Client proposal for the i hostels website


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Client proposal for the i hostels website

  1. 1. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)For the website called “iHostels” I will be illustrating and explaining how users can bookplaces for Australia hostels and other resources that are available within this continent suchas, Hotels, Tours, Travelling and Places to Visit etc. I will have to wisely consider theaudience in which the “iHostels” website will be aimed at. It will also allow them to gainaccess towards the hostels within different areas of Australia for example, Sydney,Melbourne and Western Australia etc.The main target audience for the “iHostels” website is Oz Backpackers who are interested inexploring different aspects in relation to the hostels that are provided within Australia. Dueto the increase in the price sale and VAT (Value Added Tax) for a hostel it will be more likelyto be aimed at Adults but some hostels could be bought cheaper as explained above.Client Requirements:Amount of pages:Accordingly to what the client has stated he would like a minimum of 6 to 8 webpages if Iam to be aiming to achieve a Merit/Distinction level grade. So in order to do this I am goingto produce 8 functionally working webpages which will be kept in mind whilst creating theiHostels website. I should also take into consideration the amount of pages to be createdand discard the one that are not as important.Necessary Banner:For earlier production work of the interactive elements I was asked to produce a bannerthat mainly advertises that hostels that are available within Australia. Once you access thebooking ihostels webpage it enables you to navigate towards certain website in order to buythe ihostels.Navigation Bar:The navigation bar must be customised within the iHostels website in which the client hasrequired it to be suitably formatted and presented. The overall colour scheme will need tofit in with the house style and the theme. It should clearly show all of the content within thestructure of the navigation bar of the iHostels website so that it enables users/customers toaccess the features in the website with ease.Background:The backdrop colour image of the iHostels website must be adequate for the overall housestyle and layout. The background image must fit in with the whole colour scheme and notdistracting the client’s attention. So in order to keep their attention onto what the websitehas to offer; the background should preferably be subtle and complimentary of the mainlayout of the iHostels website.
  2. 2. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Colour Scheme:The colour scheme should be limited by mixing a small range of matching colours togethersuch as, Light-Blue and Red in order to make it look professional. The client has mentionedthat the colour scheme must remain consistent throughout all of the pages within theiHostels website. So therefore, all of the colour schemes that have been chosen by me willnot be altered.The client has also required customised logo graphic that will clearly link throughout theiHostels website where this was produced within the Adobe Photoshop CS5 softwareapplication.The iHostels website must clearly involve an admiring, but yet restricted, colour schemewhere this means I have to ensure that I only use a few colours that makes the site lookprofessional, therefore it should resemble the whole theme of the iHostels website. Theclient has mentioned vital information in that the website colour scheme and layout of theiHostels website must remain consistent throughout all of the webpages so that it gives asustainable visualisation of the iHostels website.Web Graphics:The iHostels website will need to contain lots of appropriate web graphics accordingly towhat the client has stated through class discussion so that it is eye-catching towards theaudience that the iHostels website is aimed at and it also helps to create a good websitedesign. For my leisure product site, I will be thinking about including images that have beenready-made within the Adobe Photoshop CS5 software application such as, the LogoGraphic for the iHostels website and that have been originally made by other authors orcreators of an existing hostels website within Australia.Rollovers:The client has also require me to apply multiple rollover objects for my iHostels websitesince the client is really keen on the way this could have an effect on the outcome ofproducing good websites, so therefore I will have to make sure that a loads of these effectsare used throughout my iHostels website. In accordance, to the research I did for 3 relatedwebsites which were the following YHA Australia, The Australian Web Awards 2012 andMacTalkwebsites where they all used similar rollover effects and I have to say they workextremely well on the e-commerce sites. They can be easily embedded into graphicalbuttons on the navigation bar and with other types of images etc.
  3. 3. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Links:Throughout the iHostels website there will be a range of different hyperlinks to be usedwithin the site where this will include the following: Button Links. These interactive featuresshould not be too difficult to be integrated within the iHostels website since graphic linkswill be implemented within the iHostelswebsite’s navigation bar anyway, the button linkscan be used for things such as, `Booking iHostels` etcetera and the text links to be exploitedthroughout all of the anchor points.Layers:Another requirement in which the client has specified is that my iHostels website shouldcontain some layers (or app divs as they can be referred to on the Adobe Flash ProfessionalCS5 software application). These can be done within the form of graphical content that isamplified with text overlay and could be added to be homepage of the iHostels website.Text overlays may not necessarily apply towards the iHostels website as the images and textetcetera will be constructed properly as still content or within the form of tables asdescribed below in the next paragraph.Animation:For my iHostels website I will have to make sure that the site contains at least 2 elements ofanimation, one of which is the “Tour Buses Animation” advertising how you can book aplace for transport, whilst other animated features can be allocated as a primary sourcesuch as, a direct access route to the hostels through the website banner. The client has alsostated that he wants the animation to be kept strictly unique and therefore I will have tobear this in mind when creating/searching for the animation aspects for the iHostelswebsite.Text:As far as the text goes within the iHostels website, it is needed to be suitably formatted witha font of sans or sans serif. For example, Ariel, Verdana or Comic Sans in which they weregiven by the client so by making use of one of these fonts for the iHostels website willprobably be a good idea. For my 6 interactive elements they will stand at a Calibri fontbetween sizes 14 pts up to 18 pts for the following: Advertising Banner, Navigation Bar,Logo, Rollover Buttons and Animated GIF. All of the text edited by me will be standardisedat a Calibri (Font) where this will take place for the example fonts as stated within thissection.Form:The client has said that he wants the iHostels website to involve an active form that allowscustomers to inputted their details inn when they checkout from the iHostels website.Examples of details being collected from the customers are the following: Phone Number,Email Address and Card Details etc.
  4. 4. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Email Address:As part of the client’s requirements, I have decided to put an email link within theComments webpage for the iHostels website so that likely customers can send questionsrelated to specific products or taking in regard to anything else about the iHostels websitein general. This can be displayed near the end of the form as well where it allows you tocopy your details over to an email so that I can be sent to me the owner of the iHostelswebsite. In addition to this, the email link will obviously be placed within the Contact Uswebpage for the iHostels website.Accessibility:In accordance, to the client I need to supplement the functionality of the iHostels websitewith valid alternate text and have a consistent layout for the font and colour so that it fits inwith the overall theme of the iHostels website.Standardisation:The iHostels website does need to contain a clear visualisation of standardisation for all ofthe webpages meaning that the layout and page design need to be precisely the samethroughout the iHostels website. Any types of fonts and colours have to be exactly the samethroughout every webpage meaning that text within the product description for the Hostelswithin Australia must be the same for every product advertised on the iHostels website,images needs to be the same size and any anchors or hyperlinks need to be kept identicaltowards the users of the iHostels website.Audience Considerations:The target audience in which my iHostels website is aimed at Oz Backpackers who areinterested in exploring different aspects in relation to the hostels that are provided withinAustralia. Not only is just aimed at people who are interested in what the Hostels withinAustralia have to offer but by the new technological developments it is also targetscustomers who are able to dispose income on the facilities and resources within theiHostels website since that they do not come cheap. In hindsight, young teenagers will notbe able to book a place for expensive Hostels in Australia products; therefore the iHostelswebsite will be aimed towards adults. More importantly, to take into consideration is thatthe target audience in which my iHostels website is aimed at will possibly be interested increative and imaginative hostels design for example, the logo graphic and researchingimagesbased upon the hostels and other resources available in which will ultimately meanthat the way I construct the design of the iHostels website is crucial. They will want to lookfor efficient and unique layout design in which this will make them think that the newinvention of Australia Hostels products have been carefully taken into consideration uponproducing the iHostels website.
