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Benchmark Six Sigma offers globally recognized Six Sigma training and certification across eight Indian cities and also provides Six Sigma Consulting services on deployment of Six Sigma.

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Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt Brochure

  1. 1. AwholenewworldofopportunitiesBlackBeltCertificationBlackBeltCertificationInspiringMinds,FacilitatingExcellence
  2. 2. All About BlackBeltAll About BlackBeltBlackBelttrainingprovides hands-on experienceon real-world problems.Why ChooseBenchmark Six Sigma ?Most experienced and respected trainersand consultants.More than 10,000 Belts trained.Highest recognition and respect acrosssectors.Updated programs with latest inputs.Unique training and facilitationmethodology with Multisensory impact.Complete Range of programs up toMaster Black Belt Training.Regular programs in eight cities.Programs since 2001 with the besttrainer retention.Unique after training support throughvery active web based forum and groupactivities.Unique after training support throughchat sessions with Master Black Belts.Project completion support andcertification at no additional cost.Conducted only by trainers withcross-industry implementation andleadership experience.Six Sigma and Lean Implementation(optional) follow-up with powerful Top/Senior Management Workshops withinorganizations.Recruitment & job support forcompanies and individuals...............Program ObjectivesTraining MethodologyCourse DurationPre-requisitesCertification RequirementsThe Black Belt certification program provides an advanced coverage of the SixSigma methodology. The Black Belt training course provides not only thepractical knowledge but also hands-on experience applying these tools onreal-world problems. By the end of the program, candidates would be ready tosolve complex business problems using Six Sigma methodology.The program starts with a half day refresher on Green Belt tools and techniques.Training methodology includes Lectures, Q/A, Small Group Discussions, ReviewSessions, Exercises, Tests, Hands-on practical problems, Demonstration, CaseStudy, Live or Video Demonstration, Simulation, Role Playing, Teaching Others,Guided Practice with Feedback, Brainstorming, Problem Solving and ArticleDiscussions.Case Studies, practice questions, data for exercises and practice projects areprovided to all participants on the first day of the training. Team exercises areused throughout the workshop.The Benchmark Six Sigma training format provides ample practice in three waysBefore training by the use of Pre- Course material provided by email onregistration.Between part 1 and part 2 of the training utilizing practice exercises.During training with the help of two simulated practice projects....The course duration of the Black Belt program is six days. The first part of thetraining (three days) covers Define, Measure, and Analyze phases. Participantsare provided practice questions to use before they attend the second phase.The second part covers improve and control phases. Practical exercises arecompleted at the end of each day to reinforce the concepts covered during theday. Both the phases of training are usually held on Friday-Saturday-Sunday tominimize disruption to work schedules.The pre-requisite for attending a Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt program iscompletion of a globally accepted Green Belt training. Completion of a GreenBelt project prior to the Black Belt training is not mandatory. A good number ofparticipants are able to carry out their first Six Sigma project as a Black Beltproject.On the last day of the training, there is a 150 question multiple-choice examthat lasts 4 hours. The questions on the final exam include material that is covered inall phases of the training. All participants who get an overall score of greater than70% will receive a certificate in assosiation with RABQSA that indicates that theyare certified based on examination, While participants scoring between60% - 69% will receive a Benchmark Six Sigma certificate.An additional Project Completion certificate can be achieved by candidates whocomplete a valid Black Belt project and submit a project report within 3 years ofcompleting the training program. This certificate will indicate that the candidate iscertified based on examination and completion of one project.All project certificates are valid for a period of three years. Candidates will have tosubmit evidence of project completion or continuing education to get recertifiedevery three years.
