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  • Maybe also mention the LMS programme that was a direct result of the landscape report.
  • Synthesis: A synthesis of previous reports, case studies and project outcomes from the library systems environment in the UK and overseas. It will evaluate the potential to build on existing communities, products and services, generating an outline of the current state of the library systems landscape.Phase 2 - Landscape: Involves engagement and liaison with prioritised ‘pathfinder’ projects and with other relevant initiatives and entities within the wider environment. Enabling a baseline of the programme and evaluate the potential of projects to contribute to an understanding of future library systems infrastructure.Phase 3 - Evaluation and scoping: Analysis of the emerging options in order to scope the proposed service(s) and infrastructure.
  • A constant dance – nothing is fixed – but changes as the system and the user interact with each other. Neither comes away unchanged!
  • I was originally going to call the third and future age one of ecosystems... But, then I thought about it, and I’m not sure that this will be the case...Both appealing to libraries, users and vendors: user experience, ease, savings etc.
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  • Programme presentation (library systems)

    1. 1. Presenter or main title… Session Title or subtitle… The three ages of library systems: The Jisc Library Systems Programme
    2. 2. Ben Showers Programme Manager: Digital Infrastructure @benshowers
    3. 3. Supporting the innovative use of Information and Communication Technology (lCT) in support of learning, teaching, and research
    4. 4. Three ages of... library systems
    5. 5. the age of stand alone
    6. 6. Standing alone... Decoupled (discovery, ERM) Siloed (limited systems and data interoperability) Back office (a management tool) Proprietary (no viable alternatives)
    7. 7. Jisc/SCONUL LMS landscape report... “The study recommends libraries invest in systems with caution but not complacency...”
    8. 8. • Mature Market • Dominated by small number of providers • No product differentiation • Significant customer loyalty
    9. 9. the age of integration
    10. 10. The current age of Integration... A certain vibrancy! Sharing (data, systems, services...) Digital first (ejournals, ebooks, open) Of the web (integrated discovery etc)
    11. 11. Jisc Library Systems Programme... How can library systems ensure they are able to serve the needs of next-generation library services and users, as well as being both effective and efficient in meeting reduced budgets and rising user expectations?
    12. 12. LMS Change... The LMS Change project will develop and disseminate visions for the future of library systems and a series of tools and guidance to support the community in adopting to a new systems future. University of Westminster, Sero Consulting, Ken Chad and Owen Stephens Plus 10 institutional steering group members Phase 1 – Synthesis Phase 2 – Landscape Phase 3 – Evaluation and Scoping
    13. 13. Pathfinders... These projects are about building (disruptive) communities, and ensuring the work of the synthesis project is embedded in practical examples and is implementable. Shared systems and services: Consortiums in Wales and Scotland (and Bloomsbury) Electronic Resource Management (workflows and processes): Huddersfield and KnowledgeBase+ Repository Content: Anthologizr (University of London) Shared Collection Management KCL and Senate House Libraries eBook procurement and Patron Driven Acquisition Royal Holloway, Jisc Collections, NHM and M25
    14. 14. Jisc Library Systems Programme... • Community collaboration • Proprietary and open (community) • Eternal integration (repository, RDM, ebooks) • Procurement
    15. 15. an age of contingency...?
    16. 16. ecosystems
    17. 17. Disrupt Procurement
    18. 18. Think like a dandelion!
    19. 19. Ben Showers Programme Manager: Digital Infrastructure @benshowers