  5. 5. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Accessibility Features:The accessibility aspects will need to be cover on my iHostels website for instance, pop-upson graphics, valid alternate text and a consistent use of font and a limited range of coloursas well such as, Orange, Light-Blue and Red colour schemes which are to be integratedwithin the layout iHostels website. The pop-ups on the images could give supplementarydetails about the picture, very much like within the layers that the client has requested forthis to be included within the iHostels website. Since a lot of text will need to be re-writtenit is ideal that valid alternate text it put into place for users especially, for them who arevisually-impaired so that it makes it easier for them to understand the text within theiHostels website. The consistent layout of font and colour should be straight-forwardenough to incorporate because the client requires these to be standardised anywaymeaning that they will need to be integrated throughout the iHostels website.Ease of Use:The prospect of having an e-commerce website is mainly based upon the amount sales andproducts that are being sold within the iHostels website. This can only be made possible ifthe user’s or customers can optimise the iHostels website functions and trust the siteenough in order to dispose income for at least one of the products and services that areavailable for the iHostels website. So therefore, by having a clear navigation throughout allof the webpages within the site is simple and easy to customers because it will help them tonavigate throughout all of the webpages within the iHostels website.Resources:Resources needed:The kind of resources that could be used for the iHostels website involve things likecomputer software applications such as, Adobe Flash Professional CS5 where I can only usethis computer facility within the CAMSFC (Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College) in which Ihave to bear in mind there is limited time to get this done nearby the mid-time of December2012. I will also need interactive elements that have been created in the Adobe PhotoshopCS5 software application for example, Advertising Banner, Rollover Buttons Logo Graphic,Navigation Bar and Animated GIF. In addition to this, I would also need to refer to thestoryboard sketches that were produced before putting together the iHostels website.Type of Resources you will use and where they will be found:The sort of resources that I will be using comprise of a computer software application calledAdobe Flash Professional CS5 to create my iHostels website within the software application(where this can easily be found click on the WINDOWS START MENU, then you select ALLPROGRAMS, click on ADOBE MASTER COLLECTION CS5 and then select the ADOBE FLASHPROFESSIONAL CS5 software application. (This is done accordingly to the illustrationsbelow…..)
  6. 6. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)
  7. 7. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)I will also need the Adobe Photoshop CS5 software application for the production of theinteractive media assets such as, Website Banner etcetera (where this is available both athome and in the CAMSFC (Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College). This could also involvebasic animation being applied towards the images created within the Adobe Photoshop CS5software application. Furthermore, I will be using the visualised storyboard sketches for myiHostels website that will be used as a guide for how to layout the webpages within the sitein which they will be allocated in my work folder in the ICT suite in CO5. Any additionaltutorials for the Adobe Flash Professional CS5can be found on the College’s VLE (VirtualLearning Environment) as shown below from the following URL web address: details of Resources already created:The resources that have already been produced are a few interactive assets which will beused for the iHostels website. These comprise of the following: Advertising Banner, RolloverButtons, Logo Graphic, Navigation Bar and the Animated GIF for Tour Buses Animation. Allof the graphics collated will link together within the colour scheme, font and colour sotherefore it will sustain a standardised look throughout the iHostels website. When all ofthe design work for the iHostels website is assembled as a whole then it all needs to be fullyfunctional as one website as opposed to many other parts within the site that don’t reallybelong together. My chosen colour scheme that is to be used throughout the iHostelswebsite is Orange, Light-Blue and Red in which I do hope to produce a unique looking layoutand design that should attract attention from the target audience of Adults who areinterested in booking for place within Australia Hostels and other thing. (Screen prints of theinteractive elements produced are shown below…..)