  3. 3. Advantage BenchmarkSixSigmaAdvantage BenchmarkSixSigmaBlack Belt Programs are conducted at Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, andHyderabad. In any given month, there is usually at least one Black Belt program beingconducted by Benchmark Six Sigma at one of the cities across India.Latest schedule at After-Training SupportHighest Global RecognitionBenchmark Six SigmaLearn & ShareFree FeatureBenchmark Six Sigma offers unparalleled internationalrecognition. Benchmark Six Sigma is certified as a TrainingProvider for Black Belt training by RABQSA.RABQSA’s principal offices are located in Sydney, Australia,Milwaukee, USA and Seoul, Korea with international officeslocated in Brazil, Cyprus, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand,Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey, and Seoul Branch offices located inChina and Vietnam.Participants from US, Europe, Middle East, Japan, and otherparts of Asia attend our programs indicating a world-wideacceptance of Benchmark Six Sigma programs.Benchmark Six Sigma trainers include practitioners who haveexperience as Master Black Belts in spearheading Six Sigmaprograms in multinational companies.When you undergo training from Benchmark Six Sigma, youbecome a member of a highly active web based group. Thishelps you in many ways......You can view job postings and career discussions.Your queries are responded by people from industry of yourinterest.The responses are approved/ moderated by our Master BlackBelts.You get to know latest happenings in the Six Sigmacommunity. You get to see challenges faced by people invarious sectors.You get to view and download material uploaded by otherparticipants.View Case studies from 41 industries.Study applications in 13 functions andinterest areas.Share papers & articles.Participates in discussions.Enhance and showcase yourbenchmarks.Visit
  4. 4. Benchmark Six Sigma BlackBeltContentOutlineBenchmark Six Sigma BlackBeltContentOutline““If you compare Benchmark SixSigma Black Belt programcourse contents with thoseoffered by other leadingproviders—you will find thatBenchmark coverage is same orbetter. The advantage is how thematerial is covered by focusingon the practical knowledge thatis directly applicable toreal-world situations.Project Leadership Analyze PhaseManage ProjectsCoaching ProjectsChange ManagementDefine PhaseMeasure PhaseImprove PhaseControl PhaseEnterprise ViewOur Six Sigma programs are not just about learningDMAIC methodology. Importantly, they are aboutlearning scientific decision making techniques whichare extremely useful even if you are not doing a sixsigma project.Leadership roles & responsibilitiesOrganizational roadblocks & how to address themDeploying Six Sigma in an organizationBenchmarking and replicationPlanning tools & time managementFinancial measures (NPV, IRR, Benefits)Team facilitation (Team Stages)Team performance evaluation and rewardProject trackingIdentify resistance to changeImplement a plan to counter resistanceStakeholder managementVoice of the customer (Survey Methods, Analysis ofSurvey Results)Project charterIdentify owners and stakeholdersProject risk analysisProcess mapping & analysis (SIPOC, Functional DeploymentMaps, VA/NVA Analysis)Data types & collection plan (Continuous & Discrete, Sampling)Measurement systems analysis (Continuous & Attribute)Basic statistics & process capability analysis (DPU, DPMO,Sigma Level, CP/CPK, PP/PPK)Hypothesis testing (Null & Alternate, Types of Errors, P values,Sample Sizes)Relationship between variables (Regression, Logistic Regression)Tests of means, variances, and proportions (t-Tests, ANOVA,Chi-Square etc)Identify and handle non-normal data (Non-Parametric Tests)Lean tools and techniques to analyze data (5 Why’s)Idea generation (Brainstorming, Creative Thinking)Design of experiments and analysis (Full & Fractional FactorialDesigns)Failure modes and effects analysisImplementation of improved processLean tools to improve (Kaizen, Waste Elimination, Kaizen)Statistical process control (IMR, Xbar-R, C, U, P, NP Charts)Lean tools for control (TPM, Visual Factory)Sustain improvements (Control Plan, Lessons Learned,Documentation)Financial reviews & validation (Hard and Soft Benefits)Integration of Lean and Six SigmaSix Sigma and Project ManagementDifferences between DMAIC & DFSS.....................................
