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(2) Archer+M@W Presentation_SEPT-14


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(2) Archer+M@W Presentation_SEPT-14

  1. 1. Referral Presentation
  2. 2. Who are Men at Work?  Working in partnership with/hosted by ShipShape Health &Wellbeing Centre – offering further support and activities  Newly emerged charitable organisation providing a voluntary social care support service for Dads  City-wide coverage – includes Sheffield, South Yorkshire …and whoever else can reach us!  Service developed by experienced frontline volunteers and supported by MIND’s ‘Mental Health Support Champions’ project
  3. 3. Men at Work Aims(1) Men@W Vision Statement: To provide comprehensive, all-round support for fathers affected by family breakdown and loss of child-contact With the provision of a 1 to 1, person-centred mentoring service helping fathers overcome barriers to child-contact - Information, advocacy and guidance service - helping fathers ‘navigate’ &understand complex family court/social care processes and procedures; Support for fathers addressing underlying problems &issues - helping dads accept and adapt to a life living apart from the family unit. “A world where no child loses contact with their father”
  4. 4. Men at Work Aims(2)  Empower fathers to interact positively and proactively with their children, new community and wider family support services -  Families gain strength/support from wider community. Encourage/support fathers re-settling with lone-parent family/child responsibilities seek and engage support from their new communities.  Address isolation, loneliness and depression and improve the physical, mental and emotional health/well-being of lone-fathers, hence their children -  1 to 1 ‘Motivational Interviewing’/peer-support techniques help fathers manage life-changes arising from family breakdown;  Create culture of ‘peer-support’ and establish ‘Community of Identity’ - *Social Café: community brought together by shared need/experiences;  Develop social & physical activities including fathers and their children. Supported by ShipShape’s activities and ‘Activity Sheffield’ – referrals via 1 to 1 support or through Social Cafe.
  5. 5. How (does) ‘Men at Work’?(1) Therefore, development is shaped by environment and, in turn, our environment has been shaped by us; We are all products of, and participants in, our social environment; Men@W focuses on fathers’ (family’s) strengths as a way of building on its weaknesses - resulting in improved father-child relationships and contact.  Philosophical approach taken from ‘Ecological model’ – A family-centred approach to social service delivery: Environment – hence development, shaped primarily at home and in the family, as well as education, work, etc.
  6. 6. How (does) ‘Men at Work’?(2)  Ultimate or real beneficiary is the child(ren)…  Men@W: see ourselves as facilitators and translators – our role is to communicate between family (father) and other services - ‘Ecological’ Model (cont.)  What does court/the services require of the father/family and is this realistically achievable?  What does father/family really want/need to achieve this? What is really ‘going-on’ in the family? Is there an alternative?  Service-user (father) to be treated with respect and equality – Dad is the real expert!  Helping fathers adapt and accept new roles and responsibilities ensures children grow with the paternal relationships they need and desire.  Access to parenting education and ‘supported signposting’ for specialised support helps fathers address difficulties - hence overcome any barriers to continued child contact, post family breakdown.
  7. 7. Men at Work: Future Developments  1 year anniversary: Men@W established as an ambitious, grassroots organisation – sustained by ShipShape and Sharrow Community Forum. ‘Resource-funded’ through the ‘Health Champions’ project  Established referral pathways with strong network of statutory and VCF supporting agencies - including probation, drug/alcohol support and social services  Further develop monitoring &recording information, evidence outcomes and seek further independent funding. Awaiting results of B.L’s ‘Awards 4 All’ bid...!  Further develop in-house resources tailored to the needs of shared- parenting fathers. Invest in social café to develop support network meeting shared needs of lone-fathers and our children
  8. 8. Men at Work: Future Developments (2)  Increase capacity with development of volunteer programme. Encourage and enable beneficiaries to recruit and become involved as volunteers or steering the group as members  Become firmly established as a resource to both fathers and children at large. After only 12 months, already established new support service meeting the needs of this seemingly ‘overlooked’ and vulnerable group
  9. 9. Making Referrals:  Or by email to:, with information about the father and his position.  Promote & explain what we do to potential beneficiaries – see posters, leaflets, blog, etc. (See Ben afterward!)  Secure beneficiary’s permission to refer – referral forms obtainable electronically or from Men at Work  Self-referrals – by direct contact to:  Secretary, Ben Rose - mobile: 07960 835 980 9a.m-5pm, Monday-Friday;  Darnall services, please contact Sachin Kirpane – 07778 444 057;  Or through our hosts at ShipShape on: (0114) 250 0222. Men@W service hours 1-5pm, Monday-Thursday