  8. 8. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)
  9. 9. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)
  10. 10. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)
  11. 11. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Conceptualisation:The iHostels website does need to advertise a range of Hostels within Australia where itshould be appealing towards the target audience who are intrigued by the Australia Hostelsproducts at a range of different levels. An explicit layout will make sure that potentialcustomers can access the webpages and the products that they are looking to find fairlyquickly within the iHostels website. Indeed, the most essential aspect of any website is thenavigation, especially as it is for online advertising and selling of the products for theiHostels website. Whereas, if there was no clear indication of navigation then “how will thelikely customers be able to navigate around the iHostels website?”. Buttons need to beincluded which clearly link to the (restricted) colour scheme so that it attains the level ofdistinction and trust between you and the customers who are viewing the iHostelswebsite.Another key point is that the website is available for everyone to gain access to andtherefore help boxes maybe put in place which operate as rollovers. These could containsupplementary data, reminders or even examples of how to use search boxes etc. By usingand integrating some helpful accessibility functions, this consequently means that theiHostels website can attract a much wider audience as possible.As far as devising a company name and a logo, I have come up with a few of my own designideas that have all been ready-made by me the creator of the iHostels website within theAdobe Photoshop CS5 software application. My name that I decided to use is `iHostels`which stands for (Interactive Hostels) are both vital pieces of information when it comes tothe subject of hostel products. I have done storyboard sketches on the 6 interactiveelements which are the following: Advertising Banner, Rollover Buttons, Logo Graphic,Navigation Bar and Animated GIF before finally creating them all within the AdobePhotoshop CS5 software application.As shown below you can see images of how the designed logo will be incorporated withinthe iHostels website. As you can clearly see, I have chosen to use waves and an officiallooking branding of the iHostels logo that I produced in the Adobe Photoshop CS5 softwareapplication and I do hope that the simplicity of this interactive feature will flow well with theoverall design and the idea of making the iHostels website look unique in which this is whatI am trying to achieve through the creation of the graphical designs for the iHostels website.The sustainability of the colour scheme is the same throughout every webpage for theiHostels website as it is part of the interactive assets as shown above in an attempt tomaintain the pattern of house style at all times within the iHostels website. I do want thelogo graphic to be appealing but yet not too complicated. In my point of view, the logographic does fit it well within the iHostels website because it helps the users to identify whothe site belongs to.
  12. 12. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Visualisation:During the period between the 27th November to the 14th December 2012 I have to ensurethat I keep in mind the overall house style and layout that I want to achieve for the iHostelswebsite. The site does need to be attractive towards the target audience and sell iHostelsproducts and additional facilities at the same time, so therefore I needed to be sure that itwas not to sway towards one or the other. The main aim for this is that I want people toview the iHostels website and instantly know theme of the site and gain an understandingof what the iHostels website is about. I do feel that this will be made possible if I include adescription about the new leisure products related to the iHostels website and puthyperlinks on that are based around the products that are provided for backpackers withinAustralia, but not just the Hostels itself. Maybe put underneath the descriptive textcaptionsa range of illustrations will be put in in order to show the kind of hostels that areavailable within theiHostels website. It is the kind of things like this that I think will enduremore customer satisfaction and help them to pay to maintain attention towards any sort ofonline selling website.I do want customers who view the iHostels website to put their trust into what is being saidand if they do purchase something from the website it is going to be official and thateverything has been done efficiently. It is important that I keep the written content to agood level of English because it will attain the highest level of professionalism. There cannotbe any spelling mistakes or broken links because this will then add doubts as to whether theiHostels website is worthy to operate with and the site could lose sales due to this course ofaction.See illustration below…..
  13. 13. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Information Architecture:Layout:In terms of the layout for the iHostels website I want it to be very clear, easy to use andprofessional looking. Every interactive asset does need to be thought out carefully so that itall works together as normal rather than it being just thrown together all in one portion. Iwould want the main body content of the iHostels website to be on the left with anadditional panel on the left-hand side for supplementary colour scheme which is: Orange.The iHostels website banner should primarily be placed at the top in order to drawattention from its audience since it does hold key information (such as, advertising a rangeof Australia Hostels and embedding a link to the checkout point for purchasing products aswell.) As shown below it should outline where the main elements of the iHostels websitewill be displayed. The navigation bar will be used to enable customers or users to navigatearound the iHostels website and the functions in order to purchase the iHostels products.This must be clear and again make it operational with the other interactive featuressurrounding it. (Therefore the width of the banner needs to be about the same width of thenavigation bar). As you can see below, there is a computerised design of what I wanted theiHostels website to look like:See image and annotations below…..