  5. 5. Partial List of Clients““Here is Whatour past participantssay about Black BeltCertificationI liked the explanation on DMAIC alongwith usage of tools and methods ateach of the steps. Very effective andsimple way to get acquainted with sixsigma’s concepts and methodology.-Alain Comparet, CEO, SchneiderElectricThe best course to achieve customersatisfaction and breakthroughperformance improvement.- Y. Subrahmanyam, GM, ApolloHospitalsThe Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belttraining and certification program iscomprehensive and well presentedwith lucid lectures, various relevantexamples, focus groups for differentindustries and a detailed treatment ofstatistical methods which makes for avaluable learning experience.- Rajesh Sampathkumar, Asst.Manager - Engineering Consultant,Larsen & ToubroOne of the most interesting workshopsI have ever attended. The clarity ofconcepts and their application is verywell covered throughout the training.Definitely recommend the course.- Sudhi Snha Varshney, Manager-Process Management, HDFC LifeInsuranceI appreciate the in-depth knowledge ofthe Instructor and his communicationability.- Rajeev Dua, Director, SunMicrosystemsTraining and course material wereexcellent. The trainers concept andclarity was remarkable and helped meto look things differently.- Niladri Shekhar Dutta, SeniorConsultant, Price Water HouseCoopers.Partial List of Clients
  6. 6. About Benchmark Six SigmaFounded in 2001, Benchmark Six Sigma leads the change management workshopsin India, Benchmark utilizes a wide variety of management techniques that haveevolved over centuries to help client organizations and professionals addresschallenges and chart extra-ordinary growth paths.Benchmark workshops have evolved as Industry best offerings in two formats. In thepublic workshops format, we offer globally recognized programs with content andmethodology that can be used in practically any domain. In the customizedin-company workshops format, Benchmark is known for its ability to design anddeliver highly valuable programs with demonstrated applicability. Our in-companyworkshops are offered with or without consulting support.While Benchmark has already initiated conduct of workshops in certain other partsof the world, years 2011 and 2012 are earmarked for initiation of Benchmarkprograms in continents across the globe.Benchmark has industry experience across 41 industry sectors.Want to see SixSigma successstories in a specificindustry or function?Visit Our Websitewww.benchmarksixsigma.comBenchmark Six SigmaJobPortalExplore jobs and gaincompetitive edge.Recruit people for yourSix Sigma team at no cost.Get short listing support atnominal fee.. .Public TrainingLocationsRegional OfficesBANGALORELevel 14 & 15, Concorde Towers,UB City 1, Vittal Mallya Road,Bangalore - 560001Tel : +919343217449bangalore@benchmarksixsigma.comCHENNAIChennai Citi Centre, Level 6, 10/11,Dr.Radhakrishna Salai,Chennai - 600 004Tel : +919380615163chennai@benchmarksixsigma.comKOLKATABF -144, Salt Lake City,Sector -1,Kolkata - 700064Phone: +9193310 04509kolkata@benchmarksixsigma.comMUMBAILevel 2, Raheja Centre Point,294 CST Road, Near Mumbai University,Off Bandra–Kurla Complex,Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400 098Tel : +9193234 32233mumbai@benchmarksixsigma.comHYDERABADHyderabad Mid-Town1st Floor, Mid Town PlazaRoad No. 1, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad - 500034Tel: +919391330353hyderabad@benchmarksixsigma.comDUBAIEmirates Towers,Level 41,Sheikh Zayed Road,Dubai- UAE, PO Box 31303Phone: +971 561442663dubai@benchmarksixsigma.orgCORPORATE OFFICEBenchmark Six Sigma, The Corenthum2714, Tower A, 7th Floor, A-41, Sector- 62,Noida - 201301MARKETING OFFICE FOR DELHISF 34, Ansal Fortune Arcade,Block K, Sector 18,Noida - 201301Tel : +919810919501delhi@benchmarksixsigma.comDelhi/NCRAhmedabadMumbaiKolkataPuneHyderabadBangaloreChennaiInspiringMinds,FacilitatingExcellence