Task 2a research on understanding your target audience


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Task 2a research on understanding your target audience

  1. 1. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience)Age:Is where a media product can be aimed at a certain age range which is very muchdependent upon the area of the target market for the product. It can be used to determinethe allocation and lifestyle of the age group for a particular media product where this can beidentified by what is called geo-demographics and demographics. These illustrations show the way in which the target audience for a media product can be allocated and how they can identify the age range for a product within the media industry.The target age group for my media product which is digital video for promoting the CreativeMedia BTEC course is aimed at 16 to 21 years old who are eager to expand on theirknowledge on computing. I have chosen this age group because it would not be best suitedfor anyone below this age range because of the challenges that the course has to offer.Cheadle and Marple is a Sixth Form College and so exists to cater for the education of post16 learners.
  2. 2. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience)Gender:Many media products are targeted specifically at Male or Female audiences and someproducts focus more on one gender than the other. For example, the chart below shows themix of gender targeting for a particular media product.Another example couldbe television programmes which are “Real Housewives of New YorkCity” and “Loose Women” where these are targeted specifically at women. In contrastaction film or drama such as, James Bond films are targeted mostly at Men.For my media product it would be aimed equally at Male or Female who are interested intaking on an additional computing course subject. This is because the College has a policyrelating to actual discrimination laws preventing inequality between genders.However, some college courses traditionally attract mostly Male or Female students. That isto say, Health and Social courses are mostly chosen by Females and BTEC Sport course areasare targeted at Men. But in my current Creative Media class there is about 30 to 40 percentFemale students which shows that it does appeal towards both genders.
  3. 3. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience)Location:Is to do with the way media products can be allocated towards certain areas within theMedia Industry. For instance, the Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College would be locatedwithin Cheadle where the actual address in on the website itself which is the following:www.camsfc.ac.uk.
  4. 4. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience)It also provides a College site map within Cheadle that enables users to easily spot thelocation of the Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College. It allows anyone who is within theregion of Manchester to actually allocate the area of the Cheadle Campus in which is veryhelpful for people who are not very familiar with the layout of the college itself especially,the visually impaired people as well.
  5. 5. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience)BARB:Is the “Broadcasters Audiences Research Board” which provides the most full-bodied in-home TV measurement system within the globe which oversees 5,000 TV households withinthe UK and observe around 15,000 TV viewers in total. It mainly monitors the televisionratings in which was compiled with the ITV and the BBC’s own ratings including other TVbroadcasters such as, Channel 4, Five, BskyB and the IPA (Institute of Practitioners inAdvertising) but the BARB was purposely produced in order to replace these systems withmore up-to-date TV viewing figures. This document shows the latest weekly TV viewing figures which summarises all of the numerical data that is obtained of the number of people who watch TV throughout different areas such as, Channel and Average Weekly Viewings etc.
  6. 6. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience) This webpage document reveals the weekly TV viewing figures for the BBC2 Channel where the capacity number of viewers comprises of Millions in which this process is implemented for other channels such as, BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five. It also states the weekly range in when the TV programmes within the BBC2 are broadcasted.The BARB TV company is mainly liable for the number of TV viewing estimations of thepeople within the UK nation. The viewing data is assembled by second-by-second and it isdelivered on a minute-by-minute basis for all of the channels that are transmissionablethroughout the UK so that subscribers can access the data available the morning after thepresent time of TV broadcasting.RAJAR:It was originally established in 1992 in order to conduct a single audience measurementsystem within the radio industry through the BBC and the UK licensed commercial stations.Is a term that stands for Radio Joint Audience Research in and is the main official body thatis responsible for measuring radio audiences nationally within the UK. This process is carriedout through a survey in which there are 320 individual stations currently involved within thesurveying and publication of the outcomes every 3 months.
  7. 7. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience) This map shows the different areas in which the survey is operated so that it can measure the capacity of the number of radio listeners. This webpage extract illustrates the types of radio listening figures that used within a broader range of different radio transmission zones in order to classify their target audience. It uses a range of tags in order to categorise the listening figures into different areas such as, Average Hours Per Head, Average Hours Per Listener and the total number of hours in thousands etc.ELSPA:Was the term that stood for, “The Entertainment and Leisure Software PublishersAssociation”, which was formed in the year 1989 by the VSP (Videogame SoftwarePublishers within the UK. It is now currently named as the UKIE (United Kingdom InteractiveEntertainment Industry) and is the leading videogame trade body within the nation. Theyhave an entity in order to support the interests, needs and positive image of Videogame andInteractive Entertainment.
  8. 8. Ben Turner Unit 4, 5 and 62 26/11/12 (Understanding Your Target Audience) This document gives guidance as to the work that is involved within the UKIE Company.It is a thriving and progressive company in which mainly focuses on the publication anddevelopment of the videogames throughout the UK nation. It also includes certain ageratings of the videogames which help them to classify a particular audience in which thegame is aimed at. This image shows all of the age ratings that are implemented throughout all of the videogames that are produced and developed.