  14. 14. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website) Navigation Bar (Buttons) Main Page Content BannerNavigation:The website has to contain a navigation bar that will obtain the primary links to the mainwebpages for the iHostels website. These will be produced in a restricted, yet matchingcolour scheme to suit the overall theme throughout the rest of the iHostels website andalso at a very effective size as well. The navigation bars have to stand out from the rest ofthe features of the website because they are main forms of navigating throughout your sitemeaning that possible customers do need to clearly visualise this part of the interactiveelements in other words they have to be able to see it clearly.Within the iHostels website buttons obtained in a navigation bar should be the key links forusability for the iHostels website. These can comprise of things for example, Home, Hostelsin Australia and Places to Visit etc. Anything that you want your target customers to findneeds to be allocated within that bar along with additional buttons as well such as, ContactUs and Legal and Ethical Issues etcetera where these will be positioned right at the bottom-left of the main body within the iHostels website. When a customer is viewing your site,they will want to find out what you have to offer in terms of selling and how they can buythe products being sold on the website. If they start to look more in depth into aspects ofthe website they will want to be able to contact the site owner if they have any furtherquestions or enquiries relating to the products or the website itself etc.E-commerce Facilities:It is obviously an e-commerce website that should contain operating functions within thewebsite and these means certain options have to be provided by the customer. Forinstance, add to basket, order forms and customer information needs to be on hand forthem since possible customers do need to phone the owner of the website if any purchasesfor anything included within your organisation. If you only just miss of one of these features,you can ultimately run the risk of not producing any sales and a large amount of customerswill be put off by this. So by this happening you can lose business, therefore the website isnot being operated at its full potential.
  15. 15. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Links to other sites:Can be referred to as `Hyperlinks`is where anchors are used to help construct the navigationsystem within the website which means that it can also direct customers around the site.The main positive point about buttons is that they can be easily included within thegraphical rollover objects in which this means that they are possibly classified as being moreinteractive and simple to recognise as an explicit button within the site. Nevertheless,hyperlinks enable other websites to be linked and linking to other resources for example,sites could contain price checkers where it will go up as highly ranked in my estimation. Aslong as you acknowledge that the websites that you are putting links towards are muchworse in relation to the quality and price, then creating links to them can be a very goodthing. However, it is said in theory that any links within a website does draw the customer’sattention away from the site which consequently leaves the website very vulnerable if thecustomers do not decide to return to your website.Legal and Ethical Considerations:`Copyright` which is known as the Copyright Designs and Patents Act1988is a law that hasbeen governed within the UK since it was created that year in which it had been introducedfor two main reasons which comprise of, ensuring that creators of a multimedia product areaccredited for their endeavour and will also make sure some kind of protection is in place, ifwork has ever been stolen from them. Before the invention of this act there was nothingmuch that people could do legally if somebody else had stolen their work and make claimsof ownership of the interactive media product. The law primarily includes different types ofmultimedia and it mainly focuses on protecting ICT work, particularly if anything is spreadpublicity on the web that makes it a lot easier for someone to steal and claim it as theirown. The same applies towards imitating software applications, MP3 songs, Videos, Imagesand Text etc. Any type of multimedia element that has been extracted from a source whereit has already been produced by someone you are then infringing upon the copyright law.More details on the nature of the copyright law can be allocated on the following URL webaddress: copyright law within the UK as of today is enforced automatically within multimediaproducts that have been created meaning you do not have to apply or register since thislasts for a lifetime and then for a further 70 years after the death of the creator. When it hassurpassed this time period, the ownership of copyright is normally passed down to therecipients or the beneficiaries of an interactive media product. In some cases, the copyrightdoes not solely lie with the creator of a multimedia product but falls into the hands ofsomeone else which can prove to be hard to track down the copyright holder but if you doexploit the primary assets of an interactive media product without the permission of thecreator or owner this can lead you into serious trouble due to violation of the copyright law.The only person that is capable of reproducing their work in any medium by any other partywhere work has been stored electronically is the copyright holder. The creators of aninteractive media product are able to retain copyright if they are commissioned to do anykind of design work for their multimedia product which has been signified as an agreement
