National Monographs Strategy - Project Overview


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An introduction to the National Monograph Strategy project. The project is a collaboration between Jisc, SCONUL and RLUK to explore the potential for a national approach to the collection, management, preservation and digitisation of scholarly monographs.

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  • Focus of this phase is very much on exploration – we want to get into all the cracks of monographs and understand as much about them as possible – we don’t want to assume we know the answers.
  • National Monographs Strategy - Project Overview

    1. 1. NMS webinar – 18th October 2013 National Monograph Session Title or subtitle… Strategy Presenter or main title… Ben Showers (Jisc)
    2. 2. Ben Showers Programme Manager: Digital Infrastructure @benshowers
    3. 3. Outline 1. Background A brief history of the project 2. Approach 3. Next steps Methodology and work so far Project outputs and next phase
    4. 4. 1 Background History/Aims/Principles/Governance
    5. 5. Background Approach Next steps Co-design pilot with SCONUL and RLUK (until December 2013)
    6. 6. Background Approach Next steps Aims to explore the potential for a national approach to the collection, preservation, supply and digitisation of scholarly monographs
    7. 7. Background Approach Next steps
    8. 8. Background Approach Next steps Expert advisory panel Librarians, publishers, researchers, funders, sector bodies.
    9. 9. Background Approach Outputs 1. Landscape study 2. Problems report 3. Solutions report Next steps
    10. 10. Background Approach Next steps Project Principles: 1. Think in the open 2. Community led 3. No solutions (until November) 4. Evidence based 5. Iteration, not repetition 6. Deliver benefits for T, L & R
    11. 11. 2 Approach Understand/Imagine/Create
    12. 12. Understand Imagine: Problems Imagine: Solutions Mapping user lifecycles and stakeholders
    13. 13. Background Approach Next steps Mapping the monographs landscape (with help!)
    14. 14. Background Approach Next steps Exploring the problem space
    15. 15. Background Approach Next steps Exploring the solutions space
    16. 16. Background Approach Next steps
    17. 17. 3 Next Steps… Workshops/Final Report/Strategy/Pilots
    18. 18. Background Approach Next steps • Co-design the draft report (with SCONUL and RLUK) • Deliver final report - 31st December
    19. 19. Background Approach Next steps This is just a small part: The beginning.
    20. 20. Background Approach Next steps Drafting the strategy
    21. 21. Background Approach Next steps Prototyping and piloting
    22. 22. Background Approach Next steps Keep in Touch… The blog: Twitter: @benshowers Via SCONUL and RLUK
    23. 23. All images, and license information available from: