Indigo Airlines etc.) open courses where self-sponsored and  Updated programs company-sponsored people can enroll. with latest inputs Currently announced programs are as Lean Management Certification is for people who wish to  Training and facili- follows— speed up their processes with proven techniques. The focus tation methodology 1. Green Belt Certification is on waste elimination and on building speed (reducing cycle with Multi-sensory time, turn-around-time, handling time or transaction time). impact 2. Black Belt Certification Participation in a Lean Management program does not require 3. Master Black Belt Certification prior knowledge of Six Sigma.  Complete Range of programs up to 4. Lean Management Certification Curriculum of these programs is so structured that a partici- Master Black Belt pant can progress from strength to strength with each pro- 5. DMADV Black Belt Certification Training gram. Large number of participants from various industries 6. Minitab for Green Belts  Regular programs have benefitted from these programs. There is a large number Green Belt program is for people new who progressed from Green Belt to Black Belt and went in eight cities to Six Sigma and assumes no prior through Lean Management Certification as well.  Programs since knowledge on the subject. This brochure attempts to answer many questions related to 2001 with the best Black Belt is for Green Belts and takes entire range of Six Sigma and Lean programs from Benchmark trainer retention them further in the journey towards Six Six Sigma and highlights benefits you can expect to derive  Unique after train- Sigma leadership position. when you register for any program. Program specific bro- ing support through Master Black Belt is for Black Belts and chures are available separately. very active web creates Six Sigma deployment leaders. based forum and group activities  Unique after train- ing support through chat sessions with Master Black Belts Get into the Big Network  Project completion Benchmark Six Sigma has the biggest Six Sigma vide a list the past participants from various divisions support and certifi- Network in India. With regular programs since of the company. cation at no addi- the year 2001, the number of participants now The big network provides you multiple advantages tional cost exceeds 5000. including references, experience sharing, cross indus-  Conducted only by If you name a company of repute, we can pro- try contacts and recognition to name a few. trainers with cross- industry implemen- tation and leader- ship experience.  Six Sigma and Lean Implementation (optional) follow-up with powerful Top/ Senior Manage- ment Workshops within organiza- tions.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Success Stories Galore! There is a large number of in any industry, in any func- accelerate your career path. participants who have grown tional area without exclu- Interestingly, Six Sigma takes with Six Sigma deployment. sions. care of both—organizational Six Sigma Expertise that you gain with benefits and individual growth. is for Six Sigma is reliable as - Organizations today are will- people Six Sigma is the most ing to reward those who who are potent combination of contribute well. Individuals willing to result-oriented tried and who bring business benefits become tested management tech- derive high satisfaction levels improve- niques ever devised. and progress well while deliv- ment ering business benefits. experts Contact us with your industry and functional back ground These days, more and more within companies are linking career their organizations. Becoming and we can provide you with “Multi-Industry in- details on how people from growth with results and Six an improvement expert is the Sigma makes more sense than teraction was an eye surest way of career growth your sector have benefited in the past and how you can ever before. opener for me” “The trainer’s patience answering Highest Participant Satisfaction questions, Excellent, fast paced program for professionals Benchmark Six Sigma could put you in a position ment. providing funny/ at all levels. wherein your competitors may look to you for - Y. Subrahmanyam, GM Apollo Hospitals -D.Rajiv Krishnan, CEO, Ma Foi Consultancy Best Practices. anecdotal examples Solutions Ltd - Madhavan Unni Rajesh, MD, Cosmic Ship Well designed course material. On completion of Management Pvt. Ltd. the course it gives a good confidence to implement Highly Recommended. and practice six sigma in our company. to make highly - Lakshmi Anand, Director, Sales Hyatt A wonderful workshop neatly packaged and - Kirupa Mohandoss, GM Operations, Core Design and Regency delivered. A must for all levels of managers who Product Development complex concepts a are interested in bringing about a structured In depth knowledge of the Instructor and his thinking and approach to improve his/her process. The way Six Sigma is being taught will lead to new breeze, and communication ability. - Vijay Sai B. S., Director, Callready Training & generation of thinkers and managers. - Rajeev Dua, Director, Sun Microsystems Development - Rohit Gupta, GM, Robinsons Air Services teaching style was It is recommended for companies wanting to go I came into this course looking at it as a typical Benchmark Six Sigma training takes you to the core good enough for process improvement since it gives you the training program but was pleasantly surprised by of the operations from where you can improve and right receipe for successful implementation. the quality, relevance and depth of the program. enhance your capabilities and deliveries using - Priti Ray, Principal Consultant, PWC - Anand Kumar, IT Head-South Asia, Mousanto excellent scientific and analytical applications. to better any of my Company - Amit Dewan, General Manager, Chinar Forge Great for business process re-engineering Ltd. Rutgers University - Dr V. Prem Kishore, Head Apollo DRDO The best course to achieve customer satisfaction Hospital and achieve breakthrough performance improve- Log on for more MBA professors.” “My whole team is now There is a program near you. trained. Now Multi-locational companies find the same quality we all talk in of Benchmark Six Sigma being delivered in 8 cities in regular intervals. Participants get a the same choice of locations and can change the option if wavelength unavoidable issues come up as there is a pro- and bring im- gram (almost) every week without losing on provements in time. a team.” This is made possible because a large majority of our participants register due to a referral from a past participant who has benefited. BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA
  3. 3. BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA PAGE 3 High impact programs Caption group exercises application orientation during the describing done with data program. picture or provided to you. In industry focused groups, partici- While laptops are pants help each other in learning graphic. recommended in as a consensus is required to be Green Belt Train- reached in good number of quiz ing, they are must exercises that take place. for Black Belt train- ing. Multi-sensory impact created through usage of appropriate vis- There is a case study ual aids adds to the retention for running through each participants. program with a story line that helps build clarity into Even years after the program, The Benchmark Six Sigma training chances are that you will recall Six Sigma each concept covered. format provides ample practice some anecdotes and stories Leaders from during training with individual and Participants are divided in industry shared during the program. focused groups to foster better Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing , Master Black Belt Certification Telecom, and ITES/ BPO undergoing Benchmark Six Master Black Belt Program is for ters which they Sigma MBB Six Sigma Leaders within compa- have been ex- Program nies. ploring for years This unique program prepares and could not Black Belts to lead Organization- find anywhere. wide initiative. It provides answers to all questions that they may face while conducting training pro- grams, while mentoring projects, and while driving change. Most importantly, this program provides answers to Six Sigma implemen- Up-to-date programs Benchmark Six Sigma offerings are 3. Our trainers conduct regular up-to-date. Several reasons behind consulting assignments in or- this are— ganizations and find answers to 1. Multi Industry training and most intriguing business chal- deployment experience of lenges. trainers. 4. Six Sigma is evolving and 2. Trainers have been working in Benchmark Six Sigma has or- companies from a leadership ganized sector specific confer- position and have hands on ences to contribute the cause. experience in running Six Sigma programs.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Unique After-training support-I 3. You get to see the challenges people are facing in various When you undergo training sectors and what solutions have been found for them. from Benchmark Six Sigma, you become a member of 4. You get to view and download material uploaded by other 2500 plus community of a participants in a network where people help each other. web based group that inter- acts regularly. This helps you in may ways. 1. Your queries are re- sponded by people from your own industry. These Get your answers responses are approved/ moderated by our Master through Active Black Belts. Online Group par- ticipants willing to 2. You get to know what is happening in the Six Sigma help each other community. I got excellent insight in a chat Unique After-training support-II session. The active While carrying out projects in Additionally, quiz series are and tools are applicable in all your organizations after un- organized on topics that are industries, the way they are online group offers dergoing training, if you come common to most participants applied may vary from indus- something or the across challenges that need and the best comments are try to industry (as business interaction, we organize one posted on the group. challenges faced are signifi- other regularly to to one chat session with the cantly different). It is here that Participants submit project me. In a way I am Master Black Belt at no extra reports which are evaluated the large group comes to cost. In such chat sessions by our MBB experts. If re- your rescue. getting life long you get to share data, discuss ports meet criteria, an addi- issues at length and get an- tional project completion services from swers to the challenges faced certification is granted at no Benchmark Six by you as you carry out your extra cost. first project. Sigma. Though Six Sigma concepts There are enough past participants from each industry and functional areas so you have good chances to get online help from someone who faced a similar difficulty and suc- ceeded in overcom- ing it. BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA
  5. 5. Benchmark Six Sigma Initiated Six Sigma programs in 2001. Our sole purpose is to im- prove organizational results through the world-best approaches. Consulting and In-house training division works with organizations partnering in their Benchmark Six Sigma Lean Management/ Six Sigma initiatives. Regional Offices—Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata Certification division carries out Management System Certification and has more than 600 Head Office - SF 34, clients in India. Ansal Fortune Arcade, Block K, Sector 18, Noida, Pin 201301 Public Training division conducts training in Phone: 0120-4534444 eight cities in India. Fax: 0120-4268000 email - Visit us at Website: Selected List of Benchmark Six Sigma Clients