  16. 16. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)between both parties unless one of them state otherwise. On the other hand, if visualcreators are not just working for themselves whilst employed within a company, then theemployer/owner of a business is the one who maintains ownership of copyright for aninteractive media product.With images in particularly for multimedia products you can always choose to use stockphotos, which are photos where the owner of copyright decides open them up so that theycan be freely used by the public. Every now and then, strict rules are applied as to when andwhere the assets could be used so it is essential that you have read what the copyrightholder has stated. But having said that, you can also dispense income towards the assetsthat means you have bought the right to use the images for an interactive media productthat you are producing.Limitations are always put into place when you are working within any section of media inregards to precisely what you can say or what you are allowed to do. They are purposelyused to protect people from any unpleasant remarks made for example, racist commentswhich could be offensive to someone and furthermore generate more issues for the peopleworking with media as well. As opposite to the well-known belief, the internet is not aresource that can be used to breach these rules. Due to nature of the usability of theinternet people are more likely to break the laws this way since it is all done very secretly.Nevertheless, some things can be always be tracked which means they are not allowed tobe used, breached or stated anywhere on the web. Within different media roles it is clearthat more restrictions apply are more solidly enforced for instance, television channels andradio presenters etcetera where content could be published nationally and freely. If anyonedoes find any piece of information that is causing them to be offended in any way shape orform then the company can be sued for a lot of money. Yet, there are rules to avoid thiswhich are the following:  You are not entitled to make use of image, video or sound unless you have gained permission to do so beforehand where this can be done either over the phone and the copyright holder’s sometimes may need you put it in writing  You cannot make any kind of verbal statement that is intended to cause `Defamation` which can be seen as being abusive or damage an individuals reputation where this is referred to as `Slander`  The same applies to any written statement about any individual where this is mainly known as `Libel`  You are not able to use any part of someone else’s work (or the whole piece of work) without having permission from the owner of copyright in writing beforehand where this represents as part of the `Copyright Laws`
  17. 17. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)  You need to be aware of how you represent, describe the content and the characters within a multimedia product in which you need to be sure that you are both unbiased and accurate with what you are saying within the media product. This will also apply towards the following: Race (Black, White and Asian) Gender (Male and Female) Sexuality (Homosexual and Heterosexual) Disability (Are bodied and otherwise) Nationality (British or otherwise) Class (Working, Middle or Upper) Regionalism (North and South) Age (Old and Young)Where this means that you cannot make any suggestion in any way shape or form about theinferior to certain groups because you will definitely be in breach of this rule and productionmay be acceptable to be shown towards people. Some laws that work alongside thesegroups are the following: The Race Relations Act (which protects people from any form ofdiscrimination against any type of race), Sexual Discrimination Act of 1975 (That helps toavoid any types of discrimination against a person’s sex) and also the Liable Act. All of therelated acts work alongside each other in order to emphasis the points made above.Whereas, if you break any of these in any kind of form, the company can possibly be sued bywhom this may concern.You also need to wisely consider the Distance SellingRegulations where this does clearlyapply when a website needs to sell its products via the internet. The key aspects of theregulations are the following: You must give consumers clear information involving details of goods and services offered, delivery arrangements and payment, the supplier’s details and the consumer’s cancellation right before they purchase a product (known as prior information) You must also provide this information in writing The consumer has a cooling-off period of seven working days`Plagiarism` can be referred to as when work is copied and has not been given fullaccreditation and has been passed off as your own work. That is to say, whilst reading an
  18. 18. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)essay online and someone decided to use a phrase that was found in a e-book resource andhas not been put in quotation marks and has basically been just left as their own writing.That is a form of Plagiarism and if this is to be seen on your website you can easily be suedfor it due to it violating the law on Plagiarism where this is very imperative as it has beeneasily carried out by people on the web nowadays.If you are to ever break any of the above rules, then the clients can undertake the process ofsuing you and your company if they should wish to do so. These companies who commit tobreaking the law could be sued for money, the right to operate their website on the websiteor any number of things. Clearly, companies who do this can get into a lot of trouble bybreaking any of these rules and it is just not worth the problems that come afterwards. Thewebsite could shut down; there maybe impended fines to pay as compensation etceterawhere this does put a massive strain on the person who is running the site for his/her onlinecompany.Website Specification:Visual Style:In terms of the visual style for the iHostels website, I was thinking of a very basic approachin relation to the colour and design for the site. In general, the colour scheme that I will bewanting use is the following: Orange, Light-Blue and Red for all of the interactive elements,since I really to think that this will represent a unique look towards the iHostels websitewhere this is a key factor in producing any kind of e-commerce website because itimmediately connect with people that can trust the site. People need to be able to view thesite and think that is clearly laid out with easy use of navigation throughout the iHostelswebsite. It does need to be very user-friendly and straight-forward when it comes to thefunctionality of the site etc. Nevertheless, I do really hope that with a stronger emphasiswithin the iHostels website design, that customers will be impressed with the overall housestyle of the iHostels website and want to look around it more.Composition:In relation to the iHostels website the webpages need to be standardised throughout all ofthe pages within the site. From one webpage to another, the only thing that should bealtered is the content (from different products, to the `about us` pages etc.) The main partof the framework within the iHostels website should all stay exactly the same and shouldnot move around the screen from page to page. This is not only distracting for your possiblecustomers who enter the iHostels website but it can also look very unprofessional. It isfeatures like this that can put people off from buying your products and therefore I need tomake sure that I minimise these as small problems as much as possible.
  19. 19. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)Typography:As far as the text content goes for the iHostels website it does need to correctly formattedwith font of Sans Serif or Times New Roman. Here are a few examples, such as, Georgia,Times New Roman and Serif where these were provided by the client so by using one ofthese fonts will probably be a good idea in terms of the layout for the iHostels website. Itmust be suitably formatted which means that the font size and colour have to bestandardised so that it represents the whole theme of the iHostels website. I have decidedto use a kind of font that is related to the Calibri font which is Myraid Pro which is to beintegrated within the logo for the iHostels website, so by sticking with this kind of font willhelp the iHostels website to work well. All of the text that needs to be internally editedwithin Dreamweaver will stand at an Ariel font. I will need to test the fonts that have beenused and find out whether they fit in well with the overall theme of the iHostels website butI do think that the Ariel font would be integrated well within the site.Technical Considerations:For the technical considerations for my iHostels website there are quite a number of thingsthat I need to think about in terms of the file size, format, optimisation and intendedoutput. All of these assets play a part in whether the site is successful or not, so thereforethey need to wisely planned out before-hand.So when you consider that the file formats are normally related to the formats of individualassets that are going to be used within the website you do need to be aware of thetimescale for downloading such content for the site. For instance, images that need to bedisplayed on the web or within a website should not really need to be of a very highstandard, since this will amplify the overall file size of the site, so therefore this will alsohave a negative effect on the download time. This means that the images do need to becompressed before-hand in order to get a good enough quality so that they can be seenclearly, but not including such a high file size that does greatly have an impact on thedownload times. These are often obtained as a JPEG format meaning that the file size issmall enough to enable compression and not losing too much quality within the images.An example of a highly rated specific file format that is going to be used at lot within theiHostels website is .jpg. So by saving images as jpegs will not only enable enhancedcompression and reduced file sizes (that help to keep the download time to a minimum),but they also endure enough precision and information that is to be seen as professional.The JPEG file format is very flexible and adaptable within almost every software applicationsince it is a root format that is supported by nearly anything. This means that editing imagesare made very easy due to the versatility of using many different software applications.
  20. 20. Ben Turner Unit 65 – Web Animation for Interactive Media 11/12/12 (Client Proposal for the iHostels website)File sizes are imperative as I briefly mentioned above when you are working on the web.You cannot expect to be able to integrate very large images that are high resolution assetswithin your site with no compression applied and think that people will be willing to wait forlong periods of time for the site to download because they will not do that. While yes, it isessential that all of the assets used are clear and of a good standard, it is not important thatthey are crystal clear at extremely large sizes. Normally images do not need to be stretchedout on the website (except for images related to the products page individually) but eventhen not much more enlargement is needed for the images within the site. So therefore,wherever is possible, we should always be taking into account about obtaining file sizes aslow as possible in order to sustain quicker download speeds. Compression does work verywell with images meaning that they are kept to a good enough standard so that it isviewable towards all of the users of the website and therefore have smaller file sizes.The two other subjects related to Technical Considerations are Optimisation and IntendedOutput. These can be associated with whether images do need to be optimised in a certainway, whilst you are not thinking about the intended output of a webpage. You do need tobe cautious in terms of considering the output of any product since they all have separatespecific requirements that come into play. For instance, within a webpage, file size isstrategically important since this will have an ultimate effect on the downloading time ofthe content, therefore the larger the files are, the longer it will take to upload within thesite.The finished product of the iHostels website can be exported as an .SWF file so that I can beviewed as a movie where it could also be published to the web by exporting it as a .HTML.